Week CW 13: The Great MKMMA Adventure: Pioneer or Passioneer?


4232546-pioneer-family-moving-west-in-a-covered-wagon-1840sHappy 4th of July.  America. You’ve been lied to!  For decades, we, and our children, have been told that what makes America great is her PIONEERING SPIRIT!!!  Just what the in the world is a pioneer, anyway?  It’s a man who prepares the way for others.  It’s a man with vision, the ability to see beyond oneself to the possibilities that    exist in the world.  It’s a man who possesses courage. Pioneers take risks, understand failure, and the potential for great success. It’s a man who has a generous heart, who gives without expectation of reciprocity. It’s a man who is  both resourceful and responsible. It’s a man who understands that nothing great is accomplished without great effort and great sacrifice.

All of that sounds pretty darn good!!!  Most folks would read that description and aspire to develop those attributes.  That’s the funny thing about lies.  They contain so much truth in them that they are readily believed.  So if the Pioneering Spirit is not the key, just what is missing?  What is it that would make this great lie a great truth?


Determination, vision, courage, resourcefulness, generosity, hard work, willingness to take risks, to fail, to learn from mistakes, to sacrifice for a great goal….ALL of this truly IS a large part of who the men and women who built America were.  What’s missing from the list?  What is it that completes the profile?  What is the Key to the Vault?

PASSION.   Our passions fire our enthusiasm.  Our passions dominate our imagination. RumiOur passions create in our mind the object of our heart’s desire before the world can bring it forth.  Our passions fire and fuel our beliefs, and out of our beliefs, our actions arise.

Before we can be a Pioneer, we must be a PASSIONEER!  We must discover the seeds of our heart’s desire, prepare the soil of our mind, plant the seeds in the garden of our subconscious, water them with our imagination and shine the sunlight of our enthusiasm upon them until they burst forth, grow, and yield a bountiful harvest.

But how do we become a Passioneer?  How do we discover the seeds of our heart’s desire?

670px-Form-a-Philosophy-Step-1The best way is to learn from those who have already done so.  The Great MKMMA Adventure  does just that for you.  It did it for me.  It will do it for anyone who is willing to commit to Passion, and allow their life to unfold       before them as they grow into their  God given magnificence.

In less than 90 days, the Ship of Your Dreams departs. To reserve your suite, leave your name and email below and I’ll let you know as soon as the enrollment gate opens.

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