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Week CW 10: The Great MKMMA Adventure – 7 Celebrations


nov28blakequote2 I reflected on the last 18 months of my life today during my Sit, and even with KNOWING the self-discovery and transformation that results from traversing the Hero’s Journey of the Master Keys Experience, I was astonished. These are my 7 Celebrations:

  1. Self-Acceptance: This is the foundation of all love and faith, for if you cannot love and accept yourself as you are, you can never become the person you were meant to be.  Applying and practicing the tools and skills of the MKMMA laid the foundation for the success I am experiencing in every area of my life.
  2. Mindfulness – Awareness of the NOW: I truly see sweetness and beauty all around me in every circumstance. I pause often, noticing nature, kindnesses, smiles, and complements, and I practice random acts of kindness throughout the day for the mere joy of it.
  3. Gratitude as Cause: I choose to be grateful for everything.  All that life brings me is a gift.  Being grateful creates a spiral of giving and receiving, generating a wellspring of Happiness.  Being grateful for those who are in my life causes a deeper appreciation of them, and more harmonious relationships.
  1. Happiness as a Lifestyle: I choose Happy. It’s good for my health.  A man called our practice the other day to make an appointment for his son. He said he already knows me. I’m the happy woman who is smiling every time he sees me and who always has a kind word for those I meet.
  2. Courage: Every day I read these statements:
    The Master Keys is a Heart Healing Journey, unleashing your magnificence.

    The Master Keys is a Heart Healing Journey, unleashing your magnificence.n

    1. “I have the knowledge of my power, the courage to dare, and the faith to do.”
    2. “I act now. Only applied knowledge is power.”
      As a result of building these causative thoughts deep within my consciousness, I have accomplished what I could not believe possible 18 months ago. I am a Certified Instructor of the Level One Pranic Healing Workshop, and I have a busy Pranic Healing practice.  I host meditation nights weekly, and travel throughout Georgia and North Carolina presenting Introductory Talks on Pranic Healing.  I’ve had the knowledge for years. As a result of the Master keys Experience, I have applied that knowledge and am harvesting the rewards as well as sowing for future harvests.
  3. Self-Expression: As a result of the Master Keys, I have found my voice.  As a Certified Master Guide in the Master Keys, I help many others find their voice, and learn the skills and tools to live into their innate magnificence.  My Self-Expression is the driving force of the giving and receiving of living life vibrantly alive, and of being a beacon for others who also wish that for themselves.
  4. Future-Orientation: Through living each day as if it is my last, and cherishing every moment, I see that my future holds infinite possibility, and that I am at cause in bringing into my world the desires of my heart.
Do you want to Create Your Future?

Do you want to Create Your Future?

 If you’d like to Celebrate these things, and more, in your life, leave your name and email below. The next class starts in September, 2015. There are Pay-It-Forward Scholarships waiting!  You’ll also get a head start in the 7 Day Mental Diet, which is your gift for subscribing.  You can truly change your life in 7 Days.

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CW8: The Great MKMMA Adventure – 7 Signs of Slippage, or Dragon Mastery 101

MKMMA-The Yellow Brick Road to Your Magnificence

MKMMA-The Yellow Brick Road to Your Magnificence

This month’s scroll from the Wizard of Og talks about increasing our value 100 fold…our sales 100 fold, our results 100 fold.  What’s in a number?  A lot of people on their Hero’s Journey via the Great MKMMA Adventure astonish themselves and others with the magnitude of their transformation, of what they accomplish…until this scroll.  Something about that number causes many to falter, to simply FREEZE.  They lose sight of the end and start to worry about the means.  This is a fatal error…the Blue Screen of Death to your Future Self! How can you be one of those who actually DO increase your value 100 fold?  One way is to be aware of the Seven Signs of Slippage.

DANGER, WILL ROBINSON! Don’t focus on them, for what you think about GROWS!  Just be mindful that they are weapons the Wiley Old Dragon, Your Old Blue Print, will use, given the chance.

  1. Fidelity to the Scrolls and Daily Reading begins to slipdangerwillrobinson
  2. Fidelity to the Daily Sit begins to slip
  3. Fidelity to The Blue Print Builder begins to slip
  4. Fidelity to the Seven Laws of Mind begins to slip
  5. Fidelity to Reading your DMP out loud with ENTHUSIASM begins to slip
  6. Fidelity to the Cards, in all their manifestations, begins to slip
  7. Fidelity to sharing your journey on your Blog begins to slip.

You forget that “I always keep my promises.” You are comfortable with your new habits and rhythms.  The Discipline of The Law of Practice loses its place of prominence. And you begin to doubt your own magnificence.

