Week CW16: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness


The Pursuit of Happiness - Declaration of IndependenceOk. Ok… You’re right. I’m VERY late for a ‘4th of July’ themed Blog Post, but I found something this week which compelled me to write about that last ‘self-evident’ right:                                 The Pursuit of Happiness!

First of all, just what is Happiness and why does it matter?

At the time of the Declaration of Independence, the generally understood meaning of Happiness was Good Fortune and PROSPERITY. These were the direct result of personal Industriousness.  Today, Happiness is defined as a state of well-being and contentment [joy] or a pleasurable or satisfying experience [felicity, aptness].

How do you pursue joy and felicity, or, for that matter, Good Fortune and Prosperity? May I be so bold as to suggest that the only path through which success is assured is by developing habits that work on you from the inside out?

Working on me from the inside out was, and continues to be, a CHALLENGE! Thank Goodness determination won out, and I am living a transformed life compared to a year ago. My husband observed that I am noticeably happier than I was before doing this work. He valued that above all else, and the ‘all else’ is considerable!

And just WHY does Happiness matter? Happiness matters because happiness or lack thereof, has a    direct effect on your health, both emotionally AND physically! Although the authors of the Declaration of Independence did not know this empirically, they certainly understood it experientially, which may be why The Pursuit of Happiness was considered a self-evident ‘right’ endowed to all men by The Creator.

100 years ago, Greek and Latin were taught in our High Schools. Today, remedial ENGLISH is taught in our colleges and universities. What has been lost is the ability to THINK, to be able to be the master of your destiny because you know how to be the master of your thoughts and your emotions.

ka92-mangaka-mountain-of-books-anime-picture-5-star-worthy-phi-starsYou can spend tens of thousands of dollars attending seminars, workshops, and even retreat weekends. God knows, I certainly did!! The gurus, all well-meaning, give you a little for free, and then upsell you for the rest of the time you choose to spend with them.

The Pursuit of Happiness – Prosperity and Abundance of Body, Mind, Spirit, Finances…whatever YOU choose

The Pursuit of Happiness – Freedom to Blaze a Trail into the Unknown, with the CERTITUDE of Achievement as you            traverse your Hero’s Journey.

The Pursuit of Happiness – Understanding EXACTLY what to do, throwing you into the process of doing it, and having the support needed throughout the SIX MONTHS it took for the Habits required for successfully pursuing Happiness to take hold.

The Pursuit of Happiness – It’s a gift of God. It’s your personal Declaration of Independence. It will challenge the living daylights out of you. It did me.

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See you in the Abyss!!! That’s one of the places your Pursuit of Happiness takes you THROUGH on your way to embracing your life!

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