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Week Ten: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Wizards and Warriors

The Wizard Brings Magic into All He Does

The Wizard Brings Magic into All He Does

What a GREAT Week!  The Wizard of OG introduces us to Scroll Three: I Persist Until I Succeed.  Haanel reiterates this in Week 10: Only APPLIED Knowledge is Power.  This flies in the face of the thousands of Universities who have engraved across their edifices “Knowledge is Power”…..another of the great lies which enslave the mind and cause men to live lives of quiet desperation.

How did Og Mandino become Wizardly?  Og Mandino became Wizardly the same way Walt Disney, another great Wizard, became Wizardly, through the skill of being a Warrior.

In the face of massive opposition and repeated rejection, Walt Disney persisted.

In the face of haunting laughter of successful men dismissing his drawings, Walt Disney persisted.

In the face of poverty, living in his office on a diet of cold canned beans, Walt Disney persisted.

In the middle of the firestorm of WWII, surrounded by the horrors and violence of war, Walt Disney persisted.

He honed his skill.  Walt did not start out with a clear vision or his passion and purpose. This is

The Warrior Continuously Hones His Skills

The Warrior Continuously Hones His Skills

where the Warrior in him developed. Before Mickey Mouse, there was a life of designing stationary, making program covers for movie theaters, and drawing ads for small businesses in his hometown of Kansas City.   He continuously followed his bliss, experimented, and kept taking one small step at a time, probably totally unconscious of the Warrior Skills being perfected.

That’s the Prize you get from Persistence.

He moved to Hollywood. Mickey Mouse debuted. The rest, as they say, is history.

What does this have to do with The Master Keys, the Great MKMMA Adventure?


It’s a six month journey, and we are not quite half way through.  We are integrating the patterns of success….the sit, the readings, the cards, the movie poster, the shapes… building tens of thousands of bridges across our respective Corpus Callosums [Sounds like something a WIZARD would say as he waves his wand, does it not?], learning to live at Mach speed, reaching escape velocity in our rocket ship which is taking us to the life of our Definite Major Purpose.  We must grow both our Wizard and our Warrior to get to the space of Effortless Creation of the desires of our hearts.

We can do this.

We tell ourselves so 20 times each day.  I [The I AM, that aspect of us that is connected with God] can be what I will to be.

Persistence…. It’s how the knowledge we are studying is applied.  It’s how our Warrior grows into both a Samurai and a Ninja.  It’s how we master Wizardry, bringing magic into our lives once more.  It’s the Golden Key unlocking so much more than we can know.

The Golden Key

The Golden Key

The 2014 Master Key Started in September.

You can get a head start on the 2015 Class with The Seven Day Mental Diet. It’s yours when you choose to be notified of the next Master Key Experience, so please leave your name and email address below.  It’s Your Hero’s Journey, the Only Journey worth Taking…and the only Story worth Telling.

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Week Eight: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Meet My NBFF!!!


Danger-WR-WP2WOW!! Amazing research. The brain registers the image or concept we hold for ourselves in the future with the SAME brainwaves as when meeting a STRANGER! And what did our well-meaning Mommies and Daddies teach us about Strangers? Something along the lines of “DANGER, WILL ROBINSON!!” All those ‘Don’t Messages”

Don’t talk to Strangers
Don’t get in a car with Strangers
Why? Strangers are Dangers!

Now, this is an interesting dilemma, because we are also taught social skills, how to politely you-should-always-be-polite-to-a-dinosaur-you-know-or-elsemeet and greet people, and encouraged to make new friends at school, at church, at symphonies, at social gatherings….boy scouts…girl scouts….. And guess who all the people we see at these places are the first time we walk into the room?
You Got It! STRANGERS!! Talk about a Mixed Message! YIKES!!! It’s a wonderment and miracle that we engage in socialization at all with the programming of the collective consciousness as interpreted by our parents. Love can be messy! Would you agree?

bff-s-best-friends-forever-14109732-260-217Well, guess what! I have broken down these barriers and now have a NBFF!! [I am told by my texting teenaged compatriots that NBFF means New Best Friend FOREVER] The Future Me!! I rather like this gal! She is an Influencer, lives her life by the Compass and not the Clock, Stays focused like a magnifying glass being held over dry leaves to ignite a fire, greets everyone with love and treats them with loving-kindness. She is creative in all she does, teaches Pranic Healing, and is a Witch in the Woods to many who embark upon their Hero’s Journey of Self-Discovery through the Master Keys. She loves life, lives her passions, and laughs at herself and the world…great sense of humor. Her husband and dog children like hanging out with her, and beautiful music is often heard flowing out from a luminous blue music studio which opens onto a veranda overlooking the gardens and the lake. Who wouldn’t love this gal!

