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Week CW23: Master Key Experience Course Launch Starts in 5 Days!


Find your GreatnessThis course fills FAST!!  If you have not already positioned yourself for early notification, DO IT NOW!!!  You’ll have the added benefit of receiving a free report that will give you a head start on your Hero’s Journey of Self-Discovery and Transformation: The 7 Day Mental Diet. Yes… it IS possible to totally transform your life in just 7 days!  Master Guide Carolynn Sokil is living her dream life in Costa Rica as a result of the Master Key Experience. Paul Turner, one of the members in my tribe in last year’s course, is a Master Bee Keeper, teaching bee keepers how to create thriving hives, improve the stock of Queens! He rejoices in all things BEES and is happily living that life as a result of the Master Key Experience.  Trish Abeloff studied and became a certified Bikram Yoga Instructor in Thailand as a result of the Master Key Experience, and had a blast playing with and riding elephants in the wild as an added adventure. Diane Weekley launched her coaching business as a result of the Master Key Experience.


You get the idea.  The interesting part of this is that many of the people who embark upon thisMKE-Coming-Soon-Final Hero’s Journey want to, in Joseph Campbell’s words, “Follow Their Bliss”…… The problem arises in that they do not know exactly what that bliss is.  Part of the discovery often is the revelation that the Success/Bliss Ladder is leaning up against the wrong wall. At first, this results in tears, in sadness. But then it happens. They discover their passion and purpose, and go for it, confident that nothing can stop them.


Your Journey to UNSTOPPABLE launches in 5 Days!

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Week CW21: My Master Key Experience – Resurrection


Slide12For two years, I’ve been writing about The Great MKMMA Adventure, and what an adventure it has been. The word which best describes it is Resurrection,

How did I come back from the dead? I answered the Herald’s Call, embarked upon my Hero’s Journey, and became the hero in my own life.

What was that Herald’s Call? It was restlessness deep within which gnawed at me relentlessly. For years, decades, I ignored it, until it seemed I would die if I did not break out into something….else… but exactly what that something else was or would be I could not seem to grasp.

And THAT, my friend, is the essence of why I picked up the gauntlet thrown down before me, Sword in the Stone 2and set out upon The Master Key Experience. As Gandalf once said, ‘All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.’, and I decided to journey into the abyss of my greatest fears and either vanquish them, or die trying.

Some would say that a 61 year young woman should accept ‘things’, but I said, ‘NO’. I’ve got another 50+years to live, and I wanted to LIVE those years, not sleep walk through them in Zombie-dom. What is it that makes my heart sing? I had to know.

Energy medicine: I’d studied it for almost 20 years, investing thousands of hours and dollars learning how to use the laws of energy to heal. I remember telling my husband after my first exposure to it “I think this is why I am here.”, but I did nothing with it. That was a life pattern. As a result of the Master Key Experience, I now have a practice, and clients who are experiencing event_101280752healing of conditions as varied as chicken pox, poison ivy, hiccups, liver cancer, depression, and PTSD….the possibilities are endless. AND, I also obtained my certification to teach and regularly teach classes. What really makes me laugh, though, is that on all the ‘personality tests’ I have ever taken, I am an EXTREME introvert. People who know those test results cannot figure out how much fun I am having as I make presentations introducing Pranic Healing and while teaching the workshop! It’s a BLAST!! I think it’s where my inner ‘Robin Williams’ gets to come out and play. Who knows! But it shows! And I love it!

Chronic Happiness: People who met me always thought that I was happy. That was the result of what is called ‘Home Training’ in the South. Courtesy involves smiling pleasantly, being kind in both action and demeanor, and thinking of others. In other words, I had ‘the training’. As a Reunitedresult of the Master Key Experience, I have burst out of Courtesy into Happiness! Happiness incessantly flows forth from my innermost being! JOY is a great place to live! How did this transpire? I mastered the tools and skills of being self-directed, and embraced my inherent power to decide what to do with the time I am given. I have the power to choose. So, I choose Happy! It’s good for my health.

I’ve given myself the gift of freely giving myself to others. There was always a “Danger, Will Robinson” gatekeeper between me and all the people in my life. That faithful, loyal Protector Robot now has a new job. As a result, more and more opportunities arise to share knowledge, skills, experience, and wisdom. One of those is as a Certified Master Guide in the #MasterKeyExperience. Empowering others to create the desires of their hearts brings tears of Joy to my eyes. I cannot express the richness of this blessing.

The Master Keys Experience saved my life by giving me the gift of discovering who I am and why I am here. The GIFT is possible because not just one person, but an entire team of people dedicated themselves to my discovering my life purpose and passion. They did not tell me who I am. They guided me, and then guided me further as I dared to give that Self a voice, and permission to be. It was a resurrection from a life of quiet desperation to being vibrantly alive.

