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Week Twenty-Three: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Karma-Kazi Success Secret

Kamikazes Don't Know the Rules of the Game of Life. Are you a Kamikaze?

Kamikazes Don’t Know the Rules of the Game of Life. Are you a Kamikaze?

Are you a Kamikaze or a Karma-Kazi?

The answer lies in your answer to another question: Whom Shall I Serve?

It’s an eternal question, or a question of eternal proportion. It’s a business question. It’s a friendship question. It’s a family question. It’s a community question. It’s THE question.

Whom Shall I serve?

God? Of course!

Yourself? Definitely!

Your Husband or Wife? Most Assuredly!

Your Clients and Customers? You’d be CRAZY if you didn’t!

Hmmmmmmm…….. It seems that Haanel is correct.  “The Law of Success is Service;

Karma-Kazis know the Rules of the Game of Life. Are you a Karma-Kazi?

Karma-Kazis know the Rules of the Game of Life. Are you a Karma-Kazi?

that we get what we give, and for this reason, we should consider it a great privilege to be able to give.”

It’s THE Success Secret of the Ages.

It’s more than simply PROVIDING a service.  It’s the HEART behind the service that distinguishes you, that determines if you are a Kamikaze or a Karma-Kaze. It’s the difference between playing the game of life according to ‘them’ and playing the game of life after learning the rules…the rules of following the desires of your heart…the rules of discovering your purpose and passion and then doggedly moving closer to it with every breath you take.

It’s the Hero’s Journey, beautifully lived by Og Mandino. It’s in living in heart centered service to others that our purpose is given away, that Success in EVERY area of life is manifested.

It’s in service that success finds you and grows all around you. Karma-Kazi…you give what you love and love returns to you 10,000 fold.

Whom Shall I Serve?

Serve Your Passion and Purpose!  This is the WHY of your presence on the planet, and the means through which you express the gifts and talents that are uniquely yours! It is how YOU show up in life, in work, in community, in the market place. It is the vehicle through which the energy of money flows, blessing all who come in contact with you.  This is HOW you serve God, your family, your community, your clients, your customers…..

Law of Giving and Receiving Abundance - The Karma-Kazi Success Secret

Law of Giving and Receiving Abundance – The Karma-Kazi Success Secret

Who you are in five years is looking at you in the mirror today if you accept existing according to ‘them’ and refuse the Hero’s Call to live your Passion and Purpose.  Discover your purpose and passion through the Master Keys. Learn the rules. That future self of Passion and Purpose awaits you, and is determined by the people you meet and the books you read. You’ll meet the people here. The Success Secret of the Ages is hard-wired into you if you do the work and live with the Karma-Kazi mindset….what you give, you receive.

The Master Keys begins again in September. Begin your Karma-Kazi Lifestyle today by leaving your name and email below. I’ll send you your first Transformation Tool, the 7 Day Mental Diet. You’ll love it!  See you in September!

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Week Nine: The Great MKMMA Adventure – It’s Just My Imagination


energy_can_do_thatEnergy can do that…..

Do what?

EVERYTHING!!! In fact, energy is all there is, and the degree to which we master energy is the degree to which we fully express our inherent gifts and genius, or not.

It’s one of the fundamental laws of science: The Law of Conservation of Energy: Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Einstein discovered that matter is just slow moving energy, and that, therefore, matter and energy are interchangeable. In other words, it’s ALL Energy!

Consider the Energy of Imagination. Today, in my daily meditative ‘sit’, I imagined our

Einstein on Imagination

Einstein on Imagination

new home. I could see the redesigned entrance, feel walking up the stairs into the house, hear the leaves in the trees rustling from the gentle breeze coming in across the lake. I walked through the house, seeing everything, lighting, furnishings, the smells, the sounds. I see our doggies running and playing in the back yard. I saw the crystal chandelier over my grand piano in my luminous blue music studio which opens onto the veranda overlooking the gardens and the lake. I smiled walking through the bathhouse where there is both a dry and wet sauna for my husband. I could see John and myself creating stained glass side panels for the doors in our art studio, see how the light touched the glass we select for each piece before placing it in the panel. And John’s movie studio, where he can enjoy amazing music and movies with the sound cranked up as loud as he wants while I enjoy peaceful silence and the subtle sounds of nature elsewhere. Simply Splendid.

