Week CW 9: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Invasion of The Walking Dead


The-Walking-Dead-It was bound to happen in a culture that has rediscovered the “Walking Dead” and is promoting it in movies, pulp fiction, underground culture, and Tele-Vision. Who are they, Really?  None other than the Army of the Old Blueprint!  The Walking Dead attacked in force this week, capturing my mind and attempting to drag it into the underworld where light and life are banned.

The Zombie King sent a reconnaissance force last week. I was at our office, energetically andkingofthedead efficiently managing a new client’s file, requesting records, verifying insurances, entering their information into the EHR system. I felt GREAT about completing all of this the same day the client had their free consultation!  Everything would be ready for his first therapeutic session.  The last step would have been to place the file in the double locked, secure file cabinet. YEAH!!!!!!!

Today, when preparing to see this man, my husband requested the file.  I confidently told him it was in the file cabinet….. except it was not there. I searched the office all morning. The file was never found.  Fortunately, the paper file only contained notes of the records requested and when the file was electronically created.  Being ever vigilant, the Zombie King, Old Blueprint, saw his opportunity and attacked in force.  In the process of searching for the file, I set down my iPhone.  Before realizing it was missing, the battery life joined the Walking Dead’s Army and ceased all communication.  As a result, the Find My Phone feature could not work.

The-Return-of-the-King-Rohan-vs-OrcsThe battle was on in full fury.  Mindfulness vs. Mindlessness. Being fully conscious and present vs. Fear of Loss.  Calm Consciousness vs. Screaming Banshees.  I had Pranic Healing clients, which necessitated the ability to be fully present and in harmony. We had a crisis client at 9pm, also necessitating peace, calm, discernment and wisdom as to what would best serve her.  Who would win?  The Zombie King and his army?  Or the Masterful Mind?

At the close of day, the battle ceased.  I reviewed the battlefield of my mind to check forsoldier-meditating carnage and count the dead.  Mindfulness:  No Losses.  Walking Dead:  FULLY dead, cast into the Abyss, never to return. Throughout the battle, I implemented the arsenal of weapons which, for the last 9 months, I have been practicing daily.  Thanks to the Law of Least Effort, and the Seven Laws of Mind, I executed the tools of The Great Mastermind, Master Key Adventure:  Concentration, meditation, remembering my Definite Major Purpose, adding in the Mind Gym to cement each tool into my current moment if and when needed, CHOOSING Happiness, DECLARING “I am WHOLE, PERFECT, STRONG, POWERFUL, LOVING, HARMONIOUS, AND HAPPY throughout the day.  Calling in the reinforcing elements of the Shapes.  My iPhone, captured by the enemy, was released and safely returned.  The clients were served. The overall energy of the day was peaceful calm.

The Tools WORK, if, and when, you work them.


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4 thoughts on “Week CW 9: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Invasion of The Walking Dead

  1. Sandra Owen

    This is so funny Valeska. I have just published my post for this week (before reading yours) and I too have been fighting demons in my mind. How strange yet comforting to know that I am not alone. :) Thank you for your insight. It has really helped.


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