I’ve invested well over $100,000 on self-help and professional development workshops, courses, books, etc…. Mention any of those trainers/programs, and my reply is “Been there. Done That. Bought the T-Shirt. Sold a few.” The Master Key Experience is different in these three important ways:
1. It is a journey of Self-Discovery – you ARE the Hero of Your Life! No one tells you what to think, or how to think.
2. You truly become “The DECIDER” for every aspect of your life. And you get to hang out with tons of other people who are the Deciders in their own lives. Personal Responsibility is a BLAST!
3. You have a personal Guide [maybe even me! I’m a Certified Master Guide!] and a team of people dedicated to your successful navigation and completion of your Hero’s Journey

Of course, there was a downside…..
1. Course Requirements to keep your Pay-It-Forward Scholarship included Twitter, Facebook, and blogging…….none of which I had ever done and none of which I ever wanted to do.
2. You’ll have to hit the RESET button on your life’s schedule. It’s does take time to do the work. How much time? About the equivalent of 1 week of time over a six month period.
3. Changing is hard work…hard mental work…and requires both commitment and dedication.

Today, I don’t consider ANY of those ‘downsides’, but if you are considering the #MasterKeyExperience for yourself, you might start out that way. I so hated the whole IDEA of the first one that I created a pseudonym for the first year….So when you see Valeska Harraud….that’s really me.

OH! One more thing. The Master Key Experience is not for sale at ANY PRICE. Last year’s members have already paid your way, IF YOU QUALIFY! To see if you do, you will have to invest $1. All candidates who qualify for a Pay-It-Forward Scholarships will have to meet requirements to maintain them. They are awarded on a first come, first qualified basis, so Hop on the list and


OPT IN to receive early notification NOW!!

By doing so, you’ll be notified of the application dates 2 days prior to the general public.

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Week CW20 – The Master Key Experience – The “C” Word: CHARACTER


CharacterMaster Choa, the founder of modern Pranic Healing, instructed his students that if they had to choose between meditation and character building, choose character building.

Character. It’s WHO you are when no one is looking.

Just what kind of Character are you?

In the Master Key Experience, we are in a kind of Character-Building Boot Camp!  Everything we thought worked is broken down, disassembled, and reassembled. We throw out broken parts, and build new parts out of seeming nothingness.  I liken it to those amazing Transformer toys that begin in one form, then morph into a new form, more powerful than the one before, and then do it again, and again, and again, until Total Transformation has occurred. The ‘Nothingness’ out of which we create is that Divine Spark within us, that part of us who knows for what purpose and passion our life was created, that part of us most people encase in cement, fearing their own Destiny, choosing to live small instead of living into magnificence.

It takes strength of Character to live magnificently.  This journey, truly my own Hero’s Journey, MasterKeyExperiencehas taken me through the Abyss of Mediocrity into the Elysian Fields of intentional, conscious creation of my life. I really cannot find the words to describe how fabulous it is to awaken each day with a sense of purpose, excited and happy about what the day will bring!  The most fun part is that I get to CHOOSE!  If I want a sunny day, my sunshine is within me.  If I need rest, the peaceful nature of a gentle rain settles my spirit and refreshes my heart.  If I need energy, I direct my mind to the reason God put me on the planet, and I have more energy than I need to do what I want to do.

Character takes courage.  An unexamined life is not worth living. It is the life a Zombie lives, but I am not a Zombie.  I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.  Why? Because I choose it.  Fueled by gratitude, a heart overflows with love and loving kindness.  For me, it is nothing less than living as the miracle I am. Trillions of cells working in harmony keep my physical body optimally functioning. Trillions of cells, trained through the Master Key Experience, working in harmony to keep my mind alert, alive, awake, and aware.  I truly love consciousness. It is an ever-upward spiral into eternity.  Might I suggest that you give it a try?

Would you like to live at a higher, more miraculous level than you currently experience? The 2015 Master Key Experience begins in 45 days.  You can’t buy it, but you can get on the EARLY NOTIFICATION LIST to receive a Pay-It-Forward Scholarship. Just leave your name and email below! You’ll receive a 7-Day Total Transformation Tool when you add your name below. Self-Mastery. Character. More fun than you can imagine!

The choice is TOTALLY up to you!


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Week CW12: The Great MKMMA Adventure: Becoming Samurai Sam   

Observation includes Comparison, one petal, one flower, to another.

Observation includes Comparison, one petal, one flower, to another.

I just read a wonderful blog by James Clear which beautifully illustrates the power of observation.  I relished the truth of what he shared, and my heart overflowed with gratitude for MKMMA. Self-Mastery includes mastery of the way of Observation, and forsaking the way of Opinion. I recalled scenes from The Last Samurai wherein Katsumoto, informs Col. Algren that “The perfect blossom is a rare thing. You could spend your life looking for one, and it would not be a wasted life.” Can you observe at that level?  If you could, how would it serve you?

