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Week C4: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Baby, Can You Fix My Car?


broken carI am 3 hours from home in Hotlanta, GA, with a broken down car. My husband is out of town at a conference, and my two dog children are at home, waiting for their Mommy to return and feed them and play with them. [Thankfully, they are in the yard!] Once upon a time, this would have been a major stressor, a source of huge upset and anger. But no more!  I laugh at my world!!

After quickly determining my worst case scenario, all without the least bit of stress, the following refrain wafts up into my conscious mind from the cool, refreshing canyons of the Subby. “Will my concern for this day not seem foolish ten years hence? Why should I permit the petty happenings of today to disturb me?” I smile. Filled with gratitude, I see the tectonic plates of consciousness shifting. I am calm and at peace.

More refrains. “I laugh at the world. And with my laughter, all things are reduced to their proper size.” I notice that I am the object of curiosity to all the life is goodothers in the Pranic Healing class of which I am a part. I AM laughing, happy and grateful that a tow truck is on the way and that I and my little car will soon be at a repair shop. The song continues. “Never do I allow myself to … forget how to laugh at myself and my world.”   I live the Law of Least Effort: I accept that things are as they should be. I take responsibility for myself. I have no need to defend anything around this little bump in the road.

Hmmmmmm. Maybe I need to find one of those “LIFE IS GOOD” shirts or caps and wear it! Why not? Life IS good. And I am happy and thankful.

closed repair shopIt’s Saturday afternoon, and even in Atlanta, everything seems to be closed. A Hero of a Fellow in the guise of a Tow Truck Driver persevered, at no extra charge, until we finally ended up at a Sears Automotive!

They are looking at my car to diagnose the source of its fever, and I am scouting out a rental car….at Hartsfield International Airport as all other locations are closed….. fever

I’ll be on the road again, singing joyfully and laughing at my world as I trek to the most beautiful place on the planet, the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina and home. I believe that is called self-control of the self-directed mind, one of the fruits of the Master Key, Mastermind Alliance experience.  How blessed am I to be a part of this great adventure!

This too shall pass

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Week Seventeen-A: The Great MKMMA Adventure – The Elephant in the Living Room


Elephant-in-the-Living-RoomMy husband is, among other things, a drug and alcohol counselor.  In working with these families, one of the biggest challenges is breaking through the family system’s denial. The family adapts to the substance abuser and become co-addicts, the ones who make it all possible. If Mom is passed out on the front steps, they step over her and go into the house.  Eventually, they help her inside and put her to bed to sleep it off.  If Dad is cooking crack in the living room, maybe the toddler gets picked up and put in a playpen or crib so as to be kept safe…then again, maybe not.  If he is too ‘sick’ to go to work, someone else in the family calls in sick for him.  When the children’s friends come over to play or to watch TV together, and there are empty bottles all over the place, no one in the family even notices what it is that their friends are staring at.  Jobs are habitually lost. Groceries don’t get bought. Clothes are not washed. Food is not prepared regularly. We worked with a five year old girl ‘sold’ to her Mother’s dealer for sex so that she could be kept in drugs.

Denial.  What is that family pretending not to know? This family system does not work, and everyone in it suffers.Anybody see the Elephant No one’s life works. None of these people are ‘bad’. The system is bad, however, and unless and until they choose to open their eyes and see what is happening, choose to see ‘the elephant in the living room’ that is obvious to everyone who is outside of this family system, nothing changes.

This week, we were asked to consider that question for ourselves.

What am I pretending not to know?

The consequences of refusing to see ourselves clearly, of choosing to NOT be 100% responsible for our lives, of hiding from our life purpose, of living in fear of our magnificence, probably does not result in the kind of personal and family destruction described above.

But what is it that my family will never have the opportunity to experience because of my fear? What contribution to my community cannot be made because of my fear?  What legacy for all of humanity goes unfulfilled because of my fear?  What lie am I having to live because of my fear?

What am I pretending not to know?

I want to say “Thank You” to the Great MKMMA Adventure, for awakening to all of us on this Hero’s Journey the possibility of living into our greatness.

We are powerful beyond measure.

That is who God created us to be.

Live it.

Let it Shine!

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WEEK SEVENTEEN: The Great MKMMA Experience – The Sleeper Has Awakened


Haanel speaks of Concentration as total and complete identification with the object of your attention, as a total abandonment of the self.

Concentration is a marriage of minds, a true melding together into one of myriad parts.

Concentration, as communion, reveals the transcendency of mental force.

It is the embodiment of “I AM THAT, I AM.”, which is very different from “I am that I am.”

The Hero’s Journey which we have all undertaken has brought us all to this place of discernment.  When we started, we were very much like young Paul Atreides, listening to the wisdom of his Father, but without understanding.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iy0omksZw4 (video removed from youtube)
Paul, like any hero, faces many trials and tests, until, finally, he reaches a crossroads. He must choose.  Will he continue on as he has been doing?  He has learned much. He is a leader of men. Nay, entire armies follow him with absolute respect and loyalty.

But he knows there is something more required of him in order for him to fulfill his life purpose, his destiny.

He must drink the Water of Life.  All who drank of this water before paid with their lives.  Paul knows that he will pay with his life, but in a very different way, if he does not drink it.

We know that about ourselves as well.  Will we settle, or will we “unfasten the prison bars of unbelief, weakness, impotence, and self-belittlement….and [come into] a realization of the joy of overcoming”?

It’s a terrifying decision.

