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Week Seven: The GREAT MKMMA Adventure – Heroes Know


chronos god of timeWe are in Week 7 of our MKMMA Hero’s Journey.  I could not help but reflect on what this hero has learned along the way so far.

    1. Heroes Know, It’s YOU, Baby! – YOU are walking your Hero’s Journey.  Roadblocks? Challenges?  It’s the Old Blue Print.  Solution?  SMACK DOWN!!!  Withdraw your permission for the OBP to speak!  Your Hero’s Journey through the MasterKeys is about breaking limitations, outgrowing your present self and making best friends with your Future Self.
    2. Heroes Know Where you are right now is PERFECT! – The NOW is EXACTLY as it should be and is perfect for you.  Embrace it with Gratitude!  It’s how you get to the world of your Definite Major Purpose! How fabulous is THAT!!!!
    3. Heroes Know Everything is coming together… in ways that you can only imagine! – Three Cheers for YOU!  You CHOSE to do the hard mental work required to rewire your mind, your brain, and to align the desires of your heart with the pathways of your Peptides!  Stephen Covey says ‘Begin with the END in mind.” Brilliant!  Those 5 million brain cells will do the rest, opening doors you did not know existed.
    4. Heroes Choose Happiness!  It’s good for your health!  – Happiness is allowing yourself to be perfectly OK with “what is,” and it is a GREAT application of the Law of Substitution as we transform our minds with The Seven Day Mental Diet.
    5. Heroes Master Their Emotions  – The Master Keys trains us to be the masters of our thoughts. We get to choose……EVERYTHING.  Choose to be peaceful and you find plenty of reasons to be at peace.  Choose to be grateful, and gratitude and joy flow from your very core as cause in your life. Pepper those Peptides!  They exist to serve you. DO IT NOW
    6. Heroes Know that Leaving The Comfort Zone is what drives the Journey. – As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do something each day that SCARES you!”  Who knows?  You just might LOVE it once you transmute fear into excitement.
    7. Heroes See Clearly Keeping your eyes on the prize matters.  We carry a Magnifying Glass to remind us of the importance of FOCUS.  We carry a Compass to keep us on course.  Each step forward is your personal Lunar Landing…your first step into a new tomorrow.
    8. Heroes LOVE Discovery! A Failure is simply a discovery made along the path to perfection.  They are great blessings. Embrace them. Learn from them. Rejoice that you found out what does not work, and move on to discover what does!
    9. Heroes Have Their Own Language. – Impossible becomes I’M POSSIBLE!  Works every time. Why?  Because when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
    10. Heroes are UNSTOPPABLE! They do the hard mental work, and trust the Universe aligns according to that.  Others fear the “What Ifs”.  Heroes turn  “What Ifs” into powerful tools of the Imagination.
    11. Heroes Continually Improve The quality of Their Vision – The more clearly we see it, the faster EFFORTLESS creation occurs. We water the vision with passion and purpose,  and for us, it’s DELIGHT that’s in the Details!!
    12. Heroes Burn The Ships They Came In – Heroes know that by cutting off all chance of retreat, their victory is assured. They know what must be done, and they do it.


The 2014 Master Key Started in September. To be notified of the next Master Key Experience, Please leave your name and email address below. It’s Your Hero’s Journey, the Only Journey worth Taking…

and the only Story worth Telling.

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Week C1: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Agent Smith Removes His Earpiece


OLDBLUEPRINTBORISI have great hope for Agent Smith. In my version of The Matrix, he evolves from machine to Man.  What is my evidence for this?  When he speaks with Morpheus, he removes his ear earpiecepiece.  This little device connects him to all the other machines. They are not individuals, but part of a collective. They all know where the others in the system are, what they are thinking, saying, doing.  Agent Smith is different. Through some means not revealed in the movie, Agent Smith has developed his individual consciousness. He is aware of his power to choose to be a part of the mass consciousness or to be something else…to be what Emerson calls Self-Reliant, a man who is capable of acting out of his own thinking, a man who, by this very act, threatens society.  Agent Smith’s action of removing that little tracking device connecting him to the world of machines is an act of great courage.Agent Smmith no earpiece He does not want everyone else to know that he is speaking with Morpheus, that he is awake and aware of the system of which he is a part, and that he is highly dissatisfied with his place in the Matrix. He has emotions, expressing frustration, impatience, exhaustion, and hatred of the Matrix itself and his place in it.

