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Week Fourteen: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Riding the Wrath of the Storm

"The Tempest" by Kelly Murphy

“The Tempest” by Kelly Murphy

In The Wizard of Og, there is written an ominous statement: “I persist and develop my skills as the mariner develops his, by learning to ride out the wrath of each storm.”

I thought back to the Magellan’s Voyage of Discovery, and to the Straits of Magellan, one of the most treacherous of all marine passageways.

Journeys of Discovery – Isn’t that what each of us is doing in the Great MKMMA Adventure?

Magellan was considered a traitor to his native country of Portugal for embarking upon a voyage for the King of Spain. When we fundamentally transform our hearts and minds, some people in our lives do not our ‘future selves’ coming into their ‘present reality’. People don’t like change.


Shipwrecked by the Old Blue Print

One of Magellan’s ships, the Santiago, was lost in a sudden storm. Fortunately for these mariners, they were close to shore and soon rescued by their comrades.

Perhaps the Santiago was piloted by the likes of Wormtongue (the Old Blue Print), who would rather see us scuttle our ships than continue the journey.

Another ship, the San Antonio, commanded by Esteban Gomez, deserted in the night upon entering the Straits. They chose to turn back rather than face the unknown dangers of their destiny.

I Persist Until I Succeed

I Persist Until I Succeed

I know that I wanted to turn back many times. Unlike Gomez, I persisted until I succeeded in riding out the wrath of the storms raging within my consciousness. I had the knowledge of my power, the courage to dare, and the faith to do. Fidelity to the fundamentals birthed new peptides and built neuro-pathways until the ship of my mind was manned by the love and desire required to guide me to safe waters.

It took 28 days to travel the 600 kilometers of the Straits and emerge to onto the ocean Magellan named Pacific.

We are in the middle of our Great MKMMA Adventure…. These 28 days determine our future. Will we be like many of Magellan’s crew who mutinied or deserted the expedition, or will we be amongst those who persist until we succeed?

And what happens if we quit?


Those who refuse, or turn back from, the Call to Adventure doom themselves to this.

The mutinous captains were executed…. drawn and quartered, their bones left to the  elements.

Emerson tells us “The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.”

Once we embark upon our Hero’s Journey, even if we quit, we cannot return to the life we once knew. The life of our Divine Self has been birthed and will call to us again and again until we either embark once more upon our Path, or destroy that life within us from which our passion flows.

It’s up to us. We choose, daily.

The short term suffering of being drawn and quartered seems merciful by comparison to a life of quiet desperation.

Persist until you Succeed. Ride out the Wrath of the Storm. Master your Self, your Life. It’s Your Hero’s Journey, the only Journey Worth Taking.

be-a-heroThe Next Master Keys Starts in September, 2015.

 You can begin your self-mastery now, and be way ahead of the game come September. Just leave your name and email below, and I’ll send you The Seven Day Mental Diet, yours free to work with and on while you wait one of the Endowment Scholarships which will be awarded in the next class.

Peace be the Journey!  Looking forward to Sharing This Adventure with you!

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Week CW21: The Great MKMMA Adventure – The Lunatic Fringe


conformity1Read a great book summary this week: Break from the Pack by Oren Harari. The book explores the quagmire of Commodity Hell resulting from the lemming-like emergence of a global ‘copy cat’ mentality and the perils of being ‘one of many in the pack’. Sooner, rather than later, the pack is backed into a downward spiral with the destructive potential of the Ebola virus going through a remote village in Africa. The destruction stops when everyone is dead. The addictive processes of the Copy Cat, stuck in the pack of Commodity Hell destroy companies, jobs, communities, and people. The death sentence manifests as Whitman’s quiet life of desperation,          unless, and until, you choose the road less traveled. If you make that choice, if you          answer that Herald’s Call, just how do you break out of the pack? How do you re-create yourself? The book is talking about markets, and it lists 11 qualities essential to breaking out of the pack into the lead.

meaning of life 2

I am talking about your life,
something vastly more important.

