Week CW23: Master Key Experience Course Launch Starts in 5 Days!


Find your GreatnessThis course fills FAST!!  If you have not already positioned yourself for early notification, DO IT NOW!!!  You’ll have the added benefit of receiving a free report that will give you a head start on your Hero’s Journey of Self-Discovery and Transformation: The 7 Day Mental Diet. Yes… it IS possible to totally transform your life in just 7 days!  Master Guide Carolynn Sokil is living her dream life in Costa Rica as a result of the Master Key Experience. Paul Turner, one of the members in my tribe in last year’s course, is a Master Bee Keeper, teaching bee keepers how to create thriving hives, improve the stock of Queens! He rejoices in all things BEES and is happily living that life as a result of the Master Key Experience.  Trish Abeloff studied and became a certified Bikram Yoga Instructor in Thailand as a result of the Master Key Experience, and had a blast playing with and riding elephants in the wild as an added adventure. Diane Weekley launched her coaching business as a result of the Master Key Experience.


You get the idea.  The interesting part of this is that many of the people who embark upon thisMKE-Coming-Soon-Final Hero’s Journey want to, in Joseph Campbell’s words, “Follow Their Bliss”…… The problem arises in that they do not know exactly what that bliss is.  Part of the discovery often is the revelation that the Success/Bliss Ladder is leaning up against the wrong wall. At first, this results in tears, in sadness. But then it happens. They discover their passion and purpose, and go for it, confident that nothing can stop them.


Your Journey to UNSTOPPABLE launches in 5 Days!

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One thought on “Week CW23: Master Key Experience Course Launch Starts in 5 Days!

  1. Sandra Owen

    I can concur with everything Cassandra says. This is a life changing opportunity. Where could you be in 6 months? If you don’t get the launch info you can’t decide! Simples! :)


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