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Week 5: The Master Key Experience – One Flew Over the Coo Coo’s Nest Revisited     


Gods jokeYou will never convince me that God lacks a sense of humor.

Week 5 – the week of no opinions – the week of ‘Being the Observer” – the week of NO OPINIONS [did I already say that?]

Of course, if someone ASKS our opinion, and if we are EXPERTS, then you may offer your opinion.  Even then, the questions I have learned to ask to step back from being Opinionated serve me well. AND, simply being an expert does not remove me from being ‘The Opinionator’ when I surrender my perspective as “The Observer”!

This week our clinic has been a Hurricane Patricia in the world of the psyche!  We had Sophie’s Choice going on in one family where an unfortunate foster parent [that is a professional opinion] had two Reactive Attachment Disordered children placed with her by a foster care agency whose reputation is more about warehousing children than helping them.  Let’s just say the situation there became untenable and one of the children [our client] is being removed from the home. This is a major setback for this kid.  I was given the opportunity to step back and ask (1) What ELSE could this mean [other than my irrational and emotionally charged opinion regarding the situation]?, and (2) How can we take what is happening [acceptance] and transform it into a win-win? [Part 5 of the Blue Print Builder]

Another opportunity arose when a psych hospital made a surprise call to a parent informing one flew over the coo coo nestthem of the imminent discharge of their son. This decision on their part mobilized no less than 10 people at 6 agencies to immediately go on RED ZONE ALERT as the carefully constructed treatment plan for him had not been finalized. Today, on day 3, we claim a victory as the strategy for the client is in the implementation phase. I did much better on this one. Actually, no SMACK DOWN of The Opinionator was needed!  YEAH!!!!! [Probably as a result of the intensity of the work more so than my enlightened condition……..]

Then, yesterday, a client walked in an asked if we could complete a brand new Comprehensive Clinical Assessment on her and fax it to her disability insurance company today.  Well, let’s see…… 90 minutes with the client gathering information followed by 20 hours of writing the report.  Sure….. No problem…. Who needs sleep?

My first instinct was to tell her ‘Not my circus. Not my monkeys’.  We are delivering the product before 2pm today.

LockedThe Master Key Experience is a game changer in my world. The last three days would have been a very different experience 3 years ago when I first worked through the course. For the most part, I lived this week in the eye of Patricia’s Category 5 winds and waves.  Three years ago, it would have been more like an air craft carrier sinking straight to deepest depths of the Mariana Trench!

Would love to hear about your experiences regarding opinions, and/or refraining from giving them!  Stepping back from the edge is quite an adventure and knowing when to step back and when to jump in makes all the difference in the world!

No Opinion Zone

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Week Six: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Deadly Weapon vs. Playful Curiosity


Opinions – The Killing Fields of the Mind

We are in Week TWO of living as OPINIONLESS PEOPLE! [Some minutes are better than others.]

I was reflecting upon the effects in our lives of being an Opinionator, and I remembered an Opinion that, quite literally, might have killed me.

I am a Pranic Healer, highly trained in working with the energy body to bring healing and wholeness the physical body. Some folks     believe. Others don’t. Really doesn’t matter.

Three years ago, I experienced symptoms which, in my OPINION, indicated a UTI. I treated it, and all symptoms disappeared in one session. YEAH!!! A couple of weeks later, same thing…so I treated, and all symptoms disappeared in one session. This pattern repeated for 6 weeks, with the time between the recurrence of symptoms lessening as time went by until, suddenly, I was running a high fever, cold sweats, chills, could not eat, and also having those uncomfortable symptoms. I was stranded in Atlanta, staying in our almost empty house which was on the market [We had already moved to North Carolina], shivering on the couch with no blanket, and far too sick to consider the 3 hour drive home.brain

Insanity…..Doing the same thing over and over and           expecting different results….How’s THAT working for you?  For me….not very well…….so I changed course, FINALLY letting go of my OPINION!

I called my doctor. They wanted to put me in the hospital, but I refused, telling them if I was going to die, I’d rather die at home alone than in a medical facility where my risk of complications and death was infinitely greater. They ran tests, did their vampiric blood withdrawals, and determined that I was suffering from a Kidney Infection. They treated that. I treated that as well, and within a week, I was completely healed.

Playful Curiosity

Playful Curiosity

What’s the point of this tale? In Pranic Healing, Master Choa teaches to approach the work with Playful Curiosity. A great question to ask is “What else could this mean?” It means to keep an open mind regarding healing. . . . If I had remembered that sage advice, and had not been so opinionated regarding my condition, I would have been spared      significant bodily pain and suffering.

Opinions kill spontaneity, curiosity, clarity of vision, can quash a child’s heart, and break the spirit of those many who do not yet know the power God imbued when He created them.

Playful curiosity is the shield protecting the heart and mind from the enslavement of one’s opinions.

I remember that daily, and am filled with gratitude.

Keep an OPEN Mind!!

Keep an OPEN Mind!!

The 2014 Master Key Started in September.

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and the only Story worth Telling.

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