We have not even put an offer on this house, but it is ours.

Tesla Did the Beta Test in his IMAGINATION before Building the Model.

Tesla Did the Beta Test in his IMAGINATION before Building the Model.

Just my imagination? YES! It’s a Powerhouse of Cause in my world and in yours, if you master it. My imagination is taking ownership of the land and the landscape, strengthening and clarifying the title to it, clearing away any roadblocks, seen and unseen.

In the Master Keys, we master the energy of Thought as Cause. Some of the most powerful thoughts are powered inextricably by gratitude. One of the 7 Laws of Mind is the Law of Growth. Whatever we think about grows. What we forget, atrophies. I could see this today as the more I reflected upon the people, places, and things for which I am grateful, the more gratitude filled my heart, and the more people, places, and things were brought to mind for which I am grateful. What a wonderful upward spiral of loving appreciation! I do believe it carries me to Heaven itself! I am so grateful for the Master Keys through which my imagination is harnessed and directed to the work of transforming my world, and the worlds of those whose lives I touch. I am grateful for the Power of Imagination, the Creator of Worlds.


The 2014 Master Key Started in September.

You can get a head start on it with The Seven Day Mental Diet. It’s yours when you choose to be notified of the next Master Key Experience, so please leave your name and email address below. It’s Your Hero’s Journey, the Only Journey worth Taking ……….. and the only Story worth Telling.

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Week CW20 – The Great MKMMA Adventure – Whom Do You Serve?


Gandalf the WhiteJoshua 24:15 informs us of our ultimate power, the power to choose.        “ …..choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your    fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”

Who are the gods my fathers served that were on the other side of the flood? The gods of violence and conquest, of William the Conqueror, King Henry III, and Catherine of Aragon, the gods of men and women who lived by force, and as a result, always lived with fear and suspicion.

Who are the gods of the Amorites, in whose land I dwell? They are Zap Limiting Beliefsthe gods of making excuses, of glass ceilings, of closed mindedness, and lack of planning and purpose; the god of letting someone else determine my life path; the god of settling for a ‘good job’ or an unequal relationship; the god of the illusion of safe and secure; the god of quitting just because someone tells me ‘no’. These gods, and others, were the gods of my Fathers whose catechism was drilled into my head, sealing my heart, and determining my path.

Walk into possiblityAs a result of investing six months of my life in the Master Key Mastermind Experience, I have                 mastered the skill of freedom of choice. I have relinquished my pantheon of little gods, dismantled the temples I built in which I worshiped them, and chipped away the cement and limestone which       encased my mind, my heart, and my soul. I have   toppled the idols of mindlessness, other people’s crises, tasks which, though important, divert me from   pursuing my purpose and passion, and freed myself to create a new life.

As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. God gave me Limiting Beliefsthe desires of my heart before I was knit together in my mother’s womb. Almost from birth, I began to build walls around those    desires which kept them from being realized. Those desires are my Dharma, my reason for being, the reason I was born into this life. To deny them is a special kind of apostasy as it is the ultimate betrayal of the gift of my life. Truly, that is a sacrilege.

Now, I listen to the song of my heart. The song of the heart is eternal if you are in service without expectation, giving to give. I SING IT OUT, and Sing it out LOUD! I live each moment in joyful bliss, continually      surprised and all that comes into me and through me to others simply because I live each day as if it is my last, determined that, if it is my last, it shall be my best.

I am the Universe

I cannot explain to you the freedom I have in knowing that I CHOOSE, everything. I CHOOSE freedom. I CHOOSE laughter. I CHOOSE loving-kindness. I CHOOSE happiness. I CHOOSE Love. And those choices transform.


The skills of freedom of choice are yours to master. You can’t buy it. You can only receive the blessing of a Pay-It-Forward Scholarship. Leave your name and email below to be put on the waiting list! We start again in September! See you there!!