And THAT, my friend, is the real issue. The OBP Dragon whispers to you, “Are you REALLY so magnificent that you actually think you can increase your value 100 fold?” It’s an innocuous

Dragon Slayer or Dragon Master? The Choice is Yours.

Dragon Slayer or Dragon Master? The Choice is Yours.

question if you believe the OBP Dragon has been defeated.  He wants his old job back, and he sees his opportunity now.

It’s your Hero’s Journey. You choose, everything. You can choose to be a Dragon Slayer, or a Dragon Master. Slay your Dragon, and another will appear to challenge you. Master your Dragon, and the treasure he protects is yours for what the OBP Dragon is protecting is nothing less than the song of the life you choose to live when you choose to live into your magnificence.



Dragon Mastery 101:

I Promise to

  1. Be faithful to the Scrolls and Daily Reading
  2. Be faithful to the Daily Sit
  3. Be faithful to the Blue Print Builder
  4. Be faithful to the Seven Laws of Mind
  5. Be faithful to Reading my DMP out loud daily with ENTHUSIASM
  6. Be faithful to the Cards, in all their manifestations.
  7. Be faithful to sharing my journey on my Blog.

I always keep my promises.

Do you?

The 2015 Master Key Starts in September.

You can get a head start on the 2015 Class with The Seven Day Mental Diet. It’s yours when you choose to be notified of the next Master Key Experience, so please leave your name and email address below.  It’s Your Hero’s Journey, the Only Journey worth Taking…and the only Story worth Telling.

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Week C4: The Great MKMMA Adventure – The Magnificent Seven


themagnificentseven3“Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine.”

In the Imitation Game, the one friend that Alan Turing had in the world spoke those words to him. Alan Turning was a mathematical genius on the level of Einstein in his field, and invented the Turning Machines…the foundational computer of the Computer Age.

Speaking of Einstein, Albert Einstein was considered too dumb for school. He failed math. His teachers considered him mentally handicapped. He did not speak until the age of 4. Today, he would have been identified as being on the Autistic Spectrum. He got a dead end job at the U.S. Patent Office doing a job lacking challenge of any kind. It was perfect for him. His mind was free to create, and the world got E=mc2, The Theory of Relativity.

J. K. Rowling was a single mother who wrote Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone on a manual typewriter in coffee shops, trying to stay warm as she wrote as the heat in her flat was unreliable. The book was rejected by twelve publishers as their world view did not include profitability in the publishing of children’s books. She is now richer and more famous than the Queen of England.

Harland David Sanders drove from town to town talking to restaurant owners all over America, cooking up his own recipe for fried chicken. Everyone LOVED it, but when he offered to give them the recipe in exchange for a nickel a serving, 1009 restaurant owners declined the offer. Harland was virtually bankrupt before he got his first ‘Yes’, and Kentucky Fried Chicken was born.

Walt Disney’s first animation company went bankrupt, but he would not give up on ‘the mouse’. He was fired from a position as the editor for a newspaper because he lacked imagination. He conceived of Disney World and became the Pitch Man for the project. 302 financiers and/or financial institutions told him ‘No way, Jose’ before someone caught his vision.

Mark Januszewski failed at network marketing with 6 different companies before he was taught that it’s SKILLS, not product or compensation plan. He went on to become one of the top earners in several companies, never taking anyone with him when he started anew. Then he lost it all. Realizing his passion was teaching, he and his wife, the Fabulous Davene, created the Master Key Mastermind Experience, and in less than two years, they went from bankrupt in New England to Beachfront in Kauai. The MKMMA Live event starts next week, and it has created so much ‘Buzz’ that Channel 14 News carried a story about it.

The Privilege of a Lifetime

Could YOU become a member of this illustrious group of men and women who, against all odds, manifested their life purpose and passion? Mount up and ride into your Destiny! Learn the secrets, acquire the skills, and master the tools to live into your greatness! MKMMA begins each September. Leave your name and email below to be notified of what could be the beginning of your journey into greatness.

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Week C2: The Great MKMMA Adventure – The 7 Habits of Happiness

Steven and Jane Hawking: Hollywood and History

Steven and Jane Hawking: Hollywood and History

I don’t often recommend movies, but I cannot recommend this movie enough. This story is truly a modern day Hero’s Journey: The Theory of Everything.  It is the story of Jane and Steven Hawking, one of the greatest physicists in history. Their triumphant lives exemplify living into happiness, regardless of what ‘life’ throws at you.  When you watch The Theory of Everything, you will see the 7 Habits of Happiness thoroughly lived.


1.  Curiosity – Live Life asking the question, “What else can this mean?” The world unfolds before each of us moment by moment, revealing astonishing secrets to those with eyes to see. Those with eyes to see, ask.

