Week C4: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Baby, Can You Fix My Car?


broken carI am 3 hours from home in Hotlanta, GA, with a broken down car. My husband is out of town at a conference, and my two dog children are at home, waiting for their Mommy to return and feed them and play with them. [Thankfully, they are in the yard!] Once upon a time, this would have been a major stressor, a source of huge upset and anger. But no more!  I laugh at my world!!

After quickly determining my worst case scenario, all without the least bit of stress, the following refrain wafts up into my conscious mind from the cool, refreshing canyons of the Subby. “Will my concern for this day not seem foolish ten years hence? Why should I permit the petty happenings of today to disturb me?” I smile. Filled with gratitude, I see the tectonic plates of consciousness shifting. I am calm and at peace.

More refrains. “I laugh at the world. And with my laughter, all things are reduced to their proper size.” I notice that I am the object of curiosity to all the life is goodothers in the Pranic Healing class of which I am a part. I AM laughing, happy and grateful that a tow truck is on the way and that I and my little car will soon be at a repair shop. The song continues. “Never do I allow myself to … forget how to laugh at myself and my world.”   I live the Law of Least Effort: I accept that things are as they should be. I take responsibility for myself. I have no need to defend anything around this little bump in the road.

Hmmmmmm. Maybe I need to find one of those “LIFE IS GOOD” shirts or caps and wear it! Why not? Life IS good. And I am happy and thankful.

closed repair shopIt’s Saturday afternoon, and even in Atlanta, everything seems to be closed. A Hero of a Fellow in the guise of a Tow Truck Driver persevered, at no extra charge, until we finally ended up at a Sears Automotive!

They are looking at my car to diagnose the source of its fever, and I am scouting out a rental car….at Hartsfield International Airport as all other locations are closed….. fever

I’ll be on the road again, singing joyfully and laughing at my world as I trek to the most beautiful place on the planet, the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina and home. I believe that is called self-control of the self-directed mind, one of the fruits of the Master Key, Mastermind Alliance experience.  How blessed am I to be a part of this great adventure!

This too shall pass

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3 thoughts on “Week C4: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Baby, Can You Fix My Car?

  1. lydjohnson

    This is such a great story of how a new perspective can get you out of a mental jam, even when your circumstances can’t. I loved it and trust by now you are safely back home. By the way, the circumstance not only allowed you to test all that we have learned, but also gave you a post to write about!


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