Week C3: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Flying Lessons


Learn to FlyYou want to learn to fly. You make the call, set the appointment, pay the fee, and show up!

So far, so good.

The Flying Instructor taxis out to the runway in a sweet little Cessna, climbs out of the plane, introduces himself, congratulates you on your decision, and with a big smile, says to you, “Let’s get you started!”

You and the Instructor climb into the plane. The Instructor starts the engines, briefly explains the procedure for takeoff, gets OUT of the plane and shouts to you, “OK!!  Make this baby FLY!”

Filled with exhilaration and terror, you push the throttle forward and start down the runway,!  WOW!!  You are going to fly a plane!  How cool is that!  And you are going to do it all by yourself!  WOW!! And DOUBLE WOW!!!

But you never get off of the ground.  You crash the plane at the end of the runway. Somehow you get out of the wreckage. You are plane crash 3dazed, but otherwise Okay,.

Your flight instructor jumps off of the fire engine which has raced to the crash site and runs up to you.

“What’s wrong with you? I thought you wanted to learn to fly!! Let’s get another plane and try again.”

You both go back to the hanger and another plane is brought out.  For a second time, you both are in the cockpit and you are diligently listening to all the instructions. THIS Time, it’s going to be different. THIS time, you are going to fly!

Once again, the Instructor gets the plane going, then jumps out of the plane! You are more focused as you taxi over to the runway, push the throttle to full force, and speed down the runway.

Once again, you crash.  Fire trucks race down the runway to you. The firemen and the Instructor pull you out of the wreckage.

Grabbing you by the arm, the Instructor screams, “What’s WRONG with you!!!??  Can’t you follow simple instructions??!!!  I thought you wanted to be a TEST PILOT!!  You can’t even get a single engine plane off the ground!”

Does this sound familiar to you?  You invest tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of your precious life on self-IMPROVEMENT, but in the final result, nothing really changes except you feel worse about yourself than you did before you started.

You still want to fly, so you keep looking until you unknowingly change directions as you choose your next flight instructor.


No one makes it without a Mastermind.

This time, the Flight Instructor stays with you in the cockpit. He actually demonstrates how to fly the plane, how to take the plane flight_instructor in cockpitfrom ‘stop’ to escape velocity, how to pull back on the throttle, move the flaps on the wings, and take off into the heavens, telling you everything that he is doing in order to obtain this result.  Once aloft, he shows you what each instrument does, and then he lets you fly the plane under his care. He tells you, step by step, what to do in order to stay on course, and then watches over you as you execute that skill.  He takes over the controls and lands the plane safely.

You DID IT!!!  You FLEW A PLANE!!!

With each subsequent lesson, you do more and your Flight Instructor does less, until, one fine day, you fly solo, and you touch the face of God.

Both of these options are open to you at all times.  Which one do you want?  Self-IMPROVEMENT or Self-DISCOVERY?  There is no ‘right’ answer.  It all depends upon whether or not you answer the Herald’s Call.

Welcome to your life.

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6 thoughts on “Week C3: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Flying Lessons

  1. Carolynn Sokil

    Way Cool Valeska – I was roped in without having a clue where you were going and them BAM! you go me! It makes so much sense. I choose Self-Discovery! AND you are so flying!

  2. wsokilmasterkey

    I love the analogy. As in flying so it is business…success loves speed. We need to hit escape velocity before we run out of runway. Slow and steady does not win in business, you crash or get run over. Personal growth is no different. Are we ALL IN?
    Thank you for a great perspective!


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