Week CW21: My Master Key Experience – Resurrection


Slide12For two years, I’ve been writing about The Great MKMMA Adventure, and what an adventure it has been. The word which best describes it is Resurrection,

How did I come back from the dead? I answered the Herald’s Call, embarked upon my Hero’s Journey, and became the hero in my own life.

What was that Herald’s Call? It was restlessness deep within which gnawed at me relentlessly. For years, decades, I ignored it, until it seemed I would die if I did not break out into something….else… but exactly what that something else was or would be I could not seem to grasp.

And THAT, my friend, is the essence of why I picked up the gauntlet thrown down before me, Sword in the Stone 2and set out upon The Master Key Experience. As Gandalf once said, ‘All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.’, and I decided to journey into the abyss of my greatest fears and either vanquish them, or die trying.

Some would say that a 61 year young woman should accept ‘things’, but I said, ‘NO’. I’ve got another 50+years to live, and I wanted to LIVE those years, not sleep walk through them in Zombie-dom. What is it that makes my heart sing? I had to know.

Energy medicine: I’d studied it for almost 20 years, investing thousands of hours and dollars learning how to use the laws of energy to heal. I remember telling my husband after my first exposure to it “I think this is why I am here.”, but I did nothing with it. That was a life pattern. As a result of the Master Key Experience, I now have a practice, and clients who are experiencing event_101280752healing of conditions as varied as chicken pox, poison ivy, hiccups, liver cancer, depression, and PTSD….the possibilities are endless. AND, I also obtained my certification to teach and regularly teach classes. What really makes me laugh, though, is that on all the ‘personality tests’ I have ever taken, I am an EXTREME introvert. People who know those test results cannot figure out how much fun I am having as I make presentations introducing Pranic Healing and while teaching the workshop! It’s a BLAST!! I think it’s where my inner ‘Robin Williams’ gets to come out and play. Who knows! But it shows! And I love it!

Chronic Happiness: People who met me always thought that I was happy. That was the result of what is called ‘Home Training’ in the South. Courtesy involves smiling pleasantly, being kind in both action and demeanor, and thinking of others. In other words, I had ‘the training’. As a Reunitedresult of the Master Key Experience, I have burst out of Courtesy into Happiness! Happiness incessantly flows forth from my innermost being! JOY is a great place to live! How did this transpire? I mastered the tools and skills of being self-directed, and embraced my inherent power to decide what to do with the time I am given. I have the power to choose. So, I choose Happy! It’s good for my health.

I’ve given myself the gift of freely giving myself to others. There was always a “Danger, Will Robinson” gatekeeper between me and all the people in my life. That faithful, loyal Protector Robot now has a new job. As a result, more and more opportunities arise to share knowledge, skills, experience, and wisdom. One of those is as a Certified Master Guide in the #MasterKeyExperience. Empowering others to create the desires of their hearts brings tears of Joy to my eyes. I cannot express the richness of this blessing.

The Master Keys Experience saved my life by giving me the gift of discovering who I am and why I am here. The GIFT is possible because not just one person, but an entire team of people dedicated themselves to my discovering my life purpose and passion. They did not tell me who I am. They guided me, and then guided me further as I dared to give that Self a voice, and permission to be. It was a resurrection from a life of quiet desperation to being vibrantly alive.

I’ve invested well over $100,000 on self-help and professional development workshops, courses, books, etc…. Mention any of those trainers/programs, and my reply is “Been there. Done That. Bought the T-Shirt. Sold a few.” The Master Key Experience is different in these three important ways:
1. It is a journey of Self-Discovery – you ARE the Hero of Your Life! No one tells you what to think, or how to think.
2. You truly become “The DECIDER” for every aspect of your life. And you get to hang out with tons of other people who are the Deciders in their own lives. Personal Responsibility is a BLAST!
3. You have a personal Guide [maybe even me! I’m a Certified Master Guide!] and a team of people dedicated to your successful navigation and completion of your Hero’s Journey

Of course, there was a downside…..
1. Course Requirements to keep your Pay-It-Forward Scholarship included Twitter, Facebook, and blogging…….none of which I had ever done and none of which I ever wanted to do.
2. You’ll have to hit the RESET button on your life’s schedule. It’s does take time to do the work. How much time? About the equivalent of 1 week of time over a six month period.
3. Changing is hard work…hard mental work…and requires both commitment and dedication.

Today, I don’t consider ANY of those ‘downsides’, but if you are considering the #MasterKeyExperience for yourself, you might start out that way. I so hated the whole IDEA of the first one that I created a pseudonym for the first year….So when you see Valeska Harraud….that’s really me.

OH! One more thing. The Master Key Experience is not for sale at ANY PRICE. Last year’s members have already paid your way, IF YOU QUALIFY! To see if you do, you will have to invest $1. All candidates who qualify for a Pay-It-Forward Scholarships will have to meet requirements to maintain them. They are awarded on a first come, first qualified basis, so Hop on the list and


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11 thoughts on “Week CW21: My Master Key Experience – Resurrection

  1. Lori Enrico

    Love this post! The Master Key Experience gives us the map to take the Hero’s Journey. Life becomes exhilarating, no matter what your age, when you answer the call! Thank you for inspiring us.

    1. valeska Post author

      Thanks, Lori! We are on this path together, and we all hear the Herald’s Call, and have the opportunity to answer it, at the perfect time.
      God bless you!

  2. Debbie

    Valeska…Cassandra…I signed up for the Master keys in 2014…on the early waiting list…I knew I couldn’t continue in the same way…I was a shell of who I could be and I knew it…when my kids grew up (they’re supposed to do that!) I was lost and then financially it was chaos! So I went to work and tried a Network marketing …and existed…my husband introduced me to the Hero’s Journey and Mark J…and I signed up for the Master keys…and then
    I read one of your blogs about it and I wanted it so badly! To make all the changes you mentioned…And now here a year later…I’m going be a guide! Thank you
    I’m forever grateful for ALL of the Staff! Thanks for your honest from the heart blogs…I laugh at Valeska…cause I figured out it was a pseudonym and I so wondered What the freak! Can’t wait to meet! Mahalo

  3. Liane

    Hi ,

    I really love your post and I can rely to a few things there. It is amazing how far the MasterKeys brought us, and are we there yet? I am not but I am very happy for the part I did already and very excited for the part I am doing now.


    1. valeska Post author

      Hi Liane,
      Truly, this IS the adventure of a lifetime. From the beginning of it, I knew that, which is why my blog titles were The GREAT MKMMA Adventure! So excited and happy to have a woman such as you on this journey as well. God bless you!

    1. valeska Post author

      Hi Wayne,
      Yes, as a professional mortgage banker, I easily invested over $100,000 in personal development and self-improvement over the course of 40 years. The LORD expects us to grow into all the He envisioned for us when we were knit together in our Mother’s wombs. Compared to the price he paid, $100K is nothing. That being said, the VALUE received in self-discovery from the Master Keys cannot compare with the products and processes of the self-improvement industry….totally different animal…… rather like the difference between Simon the Magician and Paul. Food for thought. What could you do to serve God if you invested six months of your life in the Master Key Experience.


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