Week C5: The Great MKMMA Adventure – The Sorcerer's Stone


bullyingAs a child, do you remember being taught “Sticks and Stones can Break my Bones, but WORDS can never Hurt Me”?  I think that is the first LIE my Mama told me, and it was a lesson with life-long repercussions!  This little rhyme, well intended as it is, taught us that words have no power to create.

Later in life, perhaps you were told to choose your words carefully as, once spoken, they can never be recalled and “Words are Things”.  I call this PROGRESS!  It acknowledges that words can cut to the quick, or they can heal and sooth, creating intimacy and a loving energy.

Now we know the full truth. Words are POWER.

In the first Harry Potter novel, the Sorcerer’s Stone was a man-made, blood-red stone with which could be made the Elixir of Life, aSorcerer's Stone magical substance which extended the drinker’s lifespan indefinitely and also could transform any substance into gold.  It has been the object of Alchemists for centuries, and even today, is reputed to have been created, bringing wealth and long life to the bearers.  All magic depends upon spells, words which, properly directed, create astonishing results, results with the appearance of having been created out of nothingness.


Isn’t that idea both very attractive and seductive? Many have lost their souls and their lives looking for power in all the wrong places.  Our word choices are the first expression in creation of our authentic power. That power is the power of Thought as CAUSE in our lives.  The construction of words and sentences is the highest form of architecture in civilization and is a passport to success. Used properly in the form of concentration charged with emotion, they propel us to our desired future.

The Sorcerer’s Stone of WORD Power, unconsciously wielded, imprisons. The power of the Label has destroyed many a life.  The power of Thought as Cause in the form of Expectation has both loosed genius upon the world as well as destroyed entire generations of humanity.  You ALWAYS get what you expect, so why not expect the BEST?


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Another powerful example of both expectation and the refusal of a parent to label a child is in the life of Judith Bluestone.  She was deaf, but learned to speak. Her parents refused to treat her differently from other children.  Later in life, a CT scan was performed on her. The part of the brain responsible for speech was missing from Judith’s brain.  She developed a powerful modality to heal the brains of children known as the HANDLE Method out of which The Handle Institute was formed. The lives of thousands upon thousands of children have been transformed.  You can learn more about it here: http://www.handle.org

What self-created or imposed limitations have you placed upon you?  What Other-created or imposed expectations is your life fulfilling?  You CAN be the master of your life, IF you are willing to pay the price and do the work of becoming conscious.  It’s not for the weak of spirit, but it is worth everything.


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