I decided to drink the proverbial Water of Life, to release my authentic self into Concentration, to become the master of the omnipotent power of the Subconscious, to test the truth of “Every obstacle conquered, every victory gained, will give you more faith in your power, and you will have greater ability to win. Your strength is determined by your mental attitude; if this attitude is one of success, and is permanently held with unswerving purpose [Concentration], you will attract to you from the invisible domain the things you silently demand.”

When God gave to Adam the authority to name all things, God gave Adam dominion over them.  That is because the name of a thing WAS the thing.  As Paul Atreides discerned when he drank the Water of Life, ‘The Spice is the Worm. The Worm is the Spice.”  They were one and the same.  The name is the thing.  When, through Concentration, we learn to become one with that which we name, we are that thing, that quality, that spirit.

What is it that you choose to name as YOU?

Who is the Sleeper that YOU choose to Awaken?


On this Hero’s Journey, we uncover the answers to those questions.

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Yes, As amazing as this may sound, THIS is a recreation of the Battle between the Old Blue Print and the New Blue Print.

TODAY, TODAY, TODAY, I launched my MLM business with the amazing support of some of the company’s great leaders.  They hosted and did my Launch Call. But guess what?

I had to call and invite people.

What ensued was nothing less than the battle featured above.  Orcs and Zombies surrounded the castle with the intention of tearing down the walls and over running the peaceful inhabitants living in perfect harmony within.

CALL RESISTANCE??  OH MY GOD!!!  I had to stop everything so that I could LAUGH at the miscreant beasts attempting yet again to suppress and oppress my Life Purpose and Passion.

Thanks to the MKMMA Experience, I possess weapons of mass destruction: Habit. Always Keeping my Promises. Persistence. The 7 Laws of Mind. Framed Firelighters. Instant Rapport Builders. The Wisdom of OG. Focus. Concentration. The Blue Print Builder. Cards. The Law of Giving. The Mental Diet. The Makeover. The Mind Gym. The KNOWLEDGE of my POWER. The COURAGE to DARE.  The FAITH to DO.

And most powerful of all, NARC!!!!  I NARCed my way through 60 calls, 10 calls at a time, and LAUGHED OUT LOUD as I watched the Orc and Zombie infested Old Blue Print vainly strive to retake Middle Earth.  These Invaders Scattered, then regrouped, launched another attack, then fall back…..finally charging the Fortress of the New Blue Print again only to be scalded by Bear Hugs Kettles of Boiling Oil poured over them from the Crenellations.  It was an amazing battle, with the NARC KNIGHTS of Rohan descending en mass from the heights,  destroying every Orc and ZOMBIE left standing.

The Calls were Made.  The Launch Call Completed. The Vision Moves Forward.

“To Control Thought is to Control Circumstances, Conditions, Environment, and Destiny.”

Charles Haanel


The Ph.D. in Controlling Thought.

Peace be the Journey.

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Week Fourteen: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Homer's 20th Century Odyssey


HomerLittle did Mr. and Mrs. Hickam know the power of a name.  Homer.  Like Father. Like Son.  Both men who lived their own Hero’s Journeys as had that Homer of so very long ago.

It was not the kidnapping of a Queen that called this Homer to his destiny. It was a tiny light sputnicstreaking across a star-studded night sky over Coalwood, West Virginia.  To Homer and his lifelong friends, however, it was a gnawing hunger that launched them into a world of which they knew nothing.

Knowing nothing has nothing to do with deep seeded desire, with lying awake thinking about Sputnik, thinking about rockets, thinking about the brave new world that opened before them…Thinking…laser focused thinking that birthed a dream.  These boys picked up the gauntlet thrown down by the Russians and engaged.

Their first rocket resulted in the destruction of a fence, but no loss of life.  Homer and his cohort identified allies.  Mr. Lockhart [Math].  Miss Riley [Chemistry and Physics] Two critical areas requiring mastery if a successful launch was to manifest.

Their walls of Troy were a slack field eight miles from Coalwood to which they assigned the name of The Big Creek Missile trojan-war-2Agency, a tangible sign of the intention which dominated their attention. Ten more rocket disasters challenged their commitment, but the Rocket Boys persevered.  Dodging shrapnel flying from one exploding rocket casing after another, they discovered and then mastered the physical reality of the laws of physics and chemistry which somehow had not quite made it into the books they studied. They knew they were onto something bigger than themselves. They knew they were on a great adventure.

And so did everyone else.  They planned. They worked. They never once considered that failure was an option. Their vision was clear. The world began to supply the means of accomplishing their purpose as these young men walked, talked, lived, ate, dreamed, and drank Rockets.  Their enthusiasm and determination ignited the entire community. Miners, Welders, Bootleggers, Moonshiners, housewives, machinists, and even preachers rallied to their vision until in May, 1960, they launched a rocket that soared four miles into the upper reaches of Earth’s atmosphere.

Science FairTRIUMPH!!  One Science Fair at a time, they garnered the attention of others who would contribute to their life purposes.  All the Rocket Boys graduated from college. Each one followed their passion.  Homer’s Odyssey paralleled that of the other Homer’s hero, Odysseus, as well as that of the other Homer!  Homer Hickam’s life has been and continues to be one of adventure, and of the telling of tales.  His Hero’s Journey continues to this day as in Homer at NASAbook after book, he recounts a life of discovery hunting dinosaurs, diving, being a part of his life dream of working at NASA.

In his own words:

“During my transition from a decidedly under-achieving boy in Coalwood to the man I am today I learned a few things that might be helpful to you as you begin your own journey to your destiny. First, I’ll tell you the secret for success in your life of work and it goes right back to what made me a Rocket Boy: Passion for your work. Passion for what you do or want to do, and – this is important – the perseverance over the long haul to make it happen.”   Homer Hickam


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