Agent Smith answered the Herald’s Call and put himself in a place to change his world.

The MKMMA training gives us that same power, with a few critical distinctions.  We know from the Law of Growth that whatever we think about grows, and what we ignore, atrophies.  We know to focus on what we WANT in life, and to power that with emotions. We even know how to turn anger into energy to move us closer to the fulfillment of our life purpose and dreams; how to turn fear into laser focus; how to turn hurt feelings into gratitude for being capable of deeply caring; how to turn guilt into powerful validation of our ability to know the next right thing to do; and how to transmute unworthiness to humility, keeping us on track.

kermit_bikes_01-620x344EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY, we are now mastering Rule Number Six.  I was delighted to learn that this rule is one of life’s great truths!  It has been my mantra for decades that it is my job to keep myself amused.  Laughing at myself keeps my life in perspective, especially when Agent Smith’s companion machines appear, intent upon stealing my joy.


Two prime ministers are sitting in a room discussing affairs of state. Suddenly a man bursts in, apoplectic with fury, shouting and stamping and banging his fist on the desk. The resident prime minister admonishes him: “Peter,” he says, “kindly remember Rule Number 6,” whereupon Peter is instantly restored to complete calm, apologizes, and withdraws.

The politicians return to their conversation, only to be interrupted yet again twenty minutes later by a hysterical woman gesticulating wildly, her hair flying. Again, the intruder is greeted with the words, “Marie, please remember Rule Number 6.” Complete calm descends once more, and she too withdraws with a bow and an apology.

When the scene is repeated for a third time, the visiting prime minister addresses his colleague. “My dear friend, I’ve seen many things in my life, but never anything as remarkable as this. Would you be willing to share with me the secret of Rule Number 6?”

“Very simple,” replies the resident prime minister. “Rule Number 6 is ‘Don’t take yourself so g–damn seriously.’”

“Ah,” Says his visitor, that is a fine rule.”

After a moment of pondering, he inquires, “And what, may I ask, are the other rules?”

“There aren’t any.”

Og Mandino says there is nothing as comical as taking oneself too seriously. After I stop laughing at me, with a big, big smile, I remind myself that ‘This too shall pass’ and I have the pleasure of getting on with my life, now restored by the act and gift of laughter.


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Week Twenty-Four: The Great MKMMA Adventure – DARE to Live!


Nouvelle_JerusalemWhat is the purpose of the Hero’s Journey other than to retrieve your very soul from the pits of hell to which you, your family, your community, your beliefs, and the limitations of conforming to societal expectations have condemned it?

During the civil wars in feudal Japan, an invading army would quickly sweep into a town and take control. In one particular village, everyone fled just before the army arrived – everyone except the Zen master. Curious about this old fellow, the general went to the temple to see for himself what kind of man this master was. When he wasn’t treated with the deference and submissiveness to which he was accustomed, the general burst into anger. “You fool,” he shouted as he reached for his sword, “don’t you realize you are standing before a man who could run you through without blinking an eye!” But despite the threat, the master seemed unmoved. “And do you realize,” the master replied calmly, samurai-monk“that you are standing before a man who can be run through without blinking an eye?”

The Law of Least Effort: Defenselessness: “I relinquish the need to defend my point of view….to convince or persuade others to accept my point of view.  I remain open to all points of view and am not rigidly attached to any one of them.

