WEEK EIGHTEEN: The Great MKMMA Adventure – The Last Day


Scroll Five:  I will live this day as if it is my last.


My computer’s hard drive crashed last Sunday evening.  If my computer was the sentient being I sometimes credit it with being, it would have been caught totally unprepared.  It would have left the world of the living never having made a difference….never having created a legacy….never having loved with abandon….never having sacrificed EVERYTHING that another could have life…never having brought laughter and joy into the heart of another…never having savored the beauty of the stars, or the reflection of the sky in a still lake, or the scampering joy of puppies and kittens, or the miracle of a child coming into the world.  My computer’s epitaph would be the dash.  It would have been a little mark that quickly fades and is even more quickly forgotten.

And what shall I do with this last precious day?


Choose to Live it. Fully Present, Wide Awake, Completely Aware.

See it for the gift that it is. Treasure every second of every minute.

Give it back to God with my thoughts, my words, and my actions.

Celebrate everything and everyone.  EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is a MIRACLE.

Love it. BE Happiness, Harmony, and Humility.

rain on meToday, I completely understand Scroll Five. It is part of my hardwiring.

I had a near death experience last night while driving to Atlanta. It was late. I was tired. I had spent the better part of Friday on line with IT folks working to resurrect my computer from the death of its hard drive and program the new one to make it useful again. It was the third day I had spent that way. I was thankful for all the opportunity I had to recognize ‘specialized knowledge’, my Franklin Makeover Virtue for the week.

Fortunately, I was not on the phone.

As I rounded a curve at 65mph [one of the slower drivers on the road, by the way], a stalled car appeared in front of me. It was straddling two lanes, the lane I was in and the lane to my left.  There was a car coming up fast behind me in the lane to my right.  I swerved partially into that lane to avoid the stalled car. WHEW!!!  Slamming into a car at that speed is not on my Bucket List.

I called 911 to report that dangerous condition.  The occupant of that car could not have gotten out safely. Cars were zipping past him. He would have been killed.  The dispatcher asked my location. When I gave it to him, he asked me “Are you calling to report the accident?”

I replied, “There was not an accident when I passed, but I am not surprised that there is one now.”

I checked the traffic reports when I arrived at my destination.  The road reports were to avoid that area. Over an hour later, traffic was snarled and backed up for miles.

Today, I live this day as if it is my last. 

I started my day in thanksgiving for the great gift of another sunrise.  


I ever have this consciousness?

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7 thoughts on “WEEK EIGHTEEN: The Great MKMMA Adventure – The Last Day

  1. Konstantina Bourmou

    Great post Valeska. Observing the experience , praising gratitude for escaping the situation AND calling for help. Now that’s something to emphasize. I know a lot of drivers who – in such a difficult – would just curse to the driver blocking the road so acting with kindness is one more dot for you and all of us reading your experience. Thanks for sharing

  2. kathykmk

    You are an inspiration to all. So glad that you were transported away from the inevitable. God was watching. Atlanta nearly took me and my young sons many years ago when my accelerator locked. Terrifying to think of even today.

  3. annaraysmasterkey

    I wonder what would have happened if your near-miss had developed into a true near-death experience? NDEs mean that you leave your body for a short time and experience another consciousness. Sounds like you didn’t need to go that far to experience that kind of rebirth and change of attitude that NDEs often facilitate. It’s always lovely to read your posts, they are always so life-affirming.


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