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Week CW23: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Mommy, Are We There Yet?


funny-dog-picture-dog-are-we-there-yetThe impatient anticipation of a child on a journey to a fabulous destination cannot be squelched.


“Mommy, are we there yet? “   My Mommy must have heard that from her four children innumerable times.

“No, Not yet.” would be her patient reply, only to hear

“When will we GET there?” whined back at her.

Well, I’m anything but your Mommy, but I do have the GREAT FUN of giving a different answer!

Sky or Mind the limit


The Great MKMMA Adventure is about to launch again, catapulting hundreds of courageous men and women onto their own Hero’s Journey , discovering their magnificence, and unleashing the power of their own creative genius onto the world as they master creating the life of their dreams.

I look back on the past year and smiles burst all over my entire body! Who I was in September, 2014, is barely recognizable.

No, the essence of me is unchanged.

Yes, the essence of me in unchained.


Those many years of investing thousands and thousands of dollars on self-help were not wasted. Failure is an intricate part of success. However, when you realize you are driving down the wrong road, no matter how far you have gone, it’s always a good idea to turn around.


photo (14)I turned back from the road of self-improvement and turned onto the road of Self-Discovery.

Self-Improvement keeps you in your comfort zone.  Self-Discovery is what makes life extraordinary.

It made all the difference in my life.

To discover for yourself if it can make a difference in yours, leave your name and email below.

The Wait is Over!

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Week CW 11: The Great MKMMA Adventure – The Happiness Factor


toothpaste-personality-testThere are many personality tests out there!  When I took the Meyer’s Briggs test, I tested as a STRONG Introvert, only missing ONE indicator of that category.  Being an introvert doesn’t mean you are shy or don’t engage with life and people. It is a description of how you process.    The extrovert processes externally, developing ideas and concepts and working through concerns and problems through the act of engaging with others.  The introvert processes internally, thinking through the implications of what is being said, formulating a well thought out response, and then responding. The disconnect happens in the space between, in the HOW!!   The extrovert becomes frustrated, believing that the introvert is either (1) withholding, or (2) non-communicative.  In a relationship, the complaint usually is some version of “You never talk to me.”  The introvert, on the other hand, doesn’t have the opportunity to respond because they are still thinking about what was said. Although they may desire to make a contribution, the space to do so does not exist because there is not enough space, i.e., time, in between the statements made by the extrovert in order for the introvert to communicate a response! The Introvert eventually feels discounted, and if and when she does respond, the comment is not any longer relevant or she is seen as interrupting the extrovert.

What a disempowering dance!!!  Therein abides the beauty of the Color Code: White, Blue, connectRed, and Yellow.  Each designation reveals what the motivating drivers are of that person, thereby revealing how best to engage in conversation with them.  The result is not only increased effectiveness, but greater interpersonal satisfaction….the Happiness Factor.  blackboardcalculationsMost personality tests are like blackboards filled with long equations comprised of symbols which have no meaning or usefulness to anyone but advanced astronomers, physicists, and chemists.  The Colors, on the other hand, are both simple and elegant, like Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, E = mc2.   Simply stated, elegant, and profound. It is the starting point of infinite possibility, just like knowing how to communicate with the people whose lives you touch, whose lives touch yours.

Imagine being able to identify someone else’s primary stock-illustration-genius-at-work-and-e-mc2-written-on-green-chalkboard-167583mode of motivation and communication so that you are empowered to deeply connect with them. The implications are dazzling.  Turns out that I am a White.  According to the colors, this means that I process through the act of engaging with others, the exact opposite of the introvert revealed in the Myers-Briggs test.  Hmmmmmmmmmm.  Time to learn more.  Time to learn to see others and myself more clearly. Time to learn how to powerfully contribute to the world on a whole new level by studying and applying the elegant understanding of The Colors.  Stay tuned!  It’s going to be a wild ride as The Happiness Factor spreads across my world!

effective communication

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Life is What You Make Happen Man Chooses Proactive Initiative

Week CW8: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Firefly Storms & The Law of Least Effort


sherrod-1833meteorsTonight, Planet Earth passed through the remains of a disintegrated comet, creating a once in a lifetime opportunity to see a Firestorm of Shooting Stars! The Astronomers said up to 1000 an hour, every hour, all night long! I was SOOOO Excited!! I love living in a “Dark Sky” location, so I was very much looking forward to this amazing display of incinerating space debris that once amazed humanity as the long, bright harbinger of ill otherwise known as a comet. I waited until about 10:30pm, when the sky would be strewn with the usual thousands of diamonds comprising the Milky Way Galaxy. Walking out into a large pasture surrounded by mountains, I turned my face to the heavens. The stars sparkle, brilliant white against a black velvet sky. The moon has not yet risen, so the faint shadows are from the Milky Way herself. Centuries ago, men built roads based upon the light cast by our galaxy. We were more able to discern subtly of light and shadow in ages past.

