Week CW10: The GREAT MKMMA Adventure – The Silence Killer


flip of the coinSilence. It’s on both sides of the coin! So how do you know if you’ve won the toss? Flip the coin. Watch it land. What does the side facing up say?  SILENCE!!  Turn it over. WHAT? The other side of the coin says the SAME THING!!  Is this game rigged?

Not really, for there are two kinds of silence. The one, experienced on a silent retreat, feeds the soul, centers your heart, and strengthens your mind and spirit.  The other don't talkpermeates cultures at varying levels, stopping innovation, prolonging the practice of destructive habits, behaviors, and customs, preventing the honest sharing of ideas, the giving of forthright feedback, the deepening of relationships, and even your success, both as an individual and as a part of a greater vision or mission.

As a long term survivor of the corporate worlds of financial services and mortgage banking, I Hear no evilcan personally attest to the damage created by a culture of silence.  Management sings the song of employees being the most valuable asset of the company, and then asks you to go to a client’s home to collect a payment at 9 o’clock at night in a neighborhood that is all but locked down because of a prison riot. When I realized where I was, I pulled over, removed all of my jewelry, and then foolishly continued on ‘the mission’. [True story]  The lack of trust combined with the undercurrent of anger resulting from this disconnect resonated throughout the company. That culture of silence hurt profits, destroyed careers, and encouraged small acts of defiance and rebellion.  In other words, the company’s mission was sacrificed because no one believed they could speak truth to power, and live.

What has the power to shatter the culture of silence in marriages, relationships, companies, communities, and even countries? What, or who, is powerful enough to become the Caped Crusader who Kills the Silence and opens infinite possibility for good?

be-a-heroYOU are the WHO!!  The WHAT is comprised of a set of tools which, when practiced, literally change your brain, and your mind.  Mastery of them empowers you to be a GAME CHANGER on whatever level you choose.  Where do you learn, and practice these skills so that you can make a difference?  You do so by embarking upon your own Hero’s Journey via the road called The Great MKMMA Adventure.  It’s not for wimps. Only those who want to discover their greatness and authentic power need apply. BUT, if you ARE one of those, then the Master Key Master Mind Alliance experience is for you. It is your key to a life you only dream as possible.

Here’s Mark J sharing about the course.

The exciting thing is that another course is forming this fall!


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4 thoughts on “Week CW10: The GREAT MKMMA Adventure – The Silence Killer

  1. Joe Couto

    Great way to point out that there are always two sides of a coin. We need to teach everyone that first we sit in silence and think within, then we are able to break our silence and change the world without. It’s a lesson that benefits everyone, and needs to be shared.

  2. Carolynn Sokil

    Fantastically put! So very true – about the silence being on both sides of the coin. I had not thought about the silence experience (the Master Key) which was so positive being anything to do with the lack of speaking up (silence) which destroys so much of our interaction with others – be it in a relationship, the corporate world, our country! Thank you for being you!

  3. Linda Newton

    It’s so important to question and listen to the often times small voice – the one that speaks to us from the silence. Your post demonstrates how much you truly are an asset.


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