Week 10: The Master Key Experience – And Then The Rains Came….



UNBELIEVABLE!!!!  My husband and I just moved into our beautiful new home in Hayesville, North Carolina, in the middle of November. So many things about the house that I absolutely LOVE, and then there WAS that one thing that made me cringe.

The carpet in our daylight basement epitomized early 1980s rubber backed indoor/outdoor ugliness…probably the ugliest carpeting ever made by man.  I casually remarked to John that I really wanted to pull that out and replace it.  He said he’d rather install hardwood floors on the main level first. We were, and still, are unpacking.  Plenty of time.

And then the rains came.  8-10 inches in 12 hours.  John awoke several times that night. He told

Eden Falls

Eden Falls

me later that it sounded like some wizard had transported our home under a waterfall.  Now, John was raised in the Panhandle of Florida…Hurricane rains don’t faze him, but his storm did.  I awoke early on December 2, put Star’s leash on her and went down stairs to take her outside, and heard “Squish Squish Squish” under my feet as I hit the lower level.  I turned on the lights. The entire basement was flooded.  The carpet was saturated. I quickly went into the ACTION mode, finding a shop vac and working until 1AM the following morning sucking water out of the floors, all in all, over 30 gallons of water.  I found a large shop fan and turned in on high.  The next morning, I could still see my footprints on the carpeting when I walked across it.  I saw where the water had leached up the walls.  I assessed my losses…books, notes, my MKMMA Workbook, water damage to original art which we had not yet hung on the walls…..

Miraculously, none of my leather bound books were damaged, and I had boxes and boxes of them. The art seemed to be drying out ok, but the carpet……. I had to call in the professionals. Mildew was already forming, and Black Mold is NOT on my Bucket List!

thoughts-create-realityThen it hit me.  I laughed out loud.  Haanel, Week 10, tells us “Nothing happens without a definite cause.” Although I have felt pure gratitude throughout this entire experience, I also realized that I was grateful to be getting rid of the World’s Ugliest Carpeting.  BAM!!!!! If only I had been MORE SPECIFIC!!!!!!  Instead of water leaching through the foundation, creating a non-insurable water damage event, I should have told the Universe EXACTLY how I wanted us to be rid of this abomination of ugliness!!!!  There were many other options other than flooding through a saturated foundation!!!!  I’ve learned THAT lesson!!!!

The Restoration People tore out the carpeting, set up the dehumidifiers and fans, and treated all the surfaces to kill any mold and mildew present and to prevent any new from growing.  Once the place completely dries out, they’ll tear out the rubber padding, the linoleum, leaving me with clean, concrete floors.  I’ll make the space beautiful once again, more beautiful than before, for as I has already demonstrated this week, straight from Scroll III, “I persist until I succeed.”

The Master Keys Experience….There’s Nothing Like It!!

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8 thoughts on “Week 10: The Master Key Experience – And Then The Rains Came….

  1. Debbie

    Cassandra…I love it! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rocked back on my heels and said…wait!!! I didn’t mean it that way! But I wasn’t specific enough!
    Thank you so much!


    Once again, a terrific post, Cassandra! You had my eyes riveted clear to the end – and that’s when the obvious question popped into my head: it’s up to us to idealize and visualize in order to materialize what we desire – and leave the “how” this will happen in the hands of the Universal Mind. So, when you say, “I should have told the Universe EXACTLY how,” please help me connect the dots. :-)

    1. valeska Post author

      Yes, Craig.. We leave the HOW to God, but we can be specific enough on the WHAT so that disasters are excluded as an option! ?

      1. CRAZY CRAIG

        Ah so! I can see clearly now! My head must have been swimming, when it should have plunged deeper to reach the architectural majesty of word transformation. In this case, that place where “how” becomes “what,” OR IS IT the other way around? Captivated as I was by your portion of the “fidelity” presentation with Luc, I learned first hand why the timing of the “swamp thing” was not the kind of compounding effect The Master Keys is designed to achieve. Nevertheless, can you imagine having had enough time to pull the indoor/outdoor, and turning your basement into a room with plush carpeting of some sort (not likely), hardwood (probably, not likely either), or, perhaps, linoleum (“most likely” is my guess) , completely unaware of the leak that was lurking about… until it began to spout? Suddenly, by comparing the “what did happen” to “what could have happened” transforms (there’s that word again) the former into a blessing in disguise! :-) By the way, I can hardly express the joy to have my “Dragon Speak,” operational again. With that return, I just now realized fond memories have a prominent place in making that joy so joyful – and me so grateful in taking this journey with you – because of you! :-)


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