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Week Eleven: The Great MKMMA Adventure Meets The Polar Express


Polar-Express_31-300x184Like the Hero Boy in The Polar Express, we must DECIDE to Believe, and when we do, the desires of our hearts come into being.

Our task this week is to internalize the skill of, the gift of, the process of belief. For ten weeks, we have been putting our hand to the plow, preparing the soil, planting the seeds, weeding the garden, watering the tiny sprouts as they break out of the darkness of the rich soil into which they were planted and begin following the Sun, upward, higher, and higher, soaking in the life giving rays until this week, when it is time to bring in the Harvest.

That Harvest is the Decision to Believe, the ACCEPTANCE of the Invitation to Connect with God and co-create with Him.

I choose to Believe.

Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. Mark 11:24

Believe Sleigh Bell

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healing-lotusOne of my life’s great joys is the time spent in the stillness, the daily practice of which has been planted, tended, nurtured, and deepened in the process of living by faith in the awakening promised by faithfulness to the doing of the MKMMA exercises.  This week, we are to “Select a place which has pleasant associations. Make a complete mental picture of it.”, but we are also to choose a place wherein the feelings are the same ones we express in our Definite Major Purpose.  I cannot tell you how very excited I was at the prospect of doing so!  What are the emotions expressed in my DMP?  Joy. Delight. Thrill. Happiness. Excitement. Freedom. Peace. Courage…..the list goes on and on.

I had difficulty picking a specific moment in my life, so I set the intention that my subconscious mind finds the perfect moment.dark night of the soul  I settle in for my 30 minutes of bliss, and my mind begins the reconnaissance mission of finding THE MOMENT.  I think I am a time traveler, going back to the exercise wherein we were to have no thought.  I feel like St. John of the Cross, experiencing my own Dark Night of the Soul. Tears are streaming down my cheeks. Are all the feelings of my DMP counterfeits?  I reflect on my feeling crucible firelife. “Life is expressive, and it is our business to express ourselves harmoniously.”  [Haanel 4, Introduction]  Well, that may be all well and good in the REAL WORLD of the unseen, but in MY Family, STOICISM reigned supreme!!  I am angry, blaming, rendering my heart into fuel for the fire. Have I ever had permission to express feelings?  NO!!!  The few moments of deep feelings are fleeting, and quickly brought under wraps lest the even keel of unfeeling  falsely labeled as ‘peaceful calm’ is perturbed. I am in the crucible of decision, of choosing today whom I will serve. Will I serve death and despair, the emotional life of the LURKER,the-lurker_LoRes or will I choose a life of expansive, exuberant, vibrant aliveness and joy?  Whom this day will I serve?


DEATH TO SMOOCHY!  I refuse to live under the tyranny of emotional zombie-ism.

The Sleeper Has Awakened!!!!  But HOW do I choose a life of feelings?  I have failed so many times, retreating in terror to the fraudulent safety and security of my self-imposed prison of isolationism and resignation.  What must be done to gain a pardon from this final judgment placed upon my soul?

AAAAHHHHH.  The words of my DMP come to me. What is my sacrifice?  Forgiveness.  I release my need to punish myself for failing to live out loud, for failing to shine the light placed within me by God, for failing to express that life which can only be revealed through me, for I am a unique creation. Forgiveness, the sacred work which frees the soul and releases the mind to create in tune with the infinite.  Forgiveness.  I forgive all of them for their collective consciousness of concrete encasing my Golden Buddha and imprisoning my Dharma.


The tears do not stop, but are transformed into tears of gratitude, of love, of joy.  Moment after moment after moment appears in my consciousness. Scenes of Peace, of laughter, of joy, of accomplishment, of happiness, of pleasure, of delight.space-supernova  The REAL ME bursts forth, shattering the darkness, a supernova exploding across space and time,

filling the universe with its creative light and energy.

Gratitude overwhelms me. I am humbled by this Path.


If you would like a Copy of Freeing the Heart through Forgiveness, please let me know.

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