Week Eleven: The Great MKMMA Adventure Meets The Polar Express


Polar-Express_31-300x184Like the Hero Boy in The Polar Express, we must DECIDE to Believe, and when we do, the desires of our hearts come into being.

Our task this week is to internalize the skill of, the gift of, the process of belief. For ten weeks, we have been putting our hand to the plow, preparing the soil, planting the seeds, weeding the garden, watering the tiny sprouts as they break out of the darkness of the rich soil into which they were planted and begin following the Sun, upward, higher, and higher, soaking in the life giving rays until this week, when it is time to bring in the Harvest.

That Harvest is the Decision to Believe, the ACCEPTANCE of the Invitation to Connect with God and co-create with Him.

I choose to Believe.

Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. Mark 11:24

Believe Sleigh Bell

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7 thoughts on “Week Eleven: The Great MKMMA Adventure Meets The Polar Express

  1. Sue

    Wow, Val, could you have found a more perfect song? I think not! This is an excellent summation of our progress to date! Made some new connections for me. Thanks!

  2. cindydizio

    Josh Groban is a favorite of mine..and the tears are streaming down my face right now after watching that…earlier this week I decided to record my ‘new’ shortened version of my DMP to that music playing behind it..I find the music behind my intentions makes the reading/listening to them even more powerful… and with this week’s Master Key I have also been picturing the Polar Express…when the conductor punches out the word ‘BELIEVE’ in the hero’s ticket when he reboards the train at the North Pole… Your summary of this weeks lesson strengthens the convictions that I have received also….it is so comforting to be connected to such like-minded / like-spirited people!! Thank you so much for your thoughts!!!

  3. Sandra Owen

    Love, love, love your posts Valeska, and this one is no exception. Your video choice is perfect and so moving. Thank you for taking the time to put your heart and soul into your blog posts.

  4. Andrew

    I totally started tearing up watching this clip!

    Every year I turn into a BIG baby and watch my wrapping movie “The Polar Express”. Although, I’m not quite sure how much wrapping I actually get done because of how much I love this film… Good post and Merry Christmas! :)


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