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Week CW 15A: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Sleeping with the Enemy


sleeping with the EnemyAre you sleeping with the ENEMY? Unlike the movie of the same name, the enemy is not someone who has imprisoned you in a beautiful mansion overlooking the ocean. He is not someone who quietly intimidates you into submission. He is not someone who controls your every move.

The enemy is within. The enemy is DOUBT. Doubt persecutes your thoughts, invades your mind, undermines your dreams, and destroys your relationships. Doubt.

Can you eradicate DOUBT? I don’t know if YOU can eradicate it or not, but I DO know that self-doubt-handas a result of an investment of six months of my life, I have eradicated doubt from my mind and my life, and replaced it with that most attractive of characteristics, Self-Confidence! Self-Confidence is the defining difference between athletes who are highly accomplished and the ones who win the Gold at the Olympics. There is no Fairy Godmother who will waive her Magic Wand, tap you on the head, and grant you this great gift. You are the only one who can give it to you, and if you want it, it will take commitment, dedication, consistency, and work.

That’s the bad news.

gringotts locked doorThe GOOD NEWS is that you do not have to go it alone! If you choose to embark upon this, your Hero’s Journey into your Magnificence, to slay the Dragon of Doubt, you have the chance to align yourself with those who have gone before you, walked this walk, and therefore have earned the right to not just talk it, but guide you all along the way.

It’s the key to Vault 193 at Gringott’s Bank.

And if you want the Goblin to unlock the vault and show you the way in, all you have to do is leave your name and email. The next Master Key Experience begins September 28, 2014. Enrollment is limited. ONLY 1000 Endowed Scholarships will be awarded. It’s six months of your life to ERADICATE DOUBT and INSTILL SELF-CONFIDENCE!!

confidence paradigm

DARE TO LIVE!!!!  If you leave your name and email address, you can get in line for one of those scholarships, and discover the treasures you hold within you.

self confidence in action

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Week CW15: The Great MKMMA Adventure – You ARE what you…..


The MKMMA Experience Course Will Begin September 28th, 2014


Mark’s sharing from the heart about what works.  The video was shot several years ago, but the content is for NOW!!! You are what you EAT. You are what you THINK. You are what you SAY. You ARE.  It’s science that is so close to science fiction that we tend to resist the truth of it!  Check out that ‘science fiction/science fact’ in the two videos below. Mark J talked about them in his video!

angel devil peptideSo how do we leave behind the old self and make room for a New Creation? How do WE change so our LIFE Changes?

There is a proven system, and that system is The Master Key, and this year’s course begins September 28, 2014.  You can’t register yet, but to get on the waiting list, leave your name and email below.

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Life is What You Make Happen Man Chooses Proactive Initiative

Week CW8: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Firefly Storms & The Law of Least Effort


sherrod-1833meteorsTonight, Planet Earth passed through the remains of a disintegrated comet, creating a once in a lifetime opportunity to see a Firestorm of Shooting Stars! The Astronomers said up to 1000 an hour, every hour, all night long! I was SOOOO Excited!! I love living in a “Dark Sky” location, so I was very much looking forward to this amazing display of incinerating space debris that once amazed humanity as the long, bright harbinger of ill otherwise known as a comet. I waited until about 10:30pm, when the sky would be strewn with the usual thousands of diamonds comprising the Milky Way Galaxy. Walking out into a large pasture surrounded by mountains, I turned my face to the heavens. The stars sparkle, brilliant white against a black velvet sky. The moon has not yet risen, so the faint shadows are from the Milky Way herself. Centuries ago, men built roads based upon the light cast by our galaxy. We were more able to discern subtly of light and shadow in ages past.

My expectation was that there would be a light show of epic proportion, and I was not disappointed, but it was a light show very different from the one I expected.

Zero Shooting Stars. Thousands of Flashing Strobe Light Fireflies, Flashing like mini-strobe lights firefly-forest-england-one-million-picturesover the meadow and up into the trees. Dancing across the meadows, higher and higher. Flashing the secret light dance of desire to attract another firefly. Pick me! Pick Me!!! I live in a magical firefly forest.

Expectation is the mother of disappointment. That is an operative statement driving the behaviors and emotions of millions. But I live in a world of miracles, and I practice the Law of Least Effort. Practicing the Law of Least Effort means living each day with Acceptance, Responsibility, and Defenselessness. Acceptance in this Law is defined as knowing that people, situations, places, and things are exactly as they should be because the universe is exactly as it should be, and deciding not to fight against a perfect universe. Responsibility means personal accountability for your actions and all conditions of my life. Defenselessness is just that. Relinquishing the need to defend my point of view or convince anyone else of its ‘rightness’ while simultaneously being open to all other points of view. It’s the ultimate definition of “Open Mindedness”.

firefly-long-exposure-photos-1The Law of Least Effort is hardwired into my brain, and as a result, I was given the gift of an amazingly beautiful sight which is drowned out by modern society’s fixation on artificial lighting. The wonders of nature miraculously unfold if and when you choose to be a part of God’s astoundingly splendiferous creation. Open Mindedness see miracles all around me, all the time. What an enlightening way to see the world and experience it.

And the Meteor Storm? It ended up being a light shower instead of a torrent. And it happened between 2am and 4am whilst I was blissfully asleep, dreaming of Tree Stars, Fireflies dancing across the meadows and up into the trees.

The Privilege of a Lifetime


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WEEK SEVENTEEN: The Great MKMMA Experience – The Sleeper Has Awakened


Haanel speaks of Concentration as total and complete identification with the object of your attention, as a total abandonment of the self.

Concentration is a marriage of minds, a true melding together into one of myriad parts.

Concentration, as communion, reveals the transcendency of mental force.

It is the embodiment of “I AM THAT, I AM.”, which is very different from “I am that I am.”

The Hero’s Journey which we have all undertaken has brought us all to this place of discernment.  When we started, we were very much like young Paul Atreides, listening to the wisdom of his Father, but without understanding.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iy0omksZw4 (video removed from youtube)
Paul, like any hero, faces many trials and tests, until, finally, he reaches a crossroads. He must choose.  Will he continue on as he has been doing?  He has learned much. He is a leader of men. Nay, entire armies follow him with absolute respect and loyalty.

But he knows there is something more required of him in order for him to fulfill his life purpose, his destiny.

He must drink the Water of Life.  All who drank of this water before paid with their lives.  Paul knows that he will pay with his life, but in a very different way, if he does not drink it.

We know that about ourselves as well.  Will we settle, or will we “unfasten the prison bars of unbelief, weakness, impotence, and self-belittlement….and [come into] a realization of the joy of overcoming”?

It’s a terrifying decision.

I decided to drink the proverbial Water of Life, to release my authentic self into Concentration, to become the master of the omnipotent power of the Subconscious, to test the truth of “Every obstacle conquered, every victory gained, will give you more faith in your power, and you will have greater ability to win. Your strength is determined by your mental attitude; if this attitude is one of success, and is permanently held with unswerving purpose [Concentration], you will attract to you from the invisible domain the things you silently demand.”

When God gave to Adam the authority to name all things, God gave Adam dominion over them.  That is because the name of a thing WAS the thing.  As Paul Atreides discerned when he drank the Water of Life, ‘The Spice is the Worm. The Worm is the Spice.”  They were one and the same.  The name is the thing.  When, through Concentration, we learn to become one with that which we name, we are that thing, that quality, that spirit.

What is it that you choose to name as YOU?

Who is the Sleeper that YOU choose to Awaken?


On this Hero’s Journey, we uncover the answers to those questions.

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