Week Eight: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Meet My NBFF!!!


Danger-WR-WP2WOW!! Amazing research. The brain registers the image or concept we hold for ourselves in the future with the SAME brainwaves as when meeting a STRANGER! And what did our well-meaning Mommies and Daddies teach us about Strangers? Something along the lines of “DANGER, WILL ROBINSON!!” All those ‘Don’t Messages”

Don’t talk to Strangers
Don’t get in a car with Strangers
Why? Strangers are Dangers!

Now, this is an interesting dilemma, because we are also taught social skills, how to politely you-should-always-be-polite-to-a-dinosaur-you-know-or-elsemeet and greet people, and encouraged to make new friends at school, at church, at symphonies, at social gatherings….boy scouts…girl scouts….. And guess who all the people we see at these places are the first time we walk into the room?
You Got It! STRANGERS!! Talk about a Mixed Message! YIKES!!! It’s a wonderment and miracle that we engage in socialization at all with the programming of the collective consciousness as interpreted by our parents. Love can be messy! Would you agree?

bff-s-best-friends-forever-14109732-260-217Well, guess what! I have broken down these barriers and now have a NBFF!! [I am told by my texting teenaged compatriots that NBFF means New Best Friend FOREVER] The Future Me!! I rather like this gal! She is an Influencer, lives her life by the Compass and not the Clock, Stays focused like a magnifying glass being held over dry leaves to ignite a fire, greets everyone with love and treats them with loving-kindness. She is creative in all she does, teaches Pranic Healing, and is a Witch in the Woods to many who embark upon their Hero’s Journey of Self-Discovery through the Master Keys. She loves life, lives her passions, and laughs at herself and the world…great sense of humor. Her husband and dog children like hanging out with her, and beautiful music is often heard flowing out from a luminous blue music studio which opens onto a veranda overlooking the gardens and the lake. Who wouldn’t love this gal!

Well, the “I” of the present world would not…COULD not…..love her were it not for my decision to cast myself wholeheartedly into my Hero’s Journey, the Great MKMMA Adventure. Mastering thought, mastering the art of thinking, of living from gratitude as cause and thought as cause….. Transformative, enlightening, joyful, and true.


The 2014 Master Key Started in September.

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8 thoughts on “Week Eight: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Meet My NBFF!!!

  1. Julia Standish

    I am so glad to have seen and read this post. It really brings light to my confusion. Thank you.
    How long did it take for you to put this together. As I watch my son struggle in writing a school paper which is a page long with pictures and songs etc. like this post. Yet he has 2 weeks to put it together. You had 7 or less days. You are a fantastic writer. I enjoy reading your work.

    1. valeska Post author

      Thank you so much, Julia! Images: Google Images Words: God Topic Inspiration: Master Keys, Nature, The Hero’s Journey. YOU! God bless you!

    1. valeska Post author

      I think I was a part of that in the 60’s! Hahahahahahaha!! THAT one got off track, but THIS one is destined to change the world!!

  2. Carolynn Sokil

    Cassandra – this reminds me of how Walter chose to deal with meeting new people while he was travelling on the road in a band for 7 years. Typically you wait a while until you can form a bond with a new person – and this can take time and possibly a number of meetings. Well, when you are only in 1 location for a night or two and then move onto the next gig, you don’t have time to ‘get to know’ someone. This was lonely way to exist and quickly became tiresome. So – Walter turned it around and chose to treat every single person he met as his NBFF as soon as they met. Not everyone remained in that position but those who did not extinguish the belief, were left as lifetime friends when he went onto the next location. AND when he came back, they were there to be greeted with enthusiasm as a NBFF should be. Great analogy for our subby! Mahalo for all that you do – and who you are.

    1. valeska Post author

      WOW, Thanks for the GREAT INSIGHT and IDEA!!!! AND, what a perfect expression of Scroll Two! The Wizard of OG rocks, and so do Walter and you!


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