Week CW17 – The Great MKMMA Adventure – Platonic Tectonics


cave diagramIn Plato’s allegory of The Cave, Plato described prisoners who have spent their entire lives chained to the wall of a dark     cavern. Behind the prisoners lies a flame, and between the flame and the prisoners parade object that cast shadows onto a wall in the prisoner’s field of view. These two-dimensional shadows are the only things that the prisoners have ever seen – it’s their only reality. Their chains allegory-of-the-caveprevent them from accurately perceiving the ‘real world’. Their world is two dimensional. The real world is three dimensional. Their world is one of darkness and shadows. The real world is rich with complexity and beauty. IF those prisoners had the ability to add that third dimension, they would be capable of explaining everything they see, but their chains prevent them from turning their head, from seeing what is happening in their ‘unseen world’. Their chains limit their experience.

The Cave RevisaitedDo your chains limit yours?

My chains limited my experience, in spite of much effort on my part to break free of them! My world was continually shaking from small tremors arising from deep within. I started down many paths, ran into many dead ends, turned back again and again, sowing the seeds of failure and frustration, living a life of quiet desperation. But the tremors would not stop, and they let me know that something was simply not right. A vibration of          dissatisfaction permeated my world. Something within me stirred for decades until a mighty earthquake shattered open my self- made prison and broke the chains binding my consciousness to the pillars of Plato’s Cave.


What a difference a Dimension or two makes. The Journey was fraught with dangers, both real and imagined. The darkness was complete. Even the flames behind the pillars seemed to go out. More earthquakes finally cracked open the roof of the cave, and brilliant sunlight filled the cavern, revealing everything in its golden glow.

event_consciousness1And now, it seems, there is another journey to take, for it is now believed that our entire universe is but a holographic     mirage from another dimension, a fourth dimension, or       perhaps even a fifth. If that is true of the Universe, then it is true of me. What else is possible for me as I continue to loose my creativity and passions into the world? I really do not know, but I am joyously journeying into my future, a future I could not have imagined before immersing myself in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance.

What unsung song lies hidden in you, waiting to be discovered, written, and sung? Everything is possible when you have the right tools, practice using them in the right way, and then strategically use them to remake your mind.

It’s WAY fun, challenging beyond imagining, and worth every bit of it.

Here’s Mark J being almost washed out to sea, sharing from the heart.

Join him and several others on July 31st for a live ‘Hang Out’ to learn more.

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3 thoughts on “Week CW17 – The Great MKMMA Adventure – Platonic Tectonics

  1. Sandra Owen

    Tremendous analogy. I love your thinking. :) stepping into the unknown takes courage but once you do you realise there is no going back. Life takes in a whole new perspective. Thanks for sharing your insights and wisdom.

  2. Joe Couto

    So glad you broke free of those chains. You are now ready to begin your hero’s journey and return to your tribe to share your new found wisdom. Congratuations


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