I AM not the body.
The Body is just a subtle instrument of the Soul.
I AM not the emotion.
Emotion is just a subtle instrument of the Soul.
I AM not the thought.
Thought is just a subtle instrument of the Soul.
I AM not the mind.
The Mind is just a subtle instrument of the Soul.
    I AM the Soul.
                         I AM a Spiritual Being
Divine Intelligence, Divine Love, Divine Power.
                   I AM One with my Higher Soul.
       I AM One with the Divine Spark within me.
I AM a Child of God,
Connected with God, ONE with God, ONE with ALL.
         I AM THAT, I AM.


This is the life giving treasure, the fountain of youth and vitality, the secret of eternal life that is revealed within universal-mind-quantum-power-1000x500the heart of the one who harkens to the herald and dares to walk into the darkness of the abyss. What is it worth?  It is priceless. This truth is the treasure the Hero brings back to the tribe, and the truth that the tribe often rejects in spite of their love of the story. This is why the Hero’s Journey is the only story worth telling. Perhaps the telling of it opens the hearing of another who then has the courage to answer his own herald’s call.


I invite all of you to tell your stories. What a gift of eternal proportion!  Your life is your gift. It’s the only gift you give, so give it!

Dare to live.


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WEEK SEVENTEEN: The Great MKMMA Experience – The Sleeper Has Awakened


Haanel speaks of Concentration as total and complete identification with the object of your attention, as a total abandonment of the self.

Concentration is a marriage of minds, a true melding together into one of myriad parts.

Concentration, as communion, reveals the transcendency of mental force.

It is the embodiment of “I AM THAT, I AM.”, which is very different from “I am that I am.”

The Hero’s Journey which we have all undertaken has brought us all to this place of discernment.  When we started, we were very much like young Paul Atreides, listening to the wisdom of his Father, but without understanding.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iy0omksZw4 (video removed from youtube)
Paul, like any hero, faces many trials and tests, until, finally, he reaches a crossroads. He must choose.  Will he continue on as he has been doing?  He has learned much. He is a leader of men. Nay, entire armies follow him with absolute respect and loyalty.

But he knows there is something more required of him in order for him to fulfill his life purpose, his destiny.

He must drink the Water of Life.  All who drank of this water before paid with their lives.  Paul knows that he will pay with his life, but in a very different way, if he does not drink it.

We know that about ourselves as well.  Will we settle, or will we “unfasten the prison bars of unbelief, weakness, impotence, and self-belittlement….and [come into] a realization of the joy of overcoming”?

It’s a terrifying decision.

I decided to drink the proverbial Water of Life, to release my authentic self into Concentration, to become the master of the omnipotent power of the Subconscious, to test the truth of “Every obstacle conquered, every victory gained, will give you more faith in your power, and you will have greater ability to win. Your strength is determined by your mental attitude; if this attitude is one of success, and is permanently held with unswerving purpose [Concentration], you will attract to you from the invisible domain the things you silently demand.”

When God gave to Adam the authority to name all things, God gave Adam dominion over them.  That is because the name of a thing WAS the thing.  As Paul Atreides discerned when he drank the Water of Life, ‘The Spice is the Worm. The Worm is the Spice.”  They were one and the same.  The name is the thing.  When, through Concentration, we learn to become one with that which we name, we are that thing, that quality, that spirit.

What is it that you choose to name as YOU?

Who is the Sleeper that YOU choose to Awaken?


On this Hero’s Journey, we uncover the answers to those questions.

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Week Eleven: The Great MKMMA Adventure Meets The Polar Express


Polar-Express_31-300x184Like the Hero Boy in The Polar Express, we must DECIDE to Believe, and when we do, the desires of our hearts come into being.

Our task this week is to internalize the skill of, the gift of, the process of belief. For ten weeks, we have been putting our hand to the plow, preparing the soil, planting the seeds, weeding the garden, watering the tiny sprouts as they break out of the darkness of the rich soil into which they were planted and begin following the Sun, upward, higher, and higher, soaking in the life giving rays until this week, when it is time to bring in the Harvest.

That Harvest is the Decision to Believe, the ACCEPTANCE of the Invitation to Connect with God and co-create with Him.

I choose to Believe.

Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. Mark 11:24

Believe Sleigh Bell

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