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Week CW20 – The Master Key Experience – The “C” Word: CHARACTER


CharacterMaster Choa, the founder of modern Pranic Healing, instructed his students that if they had to choose between meditation and character building, choose character building.

Character. It’s WHO you are when no one is looking.

Just what kind of Character are you?

In the Master Key Experience, we are in a kind of Character-Building Boot Camp!  Everything we thought worked is broken down, disassembled, and reassembled. We throw out broken parts, and build new parts out of seeming nothingness.  I liken it to those amazing Transformer toys that begin in one form, then morph into a new form, more powerful than the one before, and then do it again, and again, and again, until Total Transformation has occurred. The ‘Nothingness’ out of which we create is that Divine Spark within us, that part of us who knows for what purpose and passion our life was created, that part of us most people encase in cement, fearing their own Destiny, choosing to live small instead of living into magnificence.

It takes strength of Character to live magnificently.  This journey, truly my own Hero’s Journey, MasterKeyExperiencehas taken me through the Abyss of Mediocrity into the Elysian Fields of intentional, conscious creation of my life. I really cannot find the words to describe how fabulous it is to awaken each day with a sense of purpose, excited and happy about what the day will bring!  The most fun part is that I get to CHOOSE!  If I want a sunny day, my sunshine is within me.  If I need rest, the peaceful nature of a gentle rain settles my spirit and refreshes my heart.  If I need energy, I direct my mind to the reason God put me on the planet, and I have more energy than I need to do what I want to do.

Character takes courage.  An unexamined life is not worth living. It is the life a Zombie lives, but I am not a Zombie.  I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.  Why? Because I choose it.  Fueled by gratitude, a heart overflows with love and loving kindness.  For me, it is nothing less than living as the miracle I am. Trillions of cells working in harmony keep my physical body optimally functioning. Trillions of cells, trained through the Master Key Experience, working in harmony to keep my mind alert, alive, awake, and aware.  I truly love consciousness. It is an ever-upward spiral into eternity.  Might I suggest that you give it a try?

Would you like to live at a higher, more miraculous level than you currently experience? The 2015 Master Key Experience begins in 45 days.  You can’t buy it, but you can get on the EARLY NOTIFICATION LIST to receive a Pay-It-Forward Scholarship. Just leave your name and email below! You’ll receive a 7-Day Total Transformation Tool when you add your name below. Self-Mastery. Character. More fun than you can imagine!

The choice is TOTALLY up to you!


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CW19 – The Great MKMMA Adventure – The Science of Mind


SOM ChartEver hear of Ernest Holmes? He      mastered the Science of Mind, and wrote a book by the same name. In it, he explores the power of the individual to create their world, and discusses the methodology through which he was able to create his world. In Christianity, it’s called Believing Prayer. In Science of Mind, it’s called a Spiritual Mind Treatment. I actually attended a SOM ‘church’ for 3 years, and enrolled in    numerous classes at considerable       expense. I mastered the theory, but it turned out to be just another thing that did not work. Something was missing. This was very frustrating because I KNEW that what I was studying SHOULD work….but it was not working for me.

As above, so below. We are in ‘the below’. How do we pull ‘the above’ into manifestation? Just could not seem to get it done.

the-secret-dvd-300x182Then came “The Secret” …………. these folks got the Law of Attraction working powerfully for them, and manifested both wealth and fame and an entire industry of accessories to go along with the movie and the book. They left out a few things, however. Imagine that….selling accessories to bolster the idea of the Law of Attraction….or would that be more aptly called the Law of Distraction. Aladdin’s Lamp. The Book. The DVD. Daily Meditations. A Silver Scroll containing a Secret Prayer ensconced within. No wonder people could not make it work!!  They had all the TOYS but none of the TOOLS!

Then came the Master Keys Experience. The Hero’s Journey. TheWater Great MKMMA             Adventure. And RESULTS: Becoming a certified Pranic Healing Instructor AND a Certified Guide for the MKMMA, Growing Iona Integrative Health,         experiencing greater intimacy and joy in my marriage…. I am HAPPY for NO REASON, even though I have much to be Happy about!

photo (11)In our reality, as above, so below is a truth, but making that so begins with As WITHIN, so WITHOUT. The REAL Science of MIND is understanding how the mind works, how to create new belief systems within yourself, how to reinforce those beliefs effortlessly at every turn until each day, all day, your mind is working on the desires of your heart. Beliefs create Actions which bring RESULTS. EFFORTLESSLY.

Effortless does not mean without work! This is a six month engagement wherein you commit to creating YOUR life daily. Daily. Let me say that again…DAILY actions which transform you to the core, and out of that core, the life of your imaginings emerges…. EFFORTLESSLY.

I’ll be on the Great MKMMA Adventure again this fall! I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Heavens!! I am already imagining what the next six months will create as I soar to greater heights!

It’s not for sale. You cannot buy it. You MAY qualify for a Pay-It-Forward Scholarship.
There are 1000 of them being awarded! To put yourself into the game, leave your name and email below.

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