Week CW7: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Victim or Victor? You Can't Be Both!


The Devil Made Me Do ItIt’s an ancient phrase of Biblical Proportions, as well as origin.  You’ll find it in Proverbs 23, should you care to look.

“As a Man Thinketh in his heart, so is he.”  What does that mean?  It means nothing less than each of us is the total creator of all of the conditions of our lives.  Our character is revealed by circumstance and condition, not shaped by it.

faultSociety has attempted to teach us otherwise, studying in depth the lives of people whose lives are train wrecks. What often is found to be the common denominator here is holding another person responsible for their behavior when, in truth, their behavior belongs only to them and is the result of their predominant thoughts.  Psychotherapy and recovery groups bought into this lie for quite a while, encouraging people to remain a victim of their childhood experiences, blaming the parents failures to give them ‘whatever’ in order that their lives could ‘turn out’ well.

“If only my Father had been there for me, I wouldn’t be sexually promiscuous. I keep looking for that one man who will love me and take care of me forever.”  Let me tell you, that ‘one man’ does not exist, and any man worth his salt would not want to be the ‘be all and end all’ of another person’s world!

Life is What You Make Happen Man Chooses Proactive InitiativeIt was a theory that looked great on paper!  But what about all those people who accomplished great things IN SPITE OF horrific circumstances in childhood or devastating accidents?  There are way too many people who do not allow circumstances and external conditions determine their life path, who they become, what they believe and accomplish.  Even psychotherapists finally had to say “At some point, you have to stop blaming your parents for your life and accept responsibility for it, or you will never have a life.”

What are the implications of this truth?  You can be a Victor or a Victim, but you cannot be both.

What makes the difference?  Your predominant thoughts.  Out of these arise your beliefs. Out of your beliefs come forth your actions. Out of your actions, your life is created.  And who is the only one who can determine your thoughts?  You are, if you are awake, and determine to do the work to become the master of them.

The exciting and fun thing is that anyone can decide to do this at any time in their life, and when they do, they grow into their power, step into their magnificence, and create a legacy for themselves and those whose lives they transform by being the guiding light to others.

So, today, choose Victor, and change the world.

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