Week CW23: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Mommy, Are We There Yet?


funny-dog-picture-dog-are-we-there-yetThe impatient anticipation of a child on a journey to a fabulous destination cannot be squelched.


“Mommy, are we there yet? “   My Mommy must have heard that from her four children innumerable times.

“No, Not yet.” would be her patient reply, only to hear

“When will we GET there?” whined back at her.

Well, I’m anything but your Mommy, but I do have the GREAT FUN of giving a different answer!

Sky or Mind the limit


The Great MKMMA Adventure is about to launch again, catapulting hundreds of courageous men and women onto their own Hero’s Journey , discovering their magnificence, and unleashing the power of their own creative genius onto the world as they master creating the life of their dreams.

I look back on the past year and smiles burst all over my entire body! Who I was in September, 2014, is barely recognizable.

No, the essence of me is unchanged.

Yes, the essence of me in unchained.


Those many years of investing thousands and thousands of dollars on self-help were not wasted. Failure is an intricate part of success. However, when you realize you are driving down the wrong road, no matter how far you have gone, it’s always a good idea to turn around.


photo (14)I turned back from the road of self-improvement and turned onto the road of Self-Discovery.

Self-Improvement keeps you in your comfort zone.  Self-Discovery is what makes life extraordinary.

It made all the difference in my life.

To discover for yourself if it can make a difference in yours, leave your name and email below.

The Wait is Over!

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