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Week Thirteen: The Great MKMMA Adventure – The NARC Before Christmas!



‘Twas the Night before Christmas, and all were at home.

A Networker sat frozen in front of his phone.

The Dream Board was posted up over the desk,

But In spite of that vision, he just chose to rest.

That sneaky old blue print, once more in command,

Successfully swallowed his drive in quick sand.

His head in his hand, he just bent over low,

Unable to find that old ‘Get up and Go’

He tore down his Dream Board, surrendered, and cried.

The life he desired had shriveled and died.

He wept in despair that he’d squandered an hour,

Resigning himself to a life, raw and sour.

The pain and the guilt were far too much to bear.

He stood up and punched both his fists in the air!

He grabbed up his call list and dialed the first name,

Come Hell or High Water, he’s back in the game!

He thought of his children, his mother, his wife.

He saw them rejoicing in loving delight.

He glowed as they sang and they laughed and the played

In the beautiful home that his new life ordained.

He heard those sweet sounds, smelled the fragrant spring air,

Felt warm southern sunlight all ‘round everywhere.

As dry leaves before a wild hurricane fly,

And when meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky,

In the blink of an eye

His entire life changed.

He now knows the power of pleasure and pain.

His eyes – how the twinkle! His dimples, how merry!

His cheeks are like roses!  His nose like a cherry!

Now nothing can stop him.

He knows he’ll prevail.


The Power of Love is the wind in his sail.

His purpose of life is the compass that guides him,

And Oneness with God gives him Joy deep inside him.

He speaks from his heart and goes straight to his work,

Connecting with people is almost a perk!

He shares all he has with all those who have sight,

Wishing all whom he sees, “Merry Christmass! Good Night


The Greatest of all Gifts is Love. Loving God. Loving Yourself. Loving Those Whose Paths Your Cross. Loving All Creation.

That’s what Christmas is all about….. The Incarnation of Love into Creation.  Through the Master Keys, I have been able to Consciously Create Love and Gratitude as Causation in my life, to live the life God Intended for me.  This is just one of the many tools given freely to me in the course of these six months.  I thank God for guiding me here!  Tools, and the Skillful Mastery of them, make all the difference.

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Merry Christmas!



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