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WEEK FOUR: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Og's Crash Landing


Time Traveler Og crash landed back in the abandoned workshop.  He climbed out of the Time Machine, collapsing on the floor.  His head was spinning. Not just time travel, but interdimensional travel. Not just a new understanding, but an entire new language…..

“How?  …..How?….  JUST HOW AM I GOING TO SHARE THESE INSIGHTS?  How can I take what I have learned and use it to benefit mankind?”  He had no answer.  Unknowingly, by continuing to ASK the question, the answers were being given him.

Og thought on this question day and night until it seeped into that mysterious source which never sleeps, which created his dreams, and often made him act in ways he did not comprehend.  The question was consumed by his mysterious mind.

Og’s mysterious mind searched for the answer when he sat……………………….

sitting and thinkingreclining and thinking

………. Og’s mysterious mind searched for the answer when he slept.


His Mysterious Mind sought the answer in meditation.bstn289h

Night and Day, Every Day.  The Mysterious Mind saturated his consciousness with the search until one day, he woke up! ah-ha It was as if someone had suddenly flipped the switch in his mind and turned on the lights!!   Life is a PROMISE to be fulfilled, All anyone needs to fulfill that promise is a metaphor for those neurons that fire and wire together!  And he GOT IT!!  What a perfect tool!  HABIT!!!!


“Hmmmmmmmmm.  People love stories.  What story can I tell to convey the importance of developing habits that serve?  What story can I tell which engages on such a deep level that people commit to doing the work of pattern interruption until old patterns are destroyed and replaced with new ones?  Who cares about all those Firing Neurons and Peptides?  Most people just need to know what works, and how to work it. Once they begin to work it, they can later discover the whys behind the hows.

Greatest Salesman“The Greatest Salesman in the World” resulted from Og’s inter-dimensional time travel and crash landing at the abandoned workshop of Jules Verne.  A love story.  A story of purpose and passion. A story to delve deeply into and slowly savor as a year of your life is invested in authentic transformation.  It is how The Sleeper Awakens. And you can start your journey here. MKMMA takes you through it. It’s just one of our tools, but a very important one.

Scroll One:  I form Good Habits and Become Their Slave.  How do I do this?  By following the guidance and wisdom of those who have gone before.

I am filled with gratitude to be on this path, to be sharing it with truly amazing people whose purpose in life is to awaken me and my fellow travelers to the WHO God created us to be.  We are 4 weeks  into our twenty-six week sojourn. It’s been an amazing ride, and I am so looking forward to each new adventure.

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Hey, Rocky!  Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!!!

images Who would have thought it possible that we’d really learn HOW to do pull a rabbit out of our hats, and have massively greater success than Bullwinkle ever dreamed possible!

Billy Joel River of DreamsBullwinkle lived in the river of dreams, exactly like most of us.  Unlike Bullwinkle, we are being trained to leave dreams behind and to harness the infinite creative powers of the universe to create exactly the world we desire.  That’s leaving the River of Dreams and Entering the world of Dreams Come True!  What a wild ride into infinite possibility!

How is it that we are being given such amazingly effective and powerful tools?  I’ve been thinking about this all week, and here’s what I believe happened.

Og was meditating under an apple tree one day after reading the story of Rip Van Winkle.  “Hmmm.  Rip was the first time traveler. When he awoke, he was 20 years in the future compared to when he went to sleep.  What an amazing world it must have seemed to him!  ……….  Time teaches all things to he who lives forever, but I have not the luxury of eternity…… What would I understand if I could see the next 100 years?  What I wouldn’t give for a Time Machine………….”

Time TravelerA few days later, Og passed by what appeared to be an abandoned factory. Curiosity overcame caution. Og climbed the fence, cracked open a window, and climbed inside to explore.  Even Og had difficulty believing what he found. He struck GOLD!  Time Gold, that is!  He pinched himself to make sure he was awake!  “Good Heavens!  I believe I am gazing upon a Time Machine!  This must have been the workshop of that famous inventor, Jules Verne!!”   Og, the intrepid explorer of eternal truths, climbed in, started the engine, and was on his way!  He crash landed somewhere around the year 2000 in a totally strange and foreboding world: The Land of Biochemistry!.  He wondered if he had not only travelled time, but also crossed over into a different dimension.

Strange creatures greeted him and bade him welcome, in spite of his peculiar appearance. Although they were not speaking, bleepfamily300Og and the Others easily communicated.  You see, THEY instantly recognized that he was the home base of many others just like them!!

“What is your name? Where am I? How is it I feel that I know you?”, Og asked.

“We are The Peptides, the RULERS of all Emotions in creatures such as yourself.  We are the slaves of neurons, matching every wish, whim, and fancy of your experience.”

“HUH?” replied Og.

braincellsThe Peptides continued.  “We fuel every aspect of your being!  If you do not control your thoughts, we run roughshod over your life.  But don’t blame us!  It’s those NEURONS!  The Neurons that fire together, wire together! If they do this over and over, they form strong, long-term neuropath ways, , and if you don’t consciously create a pattern interrupter, you simply live your life addicted to the pleasures we bring you as a result. You see, we are quite the seducers.  We LIVE to color your life, to bring richness to your experience.  We instantly fuel your thoughts. We are the pleasure machines that Make You CRAZY!!!!  Self-Will Run Wild!  That’s US!  It’s PEPTIDE-O-MANIA!!!!!!    WHEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Og looked as confused as he felt.  The Peptides fitted him with a Seeing Scope, sat him down, and pressed “PLAY

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tqqq5eme4X0&w=420&h=315] -not available in this country

When he was done watching this, his mind reeling, before he could ask a question, the Peptides changed their focus, and pressed “PLAY” a second time!

As soon as this insight imprinted Og’s consciousness, the Peptides bundled Og up, strapped him back into the Time Machine, pressed “RETURN”, and sent him back to where he came from, wherever THAT was.

What did Og do with this AMAZING Journey?  Stay tuned to find out!

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