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CW19 – The Great MKMMA Adventure – The Science of Mind


SOM ChartEver hear of Ernest Holmes? He      mastered the Science of Mind, and wrote a book by the same name. In it, he explores the power of the individual to create their world, and discusses the methodology through which he was able to create his world. In Christianity, it’s called Believing Prayer. In Science of Mind, it’s called a Spiritual Mind Treatment. I actually attended a SOM ‘church’ for 3 years, and enrolled in    numerous classes at considerable       expense. I mastered the theory, but it turned out to be just another thing that did not work. Something was missing. This was very frustrating because I KNEW that what I was studying SHOULD work….but it was not working for me.

As above, so below. We are in ‘the below’. How do we pull ‘the above’ into manifestation? Just could not seem to get it done.

the-secret-dvd-300x182Then came “The Secret” …………. these folks got the Law of Attraction working powerfully for them, and manifested both wealth and fame and an entire industry of accessories to go along with the movie and the book. They left out a few things, however. Imagine that….selling accessories to bolster the idea of the Law of Attraction….or would that be more aptly called the Law of Distraction. Aladdin’s Lamp. The Book. The DVD. Daily Meditations. A Silver Scroll containing a Secret Prayer ensconced within. No wonder people could not make it work!!  They had all the TOYS but none of the TOOLS!

Then came the Master Keys Experience. The Hero’s Journey. TheWater Great MKMMA             Adventure. And RESULTS: Becoming a certified Pranic Healing Instructor AND a Certified Guide for the MKMMA, Growing Iona Integrative Health,         experiencing greater intimacy and joy in my marriage…. I am HAPPY for NO REASON, even though I have much to be Happy about!

photo (11)In our reality, as above, so below is a truth, but making that so begins with As WITHIN, so WITHOUT. The REAL Science of MIND is understanding how the mind works, how to create new belief systems within yourself, how to reinforce those beliefs effortlessly at every turn until each day, all day, your mind is working on the desires of your heart. Beliefs create Actions which bring RESULTS. EFFORTLESSLY.

Effortless does not mean without work! This is a six month engagement wherein you commit to creating YOUR life daily. Daily. Let me say that again…DAILY actions which transform you to the core, and out of that core, the life of your imaginings emerges…. EFFORTLESSLY.

I’ll be on the Great MKMMA Adventure again this fall! I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Heavens!! I am already imagining what the next six months will create as I soar to greater heights!

It’s not for sale. You cannot buy it. You MAY qualify for a Pay-It-Forward Scholarship.
There are 1000 of them being awarded! To put yourself into the game, leave your name and email below.

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Week CW18: The Great MKMMA Adventure – The Dance of Shiva


shiva-fireIn the Dance of Shiva, Shiva, the Supreme Hindu God of Creation and Destruction, simultaneously destroys and creates reality.

Guess what?  WE can do likewise. As Joseph Campbell said, “We’re not on a journey to save the world, but to save ourselves. But in doing so, you save the world. The influence of a vital person     vitalizes. We save ourselves, vitalize ourselves, and inspire others when we hear and follow the compass within our heart always directing us     towards our bliss.”

Last year, when I began this journey, my imagination was ruled by my ego, continually informing me that I must be good, do good, satisfy the wants and desires of everyone on the planet, and ignore the whisperings of my heart. I had forgotten how to dream.

The Hero’s Journey I undertook in the Master Key Experience changed all of that. It truly was, and continues to be, a journey of Proportions!

My ego continually attempts to entrap me into believing that I must                 aspire  after that which is already my birthright, my divine inheritance, my essence. I dared to harken to the     Herald’s Call, and my life now arises from the applied knowledge gleaned from the Master Key Master Mind Alliance.

Today, I had the delightful experience of viewing Jim Carrey giving a commencement speech to the Class of 2014 at Maharish University. As I watched the commencement speech, I wept. I am so grateful to God for bringing me to this journey, for blessing me with sages along the path of the unknown whose knowledge and and         wisdom imbued me with the tools to break out of the multiplex of the mind, hit the RESET button, and be the light that shines through the distractions created by the ego to illumine the path for others, that their lights may shine forth from happy hearts.

You can fail at what you do not like, so why not try what you love? It’s a great question. Let us be not only those young men who have visions and those old men who dream dreams, but those who engage the universe in Shiva’s dance, destroying that which destroys us and creating that which IS life, and love, and light.

In less than two months, another Master Key Experience begins! If you want to answer your own Herald’s Call and step into your magnificence, leave your name and email below. There are only 1000 Pay-It-Forward Scholarships available. It is my hope that you qualify for one of them!

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Week CW17 – The Great MKMMA Adventure – Platonic Tectonics


cave diagramIn Plato’s allegory of The Cave, Plato described prisoners who have spent their entire lives chained to the wall of a dark     cavern. Behind the prisoners lies a flame, and between the flame and the prisoners parade object that cast shadows onto a wall in the prisoner’s field of view. These two-dimensional shadows are the only things that the prisoners have ever seen – it’s their only reality. Their chains allegory-of-the-caveprevent them from accurately perceiving the ‘real world’. Their world is two dimensional. The real world is three dimensional. Their world is one of darkness and shadows. The real world is rich with complexity and beauty. IF those prisoners had the ability to add that third dimension, they would be capable of explaining everything they see, but their chains prevent them from turning their head, from seeing what is happening in their ‘unseen world’. Their chains limit their experience.

The Cave RevisaitedDo your chains limit yours?

My chains limited my experience, in spite of much effort on my part to break free of them! My world was continually shaking from small tremors arising from deep within. I started down many paths, ran into many dead ends, turned back again and again, sowing the seeds of failure and frustration, living a life of quiet desperation. But the tremors would not stop, and they let me know that something was simply not right. A vibration of          dissatisfaction permeated my world. Something within me stirred for decades until a mighty earthquake shattered open my self- made prison and broke the chains binding my consciousness to the pillars of Plato’s Cave.


What a difference a Dimension or two makes. The Journey was fraught with dangers, both real and imagined. The darkness was complete. Even the flames behind the pillars seemed to go out. More earthquakes finally cracked open the roof of the cave, and brilliant sunlight filled the cavern, revealing everything in its golden glow.

event_consciousness1And now, it seems, there is another journey to take, for it is now believed that our entire universe is but a holographic     mirage from another dimension, a fourth dimension, or       perhaps even a fifth. If that is true of the Universe, then it is true of me. What else is possible for me as I continue to loose my creativity and passions into the world? I really do not know, but I am joyously journeying into my future, a future I could not have imagined before immersing myself in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance.

What unsung song lies hidden in you, waiting to be discovered, written, and sung? Everything is possible when you have the right tools, practice using them in the right way, and then strategically use them to remake your mind.

It’s WAY fun, challenging beyond imagining, and worth every bit of it.

Here’s Mark J being almost washed out to sea, sharing from the heart.

Join him and several others on July 31st for a live ‘Hang Out’ to learn more.

AND, if you’d like to be notified of the opportunity to qualify for one of the 1000 Pay-It-Forward Scholarships, leave your name below.


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