WEEK FIFTEEN: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Git 'er DONE!!!


little-engine-that-couldIf you have read my Press Release, you already know that I have a passion to restore America to her spiritual and Biblical principles, the same principles which we are mastering in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance Adventure.  You also know that I have absolute clarity that unless a man IS Freedom in his Mind and in his Heart, he cannot manifest Liberty and Freedom in any other area of his world.  “Liberty and Justice for All” no longer exists in America because the ability to THINK has been intentionally and strategically eliminated from what passes as ‘education’ in America.  Mastering the MKMMA Experience is foundational to the establishment of a Just and Free society.  Mastering Private Trust Banking is essential to the establishment of a financial system that works for people instead of against them. In order for a greater number of people to possess the one skill essential for Liberty, more people must have the MKMMA Adventure. Therefore, I intend to become certified to teach MKMMA.x3max_masterkey

Davene beautifully shared with us last Sunday that the principles being taught apply to every area of life.  That I am experiencing success in so many areas of my life as a result of doing this work also attests to this truth. I am adding to my possibilities this week by joining a company wherein I can powerfully demonstrate what we are learning. Having failed in this industry multiple times, and refusing to even listen to anyone who approached me with an opportunity for years [thank you, Old Blue Print….], I found myself laughing out loud that I so happily know that I am already a top income earner and multi-millionaire. I have BELIEF. I have Discipline. I understand the Laws of Mind. I am love, therefore I possess the most powerful tool of success. I have a written Definite Major Purpose and a Written Plan of Action. I ALWAYS Keep my promises, therefore I have developed Self-Confidence. I NARC my way to making $10,000,000 presentations daily. I tend the fires of purpose and passion by practicing the Blue Print Builder, reading OG three times a day, carrying and reading cards, often while doing the Mind Gym, determinedFeeling my vision as I meditate on my Movie Poster, Reading with ENTHUSIASM the post-it notes, shapes, and pictures strategically placed all over my home and office. Fidelity to this work has created the neuro-pathways and peptides of the NEW Blue Print! I live by the Compass, not the clock. I am very excited at what lies ahead and about this company because they emphasize the transformation of the Man as well as the skills required for success.  They even have a formal alliance with the Napoleon Hill Foundation!  An edition of Think and Grow Rich in published with the company logo on the front cover!   The WHO I HAVE BECOME is the HOW of my success, and the WHY behind my ability to launch this endeavor with Confidence.  Most important of all, I am thrilled knowing that because of this work, the lives of thousands of people as yet unknown to me are already transformed as they manifest THEIR destinies through the expression of their purpose and passion.  One Mind, One Heart at a time, we transform the world.loveheart

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11 thoughts on “WEEK FIFTEEN: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Git 'er DONE!!!

  1. renee shatanoff

    Do you know how long I’ve been looking for “Valeska” on the blog roll???? I knew you were still in the group because of your posts in the Alliance section but I kept looking for “Valeska” in the name section on the blog rolls.
    I adore reading your posts and comments. You inspire me to think and write better. Your words are magic on the page. And with your new company, your entire being will possess magnificence and a whole lot of moolah (money). Congratulations!

  2. cindydizio

    You are quite amazing…. I stumbled across a video while searching for another that I never did find..but it is about education… RSA changing education paradigms … it is just 12 minutes long and very well done.. I wonder what you would think of it? I have two daughters still in school, with many years still left.. they are 12 and 10…the younger one has her struggles..but it is because she is a thinker… and THAT does not fit into the mold of public education…. I would so much rather share a world of your building with my children than the one that is today…but gratefully…with what we are learning…and with masterminding with each other..and paying it forward…and compounding the lessons, the love, the teaching and dreaming..we will and are changing the world, one heart, one life at a time… Are you writing a book? If your press release were published…putting it out there to unlimited possibility thinkers… I will go back and tweet and facebook it along with this blog… I feel so blessed to have made your aquaintence!!!

  3. Mark Farrell

    Really enjoyed your blog, Valeska, and so glad that our MKMMA experience is having such an impact on your life. I didn’t realize that we had the option of becoming certified to teach MKMMA – now that’s an interesting thought! All the best with your new company… love the fact that they’re allied to the Napoleon Hill Foundation! ~Mark.


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