2.  Present Orientation – Living each day as if it is your last – Mindfulness.  Know when to disconnect so that you can connect, heart to heart, mind to mind, soul to soul.  Be present to the wonder of all that transpires, and, be thankful for it all.

3.  Resilience – Probably the single most important characteristic in overcoming what appears to be adversity is the ability to bounce back.  Knowing that ‘this’, whatever ‘this’ is, is only temporary gives strength and courage. Live knowing that ‘This too shall pass’.

4.  A great sense of humor – Laugh at self and the world.  Being the observer of your own life provides sufficient material for 10,000 comedians to achieve the status of a Robin Williams or a Jonathan Winters.  The gift of laughter at the absurdity of taking yourself and your circumstances too seriously wins the day, every time.

5.  Acceptance.  Acceptance is not resignation. It is the recognition of what is so that if you desire something else, you know where you are on the map.  Maps are useless without this knowledge, and it is the first step in transforming current conditions into that which you desire.

6.  Persistence. Never give up striving towards fulfilling the purpose and passion of your life.  You were put here to express it, and if you give up, your unique contribution to God’s Creation is lost.

7.  Future Orientation – What’s next?  After achieving your dreams, reaching your goals, you have arrived at the starting point of your next great adventure. How else can your curiosity express itself?  And with this, you have come full circle, entering into an ever rising spiral moving upward to eternity.


Can you ever be a success if you are unhappy?  I think not. But how does one develop Happiness Habits? The same way you acquire any other habit. Practice. Mastering the 7 Habits of Happiness requires practice, and an environment that encourages and fosters successful living. The Master Keys provides just such an experience for those willing to do the work. What’s Happiness worth to you? Maybe a six month adventure is just what your heart desires.  There are Pay-It-Forward Scholarships waiting to be awarded!  Put yourself in line for one of them by leaving your name and email below. When you do, you will have begun your Hero’s Journey into Happiness and Success.

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Week Twenty-Three: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Karma-Kazi Success Secret

Kamikazes Don't Know the Rules of the Game of Life. Are you a Kamikaze?

Kamikazes Don’t Know the Rules of the Game of Life. Are you a Kamikaze?

Are you a Kamikaze or a Karma-Kazi?

The answer lies in your answer to another question: Whom Shall I Serve?

It’s an eternal question, or a question of eternal proportion. It’s a business question. It’s a friendship question. It’s a family question. It’s a community question. It’s THE question.

Whom Shall I serve?

God? Of course!

Yourself? Definitely!

Your Husband or Wife? Most Assuredly!

Your Clients and Customers? You’d be CRAZY if you didn’t!

Hmmmmmmm…….. It seems that Haanel is correct.  “The Law of Success is Service;

Karma-Kazis know the Rules of the Game of Life. Are you a Karma-Kazi?

Karma-Kazis know the Rules of the Game of Life. Are you a Karma-Kazi?

that we get what we give, and for this reason, we should consider it a great privilege to be able to give.”

It’s THE Success Secret of the Ages.

It’s more than simply PROVIDING a service.  It’s the HEART behind the service that distinguishes you, that determines if you are a Kamikaze or a Karma-Kaze. It’s the difference between playing the game of life according to ‘them’ and playing the game of life after learning the rules…the rules of following the desires of your heart…the rules of discovering your purpose and passion and then doggedly moving closer to it with every breath you take.

It’s the Hero’s Journey, beautifully lived by Og Mandino. It’s in living in heart centered service to others that our purpose is given away, that Success in EVERY area of life is manifested.

It’s in service that success finds you and grows all around you. Karma-Kazi…you give what you love and love returns to you 10,000 fold.

Whom Shall I Serve?

Serve Your Passion and Purpose!  This is the WHY of your presence on the planet, and the means through which you express the gifts and talents that are uniquely yours! It is how YOU show up in life, in work, in community, in the market place. It is the vehicle through which the energy of money flows, blessing all who come in contact with you.  This is HOW you serve God, your family, your community, your clients, your customers…..

Law of Giving and Receiving Abundance - The Karma-Kazi Success Secret

Law of Giving and Receiving Abundance – The Karma-Kazi Success Secret

Who you are in five years is looking at you in the mirror today if you accept existing according to ‘them’ and refuse the Hero’s Call to live your Passion and Purpose.  Discover your purpose and passion through the Master Keys. Learn the rules. That future self of Passion and Purpose awaits you, and is determined by the people you meet and the books you read. You’ll meet the people here. The Success Secret of the Ages is hard-wired into you if you do the work and live with the Karma-Kazi mindset….what you give, you receive.

The Master Keys begins again in September. Begin your Karma-Kazi Lifestyle today by leaving your name and email below. I’ll send you your first Transformation Tool, the 7 Day Mental Diet. You’ll love it!  See you in September!

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