Week CW21: The Great MKMMA Adventure – The Lunatic Fringe


conformity1Read a great book summary this week: Break from the Pack by Oren Harari. The book explores the quagmire of Commodity Hell resulting from the lemming-like emergence of a global ‘copy cat’ mentality and the perils of being ‘one of many in the pack’. Sooner, rather than later, the pack is backed into a downward spiral with the destructive potential of the Ebola virus going through a remote village in Africa. The destruction stops when everyone is dead. The addictive processes of the Copy Cat, stuck in the pack of Commodity Hell destroy companies, jobs, communities, and people. The death sentence manifests as Whitman’s quiet life of desperation,          unless, and until, you choose the road less traveled. If you make that choice, if you          answer that Herald’s Call, just how do you break out of the pack? How do you re-create yourself? The book is talking about markets, and it lists 11 qualities essential to breaking out of the pack into the lead.

meaning of life 2

I am talking about your life,
something vastly more important.

For myself, none of those qualities were possible until I became, in Emerson’s words, DANGEROUS, until I had become Self-Reliant, touch of madnesswhat Jack Welch refers to as being ‘out on the      Lunatic Fringe’. In a world governed by institutions that increasingly demand a lower and lower common denominator of individualism and ever        increasing obedience to authority, creativity is discouraged. My husband is a counselor, and the new diagnostic manual has made a mental illness of almost everything that could possibly distinguish someone in life. In other words, if you do not conform to the behaviors of an obedient and compliant population, you must be mentally ill.


extraordinary-girl-inspiration-life-quote-favim-com-128258_largeMost people, once they realize what is being imposed upon them, get angry until they discover that there is a better way to express their displeasure. The Master Keys, Master Mind Alliance was and is that better way for me. By casting my lot with creativity and self-discovery, my life has become self-directed in the service of others, and happiness and harmony bubble up from within me. By choosing to do the work of the MKMMA, I discovered that becoming one of Emerson’s Dangerous people, I am able to make a huge contribution to the world! Most people become very excited when they realize that they, too, can discover themselves, loose their magnificence upon the world, and re-wire their brains for effortless creation of the desires of their hearts! I am doing this work for a second time starting next month. I cannot wait to discover what being part of that Lunatic Fringe of people who think, laugh, love life, give selflessly, and leaves the pack farther and farther behind will bring this time around!  Do the IMPOSSIBLE!  It’s FUN!!

impossible1 The Pay-It-Forward Scholarship process begins September 11th! Leave your name and email below, comment, and share! This is too much fun to keep to yourself!

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