Week C2: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Giant Seekers and Slayers


???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Dave Ramsey said that when he was bankrupt, he sought out millionaires.  Now that he is a millionaire, he seeks out billionaires. He understands the importance of seeking out and living in a world of Giants.

Og Mandino, in Scroll VII, says “I will always remain as a child, for only as a child am I given the ability to look up to others;”

Looking up to another – admiration, respect, humility, recognizing the triumph of the Human Spirit, the unleashing of another’s potential into creation – Seeing a Giant before your very eyes.

We must be Giant Seekers to live into our greatness.

Jack lived in a world of giants as well, and just as Dave Ramsey understood that the “Giant” held the key to his success, Jack knew that he had to enter into the world of the Giant and slayJack-the-Giant-Killer-300x300 him in order to obtain the prize.

David slew Goliath, and in doing so, he gave courage and permission for the rest of the tribe to enter into the battle. A great victory was won that day. In order to thrive, we like David and Jack, must become Giant Slayers.

We must be both Giant Seekers and Giant Slayers.  As a Giant Seeker, we recognize greatness in others, and also see the seeds of greatness within ourselves, greatness which may need encouragement or expression.  As a Giant Slayer, we accept and embrace those conditions which appear to block the path. By embracing them, they become teachers and allies, and we now have companions on the Hero’s Journey.

Our greatest fear is recognizing that we are powerful beyond measure, and living into that greatness and power.  Of all the Giants which must be slain, this is the most powerful. This is the Giant that is slain when we become The Greatest Salesman in the World. Successfully selling ourselves on ourselves uncovers priceless treasures, treasures that make Warren Buffet’s wealth pale by comparison.


My storehouse contains the power to create anything my heart truly desires. I have done the work, and paid the price. I have sought out the Giants and they have yielded their secret treasures.  I have embraced the Kraken, and he no longer devours my future.  Your Wish is My Command.  The Genie of the Lamp is the Subby, and he works for me.  I live in the Law of Least Effort, effortlessly living a life I love.  Do I work?  ABSOLUTELY!  But I do not toil.  Adam and Eve worked the garden.  They toiled the earth after they were expelled from Eden. Work enlivens. Toil destroys the spirit.

One heart, one mind, at a time, we change the world. First, we change our own world. Then, we mentor others in changing theirs.  What is it that your heart desires? You, and you alone, have the power to make it so when you master the keys of Giant Seeking and Giant Slaying.

Heros of the 20th Century

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10 thoughts on “Week C2: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Giant Seekers and Slayers

  1. wsokilmasterkey

    The powerful message you impart is made that much more impactful by the fact that in order to recognize the ‘Giant’ without we must first possess the ‘Giant’ within. Thank you.

  2. Carolynn Sokil (@MKWeSmileLoudly)

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Valeska you have such a way with words and the ability to bring random stories together to make another more powerful picture. What a gift. I especially liked “We must be both Giant Seekers and Giant Slayers.” and that we are aspiring to sell “ourselves on ourselves” in order to be the greatest. I am blessed and honoured to be doing what I love to do – along side you doing what you love to do. In this, neither of us will ever work or toil a day in our lives. Blessings!

    1. Valeska Harraud

      Love IS a four letter word, you know!! Hahahaha! And you are so right! Hmmmmm. It may be the start of a movement!!! “Lovers (of their lives) of the World Unite”!!!!


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