For myself, none of those qualities were possible until I became, in Emerson’s words, DANGEROUS, until I had become Self-Reliant, touch of madnesswhat Jack Welch refers to as being ‘out on the      Lunatic Fringe’. In a world governed by institutions that increasingly demand a lower and lower common denominator of individualism and ever        increasing obedience to authority, creativity is discouraged. My husband is a counselor, and the new diagnostic manual has made a mental illness of almost everything that could possibly distinguish someone in life. In other words, if you do not conform to the behaviors of an obedient and compliant population, you must be mentally ill.


extraordinary-girl-inspiration-life-quote-favim-com-128258_largeMost people, once they realize what is being imposed upon them, get angry until they discover that there is a better way to express their displeasure. The Master Keys, Master Mind Alliance was and is that better way for me. By casting my lot with creativity and self-discovery, my life has become self-directed in the service of others, and happiness and harmony bubble up from within me. By choosing to do the work of the MKMMA, I discovered that becoming one of Emerson’s Dangerous people, I am able to make a huge contribution to the world! Most people become very excited when they realize that they, too, can discover themselves, loose their magnificence upon the world, and re-wire their brains for effortless creation of the desires of their hearts! I am doing this work for a second time starting next month. I cannot wait to discover what being part of that Lunatic Fringe of people who think, laugh, love life, give selflessly, and leaves the pack farther and farther behind will bring this time around!  Do the IMPOSSIBLE!  It’s FUN!!

impossible1 The Pay-It-Forward Scholarship process begins September 11th! Leave your name and email below, comment, and share! This is too much fun to keep to yourself!

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Week CW16: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness


The Pursuit of Happiness - Declaration of IndependenceOk. Ok… You’re right. I’m VERY late for a ‘4th of July’ themed Blog Post, but I found something this week which compelled me to write about that last ‘self-evident’ right:                                 The Pursuit of Happiness!

First of all, just what is Happiness and why does it matter?

At the time of the Declaration of Independence, the generally understood meaning of Happiness was Good Fortune and PROSPERITY. These were the direct result of personal Industriousness.  Today, Happiness is defined as a state of well-being and contentment [joy] or a pleasurable or satisfying experience [felicity, aptness].

How do you pursue joy and felicity, or, for that matter, Good Fortune and Prosperity? May I be so bold as to suggest that the only path through which success is assured is by developing habits that work on you from the inside out?

Working on me from the inside out was, and continues to be, a CHALLENGE! Thank Goodness determination won out, and I am living a transformed life compared to a year ago. My husband observed that I am noticeably happier than I was before doing this work. He valued that above all else, and the ‘all else’ is considerable!

And just WHY does Happiness matter? Happiness matters because happiness or lack thereof, has a    direct effect on your health, both emotionally AND physically! Although the authors of the Declaration of Independence did not know this empirically, they certainly understood it experientially, which may be why The Pursuit of Happiness was considered a self-evident ‘right’ endowed to all men by The Creator.

100 years ago, Greek and Latin were taught in our High Schools. Today, remedial ENGLISH is taught in our colleges and universities. What has been lost is the ability to THINK, to be able to be the master of your destiny because you know how to be the master of your thoughts and your emotions.

ka92-mangaka-mountain-of-books-anime-picture-5-star-worthy-phi-starsYou can spend tens of thousands of dollars attending seminars, workshops, and even retreat weekends. God knows, I certainly did!! The gurus, all well-meaning, give you a little for free, and then upsell you for the rest of the time you choose to spend with them.

The Pursuit of Happiness – Prosperity and Abundance of Body, Mind, Spirit, Finances…whatever YOU choose

The Pursuit of Happiness – Freedom to Blaze a Trail into the Unknown, with the CERTITUDE of Achievement as you            traverse your Hero’s Journey.

The Pursuit of Happiness – Understanding EXACTLY what to do, throwing you into the process of doing it, and having the support needed throughout the SIX MONTHS it took for the Habits required for successfully pursuing Happiness to take hold.

The Pursuit of Happiness – It’s a gift of God. It’s your personal Declaration of Independence. It will challenge the living daylights out of you. It did me.

The 2014 Master Key Experience is less than 55 days away! There will be only 1000 Pay-If-Forward Scholarships awarded, so the sooner you throw your hat into the ring, the better for you! If you think you’re up for it, leave your name and email below.

See you in the Abyss!!! That’s one of the places your Pursuit of Happiness takes you THROUGH on your way to embracing your life!

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Week CW 13: The Great MKMMA Adventure: Pioneer or Passioneer?