My expectation was that there would be a light show of epic proportion, and I was not disappointed, but it was a light show very different from the one I expected.

Zero Shooting Stars. Thousands of Flashing Strobe Light Fireflies, Flashing like mini-strobe lights firefly-forest-england-one-million-picturesover the meadow and up into the trees. Dancing across the meadows, higher and higher. Flashing the secret light dance of desire to attract another firefly. Pick me! Pick Me!!! I live in a magical firefly forest.

Expectation is the mother of disappointment. That is an operative statement driving the behaviors and emotions of millions. But I live in a world of miracles, and I practice the Law of Least Effort. Practicing the Law of Least Effort means living each day with Acceptance, Responsibility, and Defenselessness. Acceptance in this Law is defined as knowing that people, situations, places, and things are exactly as they should be because the universe is exactly as it should be, and deciding not to fight against a perfect universe. Responsibility means personal accountability for your actions and all conditions of my life. Defenselessness is just that. Relinquishing the need to defend my point of view or convince anyone else of its ‘rightness’ while simultaneously being open to all other points of view. It’s the ultimate definition of “Open Mindedness”.

firefly-long-exposure-photos-1The Law of Least Effort is hardwired into my brain, and as a result, I was given the gift of an amazingly beautiful sight which is drowned out by modern society’s fixation on artificial lighting. The wonders of nature miraculously unfold if and when you choose to be a part of God’s astoundingly splendiferous creation. Open Mindedness see miracles all around me, all the time. What an enlightening way to see the world and experience it.

And the Meteor Storm? It ended up being a light shower instead of a torrent. And it happened between 2am and 4am whilst I was blissfully asleep, dreaming of Tree Stars, Fireflies dancing across the meadows and up into the trees.

The Privilege of a Lifetime


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Yes, As amazing as this may sound, THIS is a recreation of the Battle between the Old Blue Print and the New Blue Print.

TODAY, TODAY, TODAY, I launched my MLM business with the amazing support of some of the company’s great leaders.  They hosted and did my Launch Call. But guess what?

I had to call and invite people.

What ensued was nothing less than the battle featured above.  Orcs and Zombies surrounded the castle with the intention of tearing down the walls and over running the peaceful inhabitants living in perfect harmony within.

CALL RESISTANCE??  OH MY GOD!!!  I had to stop everything so that I could LAUGH at the miscreant beasts attempting yet again to suppress and oppress my Life Purpose and Passion.

Thanks to the MKMMA Experience, I possess weapons of mass destruction: Habit. Always Keeping my Promises. Persistence. The 7 Laws of Mind. Framed Firelighters. Instant Rapport Builders. The Wisdom of OG. Focus. Concentration. The Blue Print Builder. Cards. The Law of Giving. The Mental Diet. The Makeover. The Mind Gym. The KNOWLEDGE of my POWER. The COURAGE to DARE.  The FAITH to DO.

And most powerful of all, NARC!!!!  I NARCed my way through 60 calls, 10 calls at a time, and LAUGHED OUT LOUD as I watched the Orc and Zombie infested Old Blue Print vainly strive to retake Middle Earth.  These Invaders Scattered, then regrouped, launched another attack, then fall back…..finally charging the Fortress of the New Blue Print again only to be scalded by Bear Hugs Kettles of Boiling Oil poured over them from the Crenellations.  It was an amazing battle, with the NARC KNIGHTS of Rohan descending en mass from the heights,  destroying every Orc and ZOMBIE left standing.

The Calls were Made.  The Launch Call Completed. The Vision Moves Forward.

“To Control Thought is to Control Circumstances, Conditions, Environment, and Destiny.”

Charles Haanel


The Ph.D. in Controlling Thought.

Peace be the Journey.

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