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WEEK EIGHT: The GREAT MKMMA Adventure Meets The Compass Driven Life


chronos god of timeWe are at the juncture where we are privileged to choose our future, consciously. Will we be a slave to the sands of time, or take the road less travelled? It’s 100% our decision, and 100% our responsibility.sands of time

Why should we care?

It’s the future of ourselves and our children that is at stake. Do we choose to live at effect, the victim of external conditions and circumstances, at the mercy of those who believe they know what is in our best interests, or do we choose to live at cause, creating a legacy of genius loosed upon the world with exuberant joy?  Clock, or Compass?  Effect, or Cause?  Victim, or Victor?  What will we choose?

time slave

Many of us know the life of desperate servitude which arises from a clock driven reality.  Alarm Clocks. Time Clocks. Deadlines. Due Dates. Court Dates. Curfews. ……….one restriction upon our freedom and liberty after another, all externally imposed upon us by those to whom we have surrendered our power.  Yes, they may well be the Time Masters, and we the Time Slaves, but the chain binds us both.  Is that what we want?  Is it really what they want?  Is there a better way?

Only if you QUALIFY.  Our Hero’s Journey mentors and guides stand with us as we break the ties that bind us to slavery, emancipate ourselves, and blaze a trail to a way of life so foreign to us when we started this path that it just might qualify for inter-dimensional travel!


Let’s see how that plays out for us.

The first obstacle in choosing The Compass Driven Life: all of THOSE PEOPLE who love us and want the best forpenguin us. They are AGHAST at the peculiarity of our new behavior.  When we insist upon our path, they may become so threatened by us that they expel us from their presence.  Fear not!  We are leaving behind what does not work and jumping into a life perfectly suited to our authentic natures!  It may not feel that way  as we are walking the plank, but as soon as we hit the water, we are HOME FREE!!!  The bliss of a genuine homecoming cannot be overstated. WHEW!!!!  We DID IT!!!  We Walked The Plank!  Swimming in the ocean of bliss exhilarates every pore of our bodies, excites every cell!  This is AMAZING!!!!  And SCARY!!!

acid tripThe second obstacle in choosing The Compass Driven Life:  Ourselves!  We have never before been free. We feel like little kids who have no fence around the playground!  Our first inclination is to play it safe!  Where is that schoolhouse when we need it!  No Limits! AAAAAARRRRRGGGHH!!!!   We shrink back, frantically maneuver to put our life back into all those little slots of time, but tis in vain. We have tasted life. We cannot choose death over it. Can we compromise?  No.  The Compass Driven Life is a life of ALL or NOTHING. It’s either 100% IN, or 100% OUT. ………..[BRAZLEFRATZ!!!!  Did I really choose this?  That spinning needle is making me dizzy!!]

It feels like we are out here all on our own, but feelings sometimes lie. Backstage RockettesOur Mentors and Guides make the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes look like amateurs!  They are master reverse engineers! All of the tools come together to bring us out of the abyss of chaos fully into the Game of Life.  We are living, breathing, hearing, sleeping, speaking, and dreaming The Compass Driven Life.  Haanel. The Wizard of OG, Shapes, Movie Posters, Our Personal Radio Station, The Seven Laws of Mind, DMP, Movie Trailers, Service Cards, The Law of Giving, The 7 Day Mental Diet, Blogging, Our Master Mind Alliance   ……..perfect synchronicity……perfect choreography….perfect harmony…….all aimed with laser precision, disintegrating the cement covering the Golden Buddha, revealing the beauty and worth imbued by God into each and every one of us. Movie PostershapesGreatest Salesmanmaster-mindCompass Concept

What does it mean to live by the compass?  We are learning, and more is to be revealed, but I think it is going to look something like this: Its Time You Live God lavishes upon us His love and light, and gives us 86,400 opportunities daily to live fully.  The Compass Driven Life lives forward, connecting body, mind, heart, and spirit such that we cannot be deterred from our bliss.  All that does not support the expression of our PPNs and the attainment of our vision falls away.

We go from this:  Thought Forms

To This:aura-meditation

We Develop Intuitive Decision Making Skills which guide us in every area of our life.  Relationships. Vocations. Avocations. Hobbies. Business. Spirituality. Faith.

Re-Creation takes on a whole new meaning. And what a Legacy we are creating as we model being fully alive, fully present, vibrantly healthy in body, mind, and spirit, and train up our children To Live at Cause.

The Compass Driven Life.

A Life of Infinite Possibility.

A Life of Infinite Probability.

A Life Well Lived.

What!!  It’s A REQUIRMENT?  OK. I’ll DO IT!!


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the-lurker_LoResThe Old Man, the one who is NOT part of this work, the one who refused for years to embark upon any great journey, the one who historically has been ready and willing to just give up and to use the excuse of ‘self-care’ to do so, the one addicted to stopping…..this one is the Old Blue Print.  This one is the one who settles and who is tossed about as a small ship on a wild sea. I call the old Blue Print the LURKER.  I do not believe it operates alone.  It has been watching…..patiently waiting for the opportunity to SEIZE POWER once again.  Displaced. Angry.  Unhappy.  The Lurker sits……watches for the perfect opportunity to rise up against that new creature who has been successfully invading its prized territory.


Last night, it saw an opening, and quickly conferred with its generals.  They all agreed. That fool of a woman stayed up until 3am Dr WHOworking on a project.  She was tired.  The invading force was losing ground.  The propaganda campaign began.  Soft whisperings designed to comfort, to sooth.  “It’s OK to just go to sleep.  It’s 2:30 in the morning.  You have a long day tomorrow………SLEEEEEEEEEEEP……..SLEEEEEEEEEP.”     BUT NO!!!!  The new Blue Print, the LOOKER, delved deep into the infinite resources available to her and with joy and jubilation, read aloud her DMP and GS, then collapsed into sleep.

kraken_desktop_1112x719_hd-wallpaper-1009553The LURKER is not so easily discouraged, especially when an opening has presented itself.  The Generals continued to confer, and finally, they all agreed.  DESPARATE MEASURES WERE NEEDED.  It was time to RELEASE THE KRACKEN!!!!   The next morning, I awoke with a severe sore throat, a stuffy head, sneezing, coughing.  The whisperings grew louder, more insistent, more persistent.  “You’re sick.  Take care of yourself.  Stay in bed and rest and get well. It’s just one day……..”


BUT NO!!!  The New Blue Print, the one I call The LOOKER [she is always seeking, looking, and she looks and feels GREAT!]  Perseverance-is-not-a-long-race-it-is-many-short-races-one-after-the-other delved deep into the MKMMA tools….what will help?   What will work?

Charles Haanel states “This knowledge can be gained only by making practical application of this information. We learn by doing. Through practice, the athlete becomes powerful.”

So, yesterday, in spite of razors cutting my throat from the inside-out, sneezing, sniffing, coughing, pounding pain throughout my head, I succeeded in winning the three short races of the MKMMA Marathon.  At day’s end, in spite of the body feeling like death warmed over, my Spirit experienced authentic power to determine my life, to set its course, to fulfill my purpose and destiny…….all because I persevered.

Stay tuned for the Next Installment of The Great MKMMA Adventure:  THE UNSTOPPABLES!

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