Week Fifteen: The Great MKMMA Adventure: Fall Prey to Cupid’s Arrows


maleficent_by_dandelion_s-d7ggt40Week 15 in The Master Keys stuns you. “Thought may lead to action of any kind, but whatever the action, it is simply the thought attempting to express itself in visible form.”

When I was an angry, obnoxious teenager, I memorized William Blake’s “A Poison Tree”. It epitomized my “Me vs. Them” outlook on life. My general demeanor was spiteful, vengeful, and sullen. Not surprisingly, I was miserably unhappy.

I was also ignorant. I did not know that my thinking increased my suffering. I did not know that

The World seemed a Dangerous Place

The World seemed a Dangerous Place

my anger fed the thoughts and turned them into a belief that the world is hard, cruel, unforgiving, and dangerous. I was a brilliant conversationalist, but the conversations cut to the core, often leaving blood on the floor. It was a strange form of amusement arising out of a false sense of superiority.

When I was in my mid–twenties, pop psychology came up with a cute little saying …… Thoughts are Things. I had to stop and think about that one.

If thoughts are things, then the ‘things’ in my life had to have arisen from my thoughts. I reasoned that if I could change my thoughts, my life would change.

I became kinder. My life evened out. My face relaxed. Life was much easier. I was happier, but I was bored out of my gourd. It no longer amused me to leave people lying amidst the wreckage of their own weak thinking. I followed path after path, going nowhere. I could not turn back, but I did not know what to turn to.

3-november-2012-holy-spirit-decending2But God did. Seems He was hanging out in Heaven, patiently waiting for me to discover Love

It was as if He sent Cupid with a quiver full of arrows, piercing my heart with all of them.

God is Love.

The Master Keys 15.11     “It is love which        imparts vitality to thought and thus enables it to germinate.”

Impregnate your thoughts with Love.            Succumb to a rising spiral of the miraculous. The more you love, the more your life transforms. Mine certainly did. My treasures came from within an eternal fountain of love arising deep within my soul. I began seeing beauty everywhere, seeing the miracle that is life.

Love vitalizes my thoughts. I am Happy for No Reason, annoying some folks as a result of chronic bliss.

Now, in my 6th decade, I discovered the Master Keys, and discovered that the power of love within me can be consciously directed to create an even more amazing life. I learned to choose what and how to build my thoughts, impregnate them with love so that they emanate forms hitherto only imagined.

I invite you to fall prey to Cupid’s Arrows, combining that love with the mastery of choosing what you build with your thoughts. The next Master Keys Experience begins in September, 2015. Leaving your name and email puts you in the cue for one of the Endowment Scholarships. It also gives you a powerful tool to start you on your Journey.


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10 thoughts on “Week Fifteen: The Great MKMMA Adventure: Fall Prey to Cupid’s Arrows

  1. Jennifer

    Oh yes… The forever happy, loving blissful state that per terns the masses. I’m living it. I’m loving it. I have the elixir they all need in the form of a six month intense mastermind course. Let’s share our happiness and infect the world with a contagious love. You rock Cassandra!

  2. Carolynn Sokil

    Your journey and your words speak to me Cassandra. If I was not already in the Master Key I would be signing up after this one. SO…if you are reading this and are NOT in the Master Key – sign up! You have only your true self to find!

  3. Sandra Owen

    Love your amazing honesty. Understanding how our thoughts and emotions guide us has been such a revolution. When we learn to tap into our natural, brilliant, creative resources we were born with life takes on a whole new meaning. Thank you for all that you do.

  4. Claes Wallenberg

    Thanks for a great post, Cassandra, I can relate to the journey towards living in love in my own life. Can´t say that I´m there all the time yet, though the future is LOVEly 😀

    Mahalo, I appreciate You!

    1. valeska Post author

      Thank you so much, Claes! You are living a life you love, so each day, you practice living in love with your own life. And you know what THAT means! The Law Of Practice equals mastery! Peace be the journey! God bless you!


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