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Week CW23: Master Key Experience Course Launch Starts in 5 Days!


Find your GreatnessThis course fills FAST!!  If you have not already positioned yourself for early notification, DO IT NOW!!!  You’ll have the added benefit of receiving a free report that will give you a head start on your Hero’s Journey of Self-Discovery and Transformation: The 7 Day Mental Diet. Yes… it IS possible to totally transform your life in just 7 days!  Master Guide Carolynn Sokil is living her dream life in Costa Rica as a result of the Master Key Experience. Paul Turner, one of the members in my tribe in last year’s course, is a Master Bee Keeper, teaching bee keepers how to create thriving hives, improve the stock of Queens! He rejoices in all things BEES and is happily living that life as a result of the Master Key Experience.  Trish Abeloff studied and became a certified Bikram Yoga Instructor in Thailand as a result of the Master Key Experience, and had a blast playing with and riding elephants in the wild as an added adventure. Diane Weekley launched her coaching business as a result of the Master Key Experience.


You get the idea.  The interesting part of this is that many of the people who embark upon thisMKE-Coming-Soon-Final Hero’s Journey want to, in Joseph Campbell’s words, “Follow Their Bliss”…… The problem arises in that they do not know exactly what that bliss is.  Part of the discovery often is the revelation that the Success/Bliss Ladder is leaning up against the wrong wall. At first, this results in tears, in sadness. But then it happens. They discover their passion and purpose, and go for it, confident that nothing can stop them.


Your Journey to UNSTOPPABLE launches in 5 Days!

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Week CW 19: The GREAT MKMMA Adventure – IT’S ALIVE!   


kuYppyTAhhhhhh. One of my favorite moments in film. Victor Frankenstein’s joyful proclamation over The Creature.

“It’s ALIVE!”  The look on the creature’s face is priceless.

Frankenstein is a resurrection story with a twist. Instead of one man, one woman, one child, passing through the veil of death into the great unknown of Eternity, Frankenstein is a composite of many men brought back from death into life, with another important distinction. Frankenstein had no soul. The Creature was but a shadow of what it means to be fully, completely, vibrantly alive. In that respect, he is the perfect representation of the condition of much of humanity aptly described by Thoreau: “Most men live lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”

Is your song still in you?

One of the great gifts of the Master Key Experience is the writing of your heart’s song, the refining of it, and the development of the courage to sing it out, loudly, clearly, proclaiming to all of creation that

Are you brave enough to find YOUR Voice?

Are you brave enough to find YOUR Voice?

you have found your voice, and that your delight is in the expression of your unique life purpose and passion. It is no small undertaking, which is why the vast majority of humanity dies with their song still in them. It is your Hero’s Journey. It is taking the dare to live fully, to stand naked in the Garden, unashamed of who God created you to be, and to rejoice in the gift of your life.

Is your song still in you?

Listen carefully. It is softly playing somewhere in the distance, wafting to you on a gentle breeze. That sweet song, the words to which you can almost hear, is your Herald’s Call to the greatest adventure of your lifetime. It is to live the words of Gautama Buddha: “Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it”

What Verse Will You Contribute?

What Verse Will You Contribute?

If giving your heart and soul to the song of your life quickens your spirit, if finding your voice heightens your awareness, if the possibility of writing a verse in the great play of creation captures your imagination, then leave your name and email below. The Master Key Experience begins in September. There are Pay-It-Forward Scholarships available, and I’ll see to it that you are on the short list! Until then, you’ll get a head start of writing your life’s song with the 7-Day Mental Diet! It’s a great way to begin to sing your song.

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Week CW16: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Sanctuary

Rivendell encompasses my vision of Sanctuary

Rivendell encompasses my vision of Sanctuary

Sanctuary – what does that mean to you and why do you need it?  As a part of The Master Key Experience, we discipline ourselves to sit for at least 15 minutes daily envisioning with purpose and passion the life of our heart’s desire.  This is a progression, as are many of the skills and tools mastered in the Master Key Experience.  Along the way, we still our hearts and minds by entering into an extended period of silence.  The great gift born therein is planting the Seeds of Sanctuary. There, we commune with a Sacred Council of our choosing. We learn to call upon this place of strength at will, letting loose the infinite power of thought combined with the wisdom of the universe. The results are nothing less than astonishing: Clarity of both vision and purpose and Insights as to what is required to move closer to the desires of your heart.

Sanctuary becomes cause, and your life is the effect.

What are my effects?  Here are some tangible ones: (1) Growing our Sanctuary 1practice so much so that we are expanding into a new building in a new city; (2) Becoming exponentially more effective as a Pranic Healer, and effortlessly attracting those who desire the restoration of vibrant health in body, mind, and spirit; (3) Certification as a Pranic Healing Instructor [ANYONE can do this!]; (4) Prospering to the point of living on a Cash Basis – DEBT FREE LIVING is a BLAST!; (4) As a Certified Master Guide for the Master Key Experience, powerfully supporting those daring to live into their magnificence.

This is all cool stuff, but it is the INTANGIBLE effects of daily visits to my personal Sanctuary that bring true wealth: (1) Loving and Harmonious Relations; (2) The ability to see beauty in all people and things; (3) Keen powers of observation and discernment; (4) Understanding without Judgement, through which transformation occurs; (5) People lighting up and saying to me, “I know you! You are that lady who is always smiling and happy!; (6) Living in gratitude for everything and everyone; (7) Compassion and Empathy for the conditions of others; and (8) the conscious connection to God in all that I am, say, think, and do.  I call that living in Eternity while still here on Earth.



