Week CW 15A: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Sleeping with the Enemy


sleeping with the EnemyAre you sleeping with the ENEMY? Unlike the movie of the same name, the enemy is not someone who has imprisoned you in a beautiful mansion overlooking the ocean. He is not someone who quietly intimidates you into submission. He is not someone who controls your every move.

The enemy is within. The enemy is DOUBT. Doubt persecutes your thoughts, invades your mind, undermines your dreams, and destroys your relationships. Doubt.

Can you eradicate DOUBT? I don’t know if YOU can eradicate it or not, but I DO know that self-doubt-handas a result of an investment of six months of my life, I have eradicated doubt from my mind and my life, and replaced it with that most attractive of characteristics, Self-Confidence! Self-Confidence is the defining difference between athletes who are highly accomplished and the ones who win the Gold at the Olympics. There is no Fairy Godmother who will waive her Magic Wand, tap you on the head, and grant you this great gift. You are the only one who can give it to you, and if you want it, it will take commitment, dedication, consistency, and work.

That’s the bad news.

gringotts locked doorThe GOOD NEWS is that you do not have to go it alone! If you choose to embark upon this, your Hero’s Journey into your Magnificence, to slay the Dragon of Doubt, you have the chance to align yourself with those who have gone before you, walked this walk, and therefore have earned the right to not just talk it, but guide you all along the way.

It’s the key to Vault 193 at Gringott’s Bank.

And if you want the Goblin to unlock the vault and show you the way in, all you have to do is leave your name and email. The next Master Key Experience begins September 28, 2014. Enrollment is limited. ONLY 1000 Endowed Scholarships will be awarded. It’s six months of your life to ERADICATE DOUBT and INSTILL SELF-CONFIDENCE!!

confidence paradigm

DARE TO LIVE!!!!  If you leave your name and email address, you can get in line for one of those scholarships, and discover the treasures you hold within you.

self confidence in action

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4 thoughts on “Week CW 15A: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Sleeping with the Enemy

  1. Joe Couto

    What a great description of the value of the MKMMA course. For those who make the commitment we know something will change. Maybe we should be taking Before and After pictures :)

  2. Loren Taylor

    … Until my eyes rested upon another picture that caught me by surprise – captured less in literal translation, but more in this rhyming ramble (“ramble” for the female journeyer; “Rambo” for the male ) that I call:

    The Master and the Crock and/or A Crock Pot Creation: Without a Doubt

    If there lies truth in the belly of that crock,
    then peewee golf timing and pace say “run” and “don’t walk”,
    to get past the barrier that guards the right place.

    It’s a sad tale, but true,
    those too timid or those too hasty,
    seldom, if ever, get through,
    but wind up quite tasty.

    Without a doubt, some have figured this out.
    With confidence, the cracks in the wall appear.
    Forward they plunge into the darkness through walls filled with fear.
    Real treasure is hidden far better than most.
    It’s the light burning within turns dark into day –
    a win/win kind of Visa – to share with your host,
    his urge to eat you dispelled, he now shows you the way –
    with breath clean, fresh, and cheerful; and teeth remarkably free of decay.

    Yes, “Ontogeny does recapitulate phylogeny”; and, yes, it does suggest that there exists a very large amphibian locked up in your noodle.


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