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Week CW 14: The Great MKMMA Adventure – The Dirty Dozen Habits of the Super Successful


Steve Jobs1. Successful Men and Women Have Mastered Mindfulness and Made it a Part of Their DAILY Morning Routine.
The habit of creating mindfulness in your world and making it your set point is an         essential component of a successful life.
2. Successful Men and Women ELIMINATE all ‘B’ Activities
Having a system whereby you can accurately determine whether an activity is an ‘A’ activity, or a ‘B’ activity orders your actions and sets your priorities.
3. Successful Men and Women ACT NOW to complete the ‘A’ Activities.
Knowing HOW to do something, and knowing WHEN or WHETHER to do it are dramatically      different things! They ACT NOW to ‘git ‘er DONE’, and reap the rewards.
4. Successful Men and Women Turn Set Backs into Come Backs!
Mastering a skill set to identify and then mine the gold hidden inside of the obstacles you          encounter in life gives you a critical advantage over those who stop when they encounter a roadblock.
5. Successful Men and Women Go for the BURN!!!
Just as in any work out regimen, the benefit comes in the last few reps. It’s the last few reps that increase strength, stamina, and endurance. As with the body, the mind needs stretching and     exercising as well in order to expand into active creation.
6. Successful Men and Women Trust Their Inner Muse
“Chance favors the prepared mind.” – Louis Pasteur…… Living through your authentic self gives you the ability to trust your instincts when making decisions. The authentic self is the gateway to the prepared mind.
7. Successful Men and Women Choose Happiness
You’ve heard it said that ‘Love is a DECISION.’ Shocking as this sounds, so is Happiness. Choosing Happiness means you know how to process through negativity and consciously restore your inner peace.
8. Successful Men and Women Choose, and USE, Triggers
The Mind is like a Camera, and it is filming the Movie of your life. The movie set uses props of all kinds. It’s a great movie you are living! Can you create a movie for your mind that will sweep the Oscars?
9. Successful Men and Women Keep an Accurate Inventory
You can’t know where you are going if you don’t know where you are. Keeping a Journal keeps you on track. It’s the Ship’s Log of your life, and it’s essential to marking your progress, learning what works, and what doesn’t.
10. Successful Men and Women Have Masterminds.
No one makes it without a mastermind. Most people have no idea of what a REAL mastermind is, or how to use it.
11. Successful Men and Women Seek Feedback
It’s about what works. Edison got material feedback over 10,000 times searching for the best substance to use as the filament for an electric light bulb. Each ‘failure’ was a success in his book. Can you do likewise?
12. Successful Men and Women Succeed Effortlessly
They work hard. They play hard. They are ‘in the flow’ of life. The accept responsibility for what goes right, and for what goes wrong. If they mess up, they fess up and make it right. No blaming or self-recrimination. Harvest the lesson and grow from it. That’s it.

The Great MKMMA Adventure isn’t going to tell you how to make all of these habits your habits.  It will provide you the chance to discover them within yourself.  I discovered all of these within me, which astonished me.


Six months totally transformed my world, and set me on the road to living the life of my dreams. It’s exciting to me that another Master Key Master Mind Experience is forming this fall! There will be endowed scholarships once again.

It six months of hard work and utter wonder.  If you are considering it for yourself, leave your name and email below.  I’ll let you know when the class opens!

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