Another critical skill mastered in the Master Keys is the identification of your DMP, your Definite Major Purpose. Not only do you identify it, but you are taught the skills to create it, to bring it into your reality as the life you live.

Courage - Doing the next Right Thing just because it is the right thing to do.

Courage – Doing the next Right Thing just because it is the right thing to do.

What drives you?  What is it that could cause you to LEAP out of bed each day with ENTHUSIASM, eager to get going? Samurai live the Bushido Code, two characteristics of which are Courage and Justice.

Are you doing Justice to your life purpose, to the desires of your heart? Do you have the Courage to do so?

The Master Keys is your Hero’s Journey. When you answer the Herald’s Call, you say “YES” to

being the Hero of your life, to becoming a Samurai. At that place and time, you are filled with promise and possibility. We, like Katsumoto, are, in essence, asking you,Destiny do  “You believe a man can change his destiny?”, and like Algren, your inner most heart whispers back “I think a man does what he can, until his destiny is revealed.”……and then you wonder, will the Master Keys reveal mine?

In the Master Keys, you develop new habits, the habits of living a successful life. Algren describes the Samurai’s daily habits, saying       “They are an intriguing people. From the moment they wake they devote themselves to the perfection of whatever they pursue. I have never seen such discipline.”

Discipline, in this context, means focusing on what matters, on what makes a difference in your life. Distractions Not Allowed!

As a Master Guide, I am a Samurai, for the meaning of the word Samurai is “to serve”.  Everyone connected with the MKMMA Experience is there for one purpose, and that is to serve each member as they boldly step into their greatness.

The Secrets to your Success are within you. It is our work to frame your experience in such a way that you discover your magnificence, refine it, and express it.  As Dr. Seuss would say, “Today you are YOU, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

In the Master Keys, you are privileged to meet your new best forever friend….YOU!!  The You God created you to be. Of course, we get to meet you as well, and to celebrate the emergence of you.

You can get a head start on the 2015 Cohort and change your life in 7 Days when you leave your name and email below. I’ll make sure you are at the front of the line for the Samurai Pay-It-Forward Scholarships being awarded!

It’s Your Hero’s Journey, the Only Journey worth Taking…and the only Story worth Telling.


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Week CW11: The Great MKMMA Adventure – The Forgiveness Dilemma.

We are commanded to Forgive 70 times 70....

We are commanded to Forgive 70 times 70….

One of the tools of the Master Keys is the Seven Laws of Mind. Every day, before I say them out loud with ENTHUSIASM, I say, “I master the 7 Laws. I master the mechanism.”  In truth, these laws are a powerful mechanism for living a blissful, happy, productive, and successful life!  So why am I writing today about one of them, the Law of Forgiveness?  This morning, in the infinitely loving way that God alone can do, He has brought to me the one area wherein I am “Forgiveness Challenged”.

We own a small mental health practice. Our specialty is trauma. The effects of trauma tear at the very fabric of one’s humanity. It is especially painful seeing them in little children. When we work with foster children, we work with highly traumatized children. A team is created to work together in the best interest of the child.  This team consists of the foster parent(s), the foster care agency, the Department of Social Services, a Guardian Ad-Litem, and the therapist.

Unfortunately, there is one agency’s actions which consistently belie their responsibility, where children and families are deliberately harmed in order to meet their agenda. Two years ago, we chose to no longer work with this agency. .

This morning, my husband received a call from an absolutely fabulous, loving, kind, and caring, foster mother.  [Yes, occasionally someone becomes a foster parent to help children, not just to collect a check.] She asked if we would consider working with a child who is about to be placed in her home. Taking on this child would also mean working with

I certainly relate to THIS!

I certainly relate to THIS!

the one agency whose actions predominantly harm and hurt children and families.  As an aside, this agency also attempted, to no avail, to harm my husband and our business two years ago. I find myself roiled at the thought of working with them again, even though we are the only ones with the skills to help this child.

My husband said this is an opportunity for us to heal a breach. I said that vipers and scorpions are simply that, and that their nature is unchangeable. It’s how they are created to be, and those who take on those characteristics are just as toxic.

The Wisdom of Forgiveness

The Wisdom of Forgiveness

But those 7 laws…. The mantra ‘There can be no connection to God where anger or resentment, justified or not, exists’ has been running continuously through my mind.  I am not amused.


The Forgiveness Dilemma.

No easy answers here, but I’ll be taking this to ‘the sit’ in the morning, and I am confident that I shall find resolution and clarity.  Clarity is definitely a benefit achieved through mastering the tools in the MKMMA Experience!  And when you master them, you master your life.  There are Pay-It Forward scholarships waiting to be had in the 2015 Cohort which starts in September.  Leave your name and email below and you’ll not only go to the front of the line, you’ll receive a tool that can change your life in 7 days.

See you in September!

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