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Week CW 10: The Great MKMMA Adventure – 7 Celebrations


nov28blakequote2 I reflected on the last 18 months of my life today during my Sit, and even with KNOWING the self-discovery and transformation that results from traversing the Hero’s Journey of the Master Keys Experience, I was astonished. These are my 7 Celebrations:

  1. Self-Acceptance: This is the foundation of all love and faith, for if you cannot love and accept yourself as you are, you can never become the person you were meant to be.  Applying and practicing the tools and skills of the MKMMA laid the foundation for the success I am experiencing in every area of my life.
  2. Mindfulness – Awareness of the NOW: I truly see sweetness and beauty all around me in every circumstance. I pause often, noticing nature, kindnesses, smiles, and complements, and I practice random acts of kindness throughout the day for the mere joy of it.
  3. Gratitude as Cause: I choose to be grateful for everything.  All that life brings me is a gift.  Being grateful creates a spiral of giving and receiving, generating a wellspring of Happiness.  Being grateful for those who are in my life causes a deeper appreciation of them, and more harmonious relationships.
  1. Happiness as a Lifestyle: I choose Happy. It’s good for my health.  A man called our practice the other day to make an appointment for his son. He said he already knows me. I’m the happy woman who is smiling every time he sees me and who always has a kind word for those I meet.
  2. Courage: Every day I read these statements:
    The Master Keys is a Heart Healing Journey, unleashing your magnificence.

    The Master Keys is a Heart Healing Journey, unleashing your magnificence.n

    1. “I have the knowledge of my power, the courage to dare, and the faith to do.”
    2. “I act now. Only applied knowledge is power.”
      As a result of building these causative thoughts deep within my consciousness, I have accomplished what I could not believe possible 18 months ago. I am a Certified Instructor of the Level One Pranic Healing Workshop, and I have a busy Pranic Healing practice.  I host meditation nights weekly, and travel throughout Georgia and North Carolina presenting Introductory Talks on Pranic Healing.  I’ve had the knowledge for years. As a result of the Master keys Experience, I have applied that knowledge and am harvesting the rewards as well as sowing for future harvests.
  3. Self-Expression: As a result of the Master Keys, I have found my voice.  As a Certified Master Guide in the Master Keys, I help many others find their voice, and learn the skills and tools to live into their innate magnificence.  My Self-Expression is the driving force of the giving and receiving of living life vibrantly alive, and of being a beacon for others who also wish that for themselves.
  4. Future-Orientation: Through living each day as if it is my last, and cherishing every moment, I see that my future holds infinite possibility, and that I am at cause in bringing into my world the desires of my heart.
Do you want to Create Your Future?

Do you want to Create Your Future?

 If you’d like to Celebrate these things, and more, in your life, leave your name and email below. The next class starts in September, 2015. There are Pay-It-Forward Scholarships waiting!  You’ll also get a head start in the 7 Day Mental Diet, which is your gift for subscribing.  You can truly change your life in 7 Days.

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Week CW6: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Pranic Energy – Life’s ONE Essential Ingredient


healing-lotusI have to say it’s been wonderful reading The Master Keys this past week. Not only do we work with the mind, but as a Pranic Energy Healer, it was most gratifying reading that Pranic Energy is the ONE essential ingredient for life. You can live for weeks without food, days without water, and minutes without air, but without your Etheric Body, there is no life force present. Scientific instruments are now so sensitive that they can actually measure the mass of the Etheric Body. At the instant of death, the mass of the body decreases. The difference is the mass of the Etheric Body which is composed of Pranic Energy.


Working with Mind fascinates me. We see with our clients how the power of expectation transforms their reality. The recent discovery that Haanel was way ahead of his time, that the mind truly is alive, amazingly plastic, and capable of recovering from almost any injurious condition, coupled with the implementation of recently developed non-pharmaceutical techniques and methodologies which actually heal the brain itself so that medications for depression, ADD, ADHD, ODD, RAD, insomnia, universal-mind-quantum-power-1000x500and anxiety are no longer necessary, is transforming the face of mental health. We are dedicated to healing, not medicating. Add Pranic Healing, which also has a regenerating capacity for both brain and body, means that our Mission Statement takes on a whole new dimension. Helping Real People Solve Real Problems is a joyful investment of our life force when you know what you provide is transformative.


It is an exciting time for me as I am about to be certified and licensed to teach the Level One, Basic Pranic Healing Class. I have long said that every First Aid Kit should include a Pranic Healer! Imagine if your child’s tummy ache could be whisked away in a few minutes of energetic treatment? How different would your life be? Or theirs? What about migraine headaches? If one came over you, wouldn’t you like to be able to call someone who could stop the pain within 30 minutes? We believe two Pranic healers in a family works best, so if one is experiencing less than vibrant health, the other can help restore the harmony to the system.



You see, that plastic mind and that one essential component for life both obey the laws of the universe set up at its creation. Harmony matters. Knowing how to support the body in restoring both to perfect harmony is what heals. The wisdom of the Body reigns over physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. Knowing how to clear the way for the Body to strut its stuff makes all the difference in the world. We are happy to be able to make that difference for our clients.  Try one of these life changing techniques for yourself.  Super Brain Yoga is easy to learn, and makes a huge difference.


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