Well, the “I” of the present world would not…COULD not…..love her were it not for my decision to cast myself wholeheartedly into my Hero’s Journey, the Great MKMMA Adventure. Mastering thought, mastering the art of thinking, of living from gratitude as cause and thought as cause….. Transformative, enlightening, joyful, and true.


The 2014 Master Key Started in September.

To be notified of the next Master Key Experience, Please leave your name and email address below. It’s Your Hero’s Journey, the Only Journey worth Taking…

and the only Story worth Telling.


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Week Seven: The GREAT MKMMA Adventure – Heroes Know


chronos god of timeWe are in Week 7 of our MKMMA Hero’s Journey.  I could not help but reflect on what this hero has learned along the way so far.

    1. Heroes Know, It’s YOU, Baby! – YOU are walking your Hero’s Journey.  Roadblocks? Challenges?  It’s the Old Blue Print.  Solution?  SMACK DOWN!!!  Withdraw your permission for the OBP to speak!  Your Hero’s Journey through the MasterKeys is about breaking limitations, outgrowing your present self and making best friends with your Future Self.
    2. Heroes Know Where you are right now is PERFECT! – The NOW is EXACTLY as it should be and is perfect for you.  Embrace it with Gratitude!  It’s how you get to the world of your Definite Major Purpose! How fabulous is THAT!!!!
    3. Heroes Know Everything is coming together… in ways that you can only imagine! – Three Cheers for YOU!  You CHOSE to do the hard mental work required to rewire your mind, your brain, and to align the desires of your heart with the pathways of your Peptides!  Stephen Covey says ‘Begin with the END in mind.” Brilliant!  Those 5 million brain cells will do the rest, opening doors you did not know existed.
    4. Heroes Choose Happiness!  It’s good for your health!  – Happiness is allowing yourself to be perfectly OK with “what is,” and it is a GREAT application of the Law of Substitution as we transform our minds with The Seven Day Mental Diet.
    5. Heroes Master Their Emotions  – The Master Keys trains us to be the masters of our thoughts. We get to choose……EVERYTHING.  Choose to be peaceful and you find plenty of reasons to be at peace.  Choose to be grateful, and gratitude and joy flow from your very core as cause in your life. Pepper those Peptides!  They exist to serve you. DO IT NOW
    6. Heroes Know that Leaving The Comfort Zone is what drives the Journey. – As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do something each day that SCARES you!”  Who knows?  You just might LOVE it once you transmute fear into excitement.
    7. Heroes See Clearly Keeping your eyes on the prize matters.  We carry a Magnifying Glass to remind us of the importance of FOCUS.  We carry a Compass to keep us on course.  Each step forward is your personal Lunar Landing…your first step into a new tomorrow.
    8. Heroes LOVE Discovery! A Failure is simply a discovery made along the path to perfection.  They are great blessings. Embrace them. Learn from them. Rejoice that you found out what does not work, and move on to discover what does!
    9. Heroes Have Their Own Language. – Impossible becomes I’M POSSIBLE!  Works every time. Why?  Because when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
    10. Heroes are UNSTOPPABLE! They do the hard mental work, and trust the Universe aligns according to that.  Others fear the “What Ifs”.  Heroes turn  “What Ifs” into powerful tools of the Imagination.
    11. Heroes Continually Improve The quality of Their Vision – The more clearly we see it, the faster EFFORTLESS creation occurs. We water the vision with passion and purpose,  and for us, it’s DELIGHT that’s in the Details!!
    12. Heroes Burn The Ships They Came In – Heroes know that by cutting off all chance of retreat, their victory is assured. They know what must be done, and they do it.


