Week CW18: The Great MKMMA Adventure – The Dance of Shiva


shiva-fireIn the Dance of Shiva, Shiva, the Supreme Hindu God of Creation and Destruction, simultaneously destroys and creates reality.

Guess what?  WE can do likewise. As Joseph Campbell said, “We’re not on a journey to save the world, but to save ourselves. But in doing so, you save the world. The influence of a vital person     vitalizes. We save ourselves, vitalize ourselves, and inspire others when we hear and follow the compass within our heart always directing us     towards our bliss.”

Last year, when I began this journey, my imagination was ruled by my ego, continually informing me that I must be good, do good, satisfy the wants and desires of everyone on the planet, and ignore the whisperings of my heart. I had forgotten how to dream.

The Hero’s Journey I undertook in the Master Key Experience changed all of that. It truly was, and continues to be, a journey of http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photos-open-book-image23651818Mythic Proportions!

My ego continually attempts to entrap me into believing that I must                 aspire  after that which is already my birthright, my divine inheritance, my essence. I dared to harken to the     Herald’s Call, and my life now arises from the applied knowledge gleaned from the Master Key Master Mind Alliance.

Today, I had the delightful experience of viewing Jim Carrey giving a commencement speech to the Class of 2014 at Maharish University. As I watched the commencement speech, I wept. I am so grateful to God for bringing me to this journey, for blessing me with sages along the path of the unknown whose knowledge and http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photography-reset-your-brain-human-button-image31357862experience and         wisdom imbued me with the tools to break out of the multiplex of the mind, hit the RESET button, and be the light that shines through the distractions created by the ego to illumine the path for others, that their lights may shine forth from happy hearts.

You can fail at what you do not like, so why not try what you love? It’s a great question. Let us be not only those young men who have visions and those old men who dream dreams, but those who engage the universe in Shiva’s dance, destroying that which destroys us and creating that which IS life, and love, and light.

In less than two months, another Master Key Experience begins! If you want to answer your own Herald’s Call and step into your magnificence, leave your name and email below. There are only 1000 Pay-It-Forward Scholarships available. It is my hope that you qualify for one of them!

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3 thoughts on “Week CW18: The Great MKMMA Adventure – The Dance of Shiva

  1. Joe Couto

    So happy to see you have been able to “check you ego” a character trait we all share based in fear. When we follow another character trait we all share “Love” there is no time or space for ego. Keep Loving


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