I love my life.

Do you want to love yours?

The Master Key Experience gives you the skillset and tools to create the life of your heart’s desire. Two of the World’s Great Go-Givers, Mark Januszewski and Richard Bliss Brooke, joyfully share what this is all about. Here’s the HeroMaker link if you want to listen later, or you can listen below.

If your heart is whispering to you to follow your bliss, then leave your name and email below. You cannot buy the Master Key Experience. You can only receive a scholarship. You’ll receive a head start when you place your hat into the ring and I’ll see to it that you are on top of the list. We begin again this September!

The Hero’s Journey: The Only Story Worth Telling and The Only Life Worth Living.

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CW8: The Great MKMMA Adventure – 7 Signs of Slippage, or Dragon Mastery 101

MKMMA-The Yellow Brick Road to Your Magnificence

MKMMA-The Yellow Brick Road to Your Magnificence

This month’s scroll from the Wizard of Og talks about increasing our value 100 fold…our sales 100 fold, our results 100 fold.  What’s in a number?  A lot of people on their Hero’s Journey via the Great MKMMA Adventure astonish themselves and others with the magnitude of their transformation, of what they accomplish…until this scroll.  Something about that number causes many to falter, to simply FREEZE.  They lose sight of the end and start to worry about the means.  This is a fatal error…the Blue Screen of Death to your Future Self! How can you be one of those who actually DO increase your value 100 fold?  One way is to be aware of the Seven Signs of Slippage.

DANGER, WILL ROBINSON! Don’t focus on them, for what you think about GROWS!  Just be mindful that they are weapons the Wiley Old Dragon, Your Old Blue Print, will use, given the chance.

  1. Fidelity to the Scrolls and Daily Reading begins to slipdangerwillrobinson
  2. Fidelity to the Daily Sit begins to slip
  3. Fidelity to The Blue Print Builder begins to slip
  4. Fidelity to the Seven Laws of Mind begins to slip
  5. Fidelity to Reading your DMP out loud with ENTHUSIASM begins to slip
  6. Fidelity to the Cards, in all their manifestations, begins to slip
  7. Fidelity to sharing your journey on your Blog begins to slip.

You forget that “I always keep my promises.” You are comfortable with your new habits and rhythms.  The Discipline of The Law of Practice loses its place of prominence. And you begin to doubt your own magnificence.

And THAT, my friend, is the real issue. The OBP Dragon whispers to you, “Are you REALLY so magnificent that you actually think you can increase your value 100 fold?” It’s an innocuous

Dragon Slayer or Dragon Master? The Choice is Yours.

Dragon Slayer or Dragon Master? The Choice is Yours.

question if you believe the OBP Dragon has been defeated.  He wants his old job back, and he sees his opportunity now.

It’s your Hero’s Journey. You choose, everything. You can choose to be a Dragon Slayer, or a Dragon Master. Slay your Dragon, and another will appear to challenge you. Master your Dragon, and the treasure he protects is yours for what the OBP Dragon is protecting is nothing less than the song of the life you choose to live when you choose to live into your magnificence.



Dragon Mastery 101:

I Promise to

  1. Be faithful to the Scrolls and Daily Reading
  2. Be faithful to the Daily Sit
  3. Be faithful to the Blue Print Builder
  4. Be faithful to the Seven Laws of Mind
  5. Be faithful to Reading my DMP out loud daily with ENTHUSIASM
  6. Be faithful to the Cards, in all their manifestations.
  7. Be faithful to sharing my journey on my Blog.

I always keep my promises.

Do you?

The 2015 Master Key Starts in September.

You can get a head start on the 2015 Class with The Seven Day Mental Diet. It’s yours when you choose to be notified of the next Master Key Experience, so please leave your name and email address below.  It’s Your Hero’s Journey, the Only Journey worth Taking…and the only Story worth Telling.

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Week C6: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Homicidal to Happy in 7 Minutes Flat 


s-JACK-NICHOLSON-300x200The last fortnight has been quite the experience. We had to complete a major project which required our complete attention. We worked 18 hour days, every day, for two weeks to get it done: manual checklists versus computer generated checklists, and reconciling the two.  More fun than I know how to explain.  On one of those 2 o’clock in the morning marathons [and there was an entire fortnight of them], I became so frustrated that I actually declared to my husband that if I could get my hands on a certain someone, I just might kill her.

In that same moment, my eyes fell upon a 7 inch high stack of 3×5 cards. I stopped. I became the observer of my life once again.

I picked up the cards, and started reading them.  Cards filled with Gratitude for sweet moments Cardsin life; Gratitude for surprises; Reminders of accomplishments….tools given in the Master Keys….tools that transform, if and when you use them. I began to laugh at myself. Tears filled my eyes as I read them aloud: Card after card after card filled with life, love, thankfulness, triumphs, joys, and images of the life I have built out of the dreams and desires of my heart using the skills given to me in this course.  Homicidal to Happy in 7 Minutes Flat!  Not a bad turn around!  So that night, one of my gratitudes written down on a 3×5 card was this:

“I am so thankful for the MKMMA Experience and for the blessing of sharing it with others. “

If you want the power to do a 180 degree turnaround and totally change your reality, leave your name and email below.  The class starts in September.  Pay-It-Forward Scholarships are ready for the taking.  I’ll make sure you are notified so that you can take yours!

Happiness is Yours to Choose, IF you have the skills to choose it.

Happiness is Yours to Choose, IF you have the skills to choose it.

Peace, and Joy, and Love IS the journey. Make it yours.

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