Week C6: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Homicidal to Happy in 7 Minutes Flat 


s-JACK-NICHOLSON-300x200The last fortnight has been quite the experience. We had to complete a major project which required our complete attention. We worked 18 hour days, every day, for two weeks to get it done: manual checklists versus computer generated checklists, and reconciling the two.  More fun than I know how to explain.  On one of those 2 o’clock in the morning marathons [and there was an entire fortnight of them], I became so frustrated that I actually declared to my husband that if I could get my hands on a certain someone, I just might kill her.

In that same moment, my eyes fell upon a 7 inch high stack of 3×5 cards. I stopped. I became the observer of my life once again.

I picked up the cards, and started reading them.  Cards filled with Gratitude for sweet moments Cardsin life; Gratitude for surprises; Reminders of accomplishments….tools given in the Master Keys….tools that transform, if and when you use them. I began to laugh at myself. Tears filled my eyes as I read them aloud: Card after card after card filled with life, love, thankfulness, triumphs, joys, and images of the life I have built out of the dreams and desires of my heart using the skills given to me in this course.  Homicidal to Happy in 7 Minutes Flat!  Not a bad turn around!  So that night, one of my gratitudes written down on a 3×5 card was this:

“I am so thankful for the MKMMA Experience and for the blessing of sharing it with others. “

If you want the power to do a 180 degree turnaround and totally change your reality, leave your name and email below.  The class starts in September.  Pay-It-Forward Scholarships are ready for the taking.  I’ll make sure you are notified so that you can take yours!

Happiness is Yours to Choose, IF you have the skills to choose it.

Happiness is Yours to Choose, IF you have the skills to choose it.

Peace, and Joy, and Love IS the journey. Make it yours.

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8 thoughts on “Week C6: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Homicidal to Happy in 7 Minutes Flat 

  1. Virginia Perl

    I cannot wait for September to start writing on index cards. I will start my gratitude list today. I love this post. Your humanness with all its frailty and beauty came shining through.

    1. valeska Post author

      Thank you so much, Virginia! It is a journey, and a journey of joy in the discovery of our authentic selves…. That is every soul’s Hero’s Journey! I am looking forward to sharing yours come September!

    2. valeska Post author

      Virginia, buckle your seat belt and get ready for lift off! You are about to enter the endless, boundless world of inner space!


    As I have come to expect and respect, Val, you are a magnet for the magnificent when it comes to the art of expressing yourself in ways that make your words sparkle with the peace, joy, and love that makes your ever-present sense of humor meaningful and more.
    On those occasions when judging the contents of a book solely by its beautiful cover turns out to be correct, thus momentary good policy, then the titles of your posts serve in similar fashion — however except for brevity there is nothing momentary about the constancy of providing excellent clues regarding the quality of what lay within. That’s something I’ve come to count on – a fulfillment of the title role – like protection under cover can be counted on made of leather, while paper takes its toll.
    The “Karma-Kazi” paradoxical pull of this latest oxymoron (Homicidal to Happy in 7 Minutes Flat!) created with alliteration seven minutes apart is hysterical harmony of sound and meaningful thought. “The septimal law (“seven minutes,” “7 inch high” – not to mention the 7 seconds it takes for our subconscious to decide); “I began to laugh at myself.” – good ol’ Oggie doggie; “a 180 degree turnaround” – your paradoxical turnaround was also complete.
    This starts the balls moving without rolling as my gaze jogs from side to side to the bottom of the page. Speaking about the quality of your short gigantic piece is as accurate as jumbo shrimp (George Carlin)in allowing me to express what I must confess would have been less , if the timing wasn’t as it was. Me, that’s I, boning up on some usage of the English language I never got in school. Even though the photo of Jack in the “Shining” was a dead giveaway (oxy? Probably not. Closer to oxycotton than moron, when English usage translate the sharp+dull that in Greek makes oxymoron a replica of what it speaks; i.e. a moron is dull, but oxy takes the drug and how it may be administered – “cotton” does double duty — in English to derive the sharp that is Greek).
    “manual checklists versus computer generated checklists, and reconciling the two. More fun than I know how to explain”.Well, as I waS SAYING I immediately (7 seconds worth, I bet) got your drift, but I would have not known that this is called irony. And Val, the human, and Hal, the computer, who was the one that made the mistake, and started to kill people for its own self-preservation (see how this lends another perceptive bit of goo, to the Agent you hold so dear and true), but you are once again redeemed by Jacks duty-bound journalist ploy; “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”, typed over and over and over – AS IF ENGAGED in meaningful employ – a typewriter and a pick axe are both effective tools used properly – and just as effective when the devil has its say in a “red rum”kind of way.
    Now I know that anyone capable of describing and blending the 3X5 into MKMMA as you did, may have cringed a bit inside to use a Jack to stack the deck. But I will never tell, because I know, based upon all that’s gone before, in all that sweetness there’s no room for dark to hide, and much too sticky to easily move around, and attempt to change the tide.
    I call this re-blogging leverage worth spreading far and wide.

    1. valeska Post author

      Loren, Whew! Thank you so much for your thoughtful and thorough assessment and comment. I very much appreciate you. God bless you!

  3. Carolynn Sokil (@IDoWooDoU_MK)

    Your ability to cut to the heart of the matter is something I aspire to. Your ability to laugh at the world and yourself along the way…priceless. You are my beacon of light when the world appears dark. I too am beyond grateful for what we have been entrusted with. Thank you for sharing your insight.

    1. valeska Post author

      Mahalo, Carolynn Sokil! I laughingly tell folks that ‘It’s my job to keep myself amused.’. Hahahahahaha! God bless you!


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