4232546-pioneer-family-moving-west-in-a-covered-wagon-1840sHappy 4th of July.  America. You’ve been lied to!  For decades, we, and our children, have been told that what makes America great is her PIONEERING SPIRIT!!!  Just what the in the world is a pioneer, anyway?  It’s a man who prepares the way for others.  It’s a man with vision, the ability to see beyond oneself to the possibilities that    exist in the world.  It’s a man who possesses courage. Pioneers take risks, understand failure, and the potential for great success. It’s a man who has a generous heart, who gives without expectation of reciprocity. It’s a man who is  both resourceful and responsible. It’s a man who understands that nothing great is accomplished without great effort and great sacrifice.

All of that sounds pretty darn good!!!  Most folks would read that description and aspire to develop those attributes.  That’s the funny thing about lies.  They contain so much truth in them that they are readily believed.  So if the Pioneering Spirit is not the key, just what is missing?  What is it that would make this great lie a great truth?


Determination, vision, courage, resourcefulness, generosity, hard work, willingness to take risks, to fail, to learn from mistakes, to sacrifice for a great goal….ALL of this truly IS a large part of who the men and women who built America were.  What’s missing from the list?  What is it that completes the profile?  What is the Key to the Vault?

PASSION.   Our passions fire our enthusiasm.  Our passions dominate our imagination. RumiOur passions create in our mind the object of our heart’s desire before the world can bring it forth.  Our passions fire and fuel our beliefs, and out of our beliefs, our actions arise.

Before we can be a Pioneer, we must be a PASSIONEER!  We must discover the seeds of our heart’s desire, prepare the soil of our mind, plant the seeds in the garden of our subconscious, water them with our imagination and shine the sunlight of our enthusiasm upon them until they burst forth, grow, and yield a bountiful harvest.

But how do we become a Passioneer?  How do we discover the seeds of our heart’s desire?

670px-Form-a-Philosophy-Step-1The best way is to learn from those who have already done so.  The Great MKMMA Adventure  does just that for you.  It did it for me.  It will do it for anyone who is willing to commit to Passion, and allow their life to unfold       before them as they grow into their  God given magnificence.

In less than 90 days, the Ship of Your Dreams departs. To reserve your suite, leave your name and email below and I’ll let you know as soon as the enrollment gate opens.

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Week CW10: The GREAT MKMMA Adventure – The Silence Killer


flip of the coinSilence. It’s on both sides of the coin! So how do you know if you’ve won the toss? Flip the coin. Watch it land. What does the side facing up say?  SILENCE!!  Turn it over. WHAT? The other side of the coin says the SAME THING!!  Is this game rigged?

Not really, for there are two kinds of silence. The one, experienced on a silent retreat, feeds the soul, centers your heart, and strengthens your mind and spirit.  The other don't talkpermeates cultures at varying levels, stopping innovation, prolonging the practice of destructive habits, behaviors, and customs, preventing the honest sharing of ideas, the giving of forthright feedback, the deepening of relationships, and even your success, both as an individual and as a part of a greater vision or mission.

As a long term survivor of the corporate worlds of financial services and mortgage banking, I Hear no evilcan personally attest to the damage created by a culture of silence.  Management sings the song of employees being the most valuable asset of the company, and then asks you to go to a client’s home to collect a payment at 9 o’clock at night in a neighborhood that is all but locked down because of a prison riot. When I realized where I was, I pulled over, removed all of my jewelry, and then foolishly continued on ‘the mission’. [True story]  The lack of trust combined with the undercurrent of anger resulting from this disconnect resonated throughout the company. That culture of silence hurt profits, destroyed careers, and encouraged small acts of defiance and rebellion.  In other words, the company’s mission was sacrificed because no one believed they could speak truth to power, and live.

What has the power to shatter the culture of silence in marriages, relationships, companies, communities, and even countries? What, or who, is powerful enough to become the Caped Crusader who Kills the Silence and opens infinite possibility for good?

be-a-heroYOU are the WHO!!  The WHAT is comprised of a set of tools which, when practiced, literally change your brain, and your mind.  Mastery of them empowers you to be a GAME CHANGER on whatever level you choose.  Where do you learn, and practice these skills so that you can make a difference?  You do so by embarking upon your own Hero’s Journey via the road called The Great MKMMA Adventure.  It’s not for wimps. Only those who want to discover their greatness and authentic power need apply. BUT, if you ARE one of those, then the Master Key Master Mind Alliance experience is for you. It is your key to a life you only dream as possible.

Here’s Mark J sharing about the course.

The exciting thing is that another course is forming this fall!


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