The 2014 Master Key Started in September. To be notified of the next Master Key Experience, Please leave your name and email address below. It’s Your Hero’s Journey, the Only Journey worth Taking…

and the only Story worth Telling.

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Week CW23: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Mommy, Are We There Yet?


funny-dog-picture-dog-are-we-there-yetThe impatient anticipation of a child on a journey to a fabulous destination cannot be squelched.


“Mommy, are we there yet? “   My Mommy must have heard that from her four children innumerable times.

“No, Not yet.” would be her patient reply, only to hear

“When will we GET there?” whined back at her.

Well, I’m anything but your Mommy, but I do have the GREAT FUN of giving a different answer!

Sky or Mind the limit


The Great MKMMA Adventure is about to launch again, catapulting hundreds of courageous men and women onto their own Hero’s Journey , discovering their magnificence, and unleashing the power of their own creative genius onto the world as they master creating the life of their dreams.

I look back on the past year and smiles burst all over my entire body! Who I was in September, 2014, is barely recognizable.

No, the essence of me is unchanged.

Yes, the essence of me in unchained.


Those many years of investing thousands and thousands of dollars on self-help were not wasted. Failure is an intricate part of success. However, when you realize you are driving down the wrong road, no matter how far you have gone, it’s always a good idea to turn around.


photo (14)I turned back from the road of self-improvement and turned onto the road of Self-Discovery.

Self-Improvement keeps you in your comfort zone.  Self-Discovery is what makes life extraordinary.

It made all the difference in my life.

To discover for yourself if it can make a difference in yours, leave your name and email below.

The Wait is Over!

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Week CW21: The Great MKMMA Adventure – The Lunatic Fringe


conformity1Read a great book summary this week: Break from the Pack by Oren Harari. The book explores the quagmire of Commodity Hell resulting from the lemming-like emergence of a global ‘copy cat’ mentality and the perils of being ‘one of many in the pack’. Sooner, rather than later, the pack is backed into a downward spiral with the destructive potential of the Ebola virus going through a remote village in Africa. The destruction stops when everyone is dead. The addictive processes of the Copy Cat, stuck in the pack of Commodity Hell destroy companies, jobs, communities, and people. The death sentence manifests as Whitman’s quiet life of desperation,          unless, and until, you choose the road less traveled. If you make that choice, if you          answer that Herald’s Call, just how do you break out of the pack? How do you re-create yourself? The book is talking about markets, and it lists 11 qualities essential to breaking out of the pack into the lead.

meaning of life 2

I am talking about your life,
something vastly more important.

For myself, none of those qualities were possible until I became, in Emerson’s words, DANGEROUS, until I had become Self-Reliant, touch of madnesswhat Jack Welch refers to as being ‘out on the      Lunatic Fringe’. In a world governed by institutions that increasingly demand a lower and lower common denominator of individualism and ever        increasing obedience to authority, creativity is discouraged. My husband is a counselor, and the new diagnostic manual has made a mental illness of almost everything that could possibly distinguish someone in life. In other words, if you do not conform to the behaviors of an obedient and compliant population, you must be mentally ill.


extraordinary-girl-inspiration-life-quote-favim-com-128258_largeMost people, once they realize what is being imposed upon them, get angry until they discover that there is a better way to express their displeasure. The Master Keys, Master Mind Alliance was and is that better way for me. By casting my lot with creativity and self-discovery, my life has become self-directed in the service of others, and happiness and harmony bubble up from within me. By choosing to do the work of the MKMMA, I discovered that becoming one of Emerson’s Dangerous people, I am able to make a huge contribution to the world! Most people become very excited when they realize that they, too, can discover themselves, loose their magnificence upon the world, and re-wire their brains for effortless creation of the desires of their hearts! I am doing this work for a second time starting next month. I cannot wait to discover what being part of that Lunatic Fringe of people who think, laugh, love life, give selflessly, and leaves the pack farther and farther behind will bring this time around!  Do the IMPOSSIBLE!  It’s FUN!!

impossible1 The Pay-It-Forward Scholarship process begins September 11th! Leave your name and email below, comment, and share! This is too much fun to keep to yourself!

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