Week Five: The GREAT MKMMA Adventure: The “O” Word


TheShipWentDownLikeLead“A man cannot speak but he judges himself. With his will, or against his will, he draws his portrait to the eye of his companions by every word. Every OPINION reacts on him who utters it. It is a thread-ball thrown at a mark, but the other end remains in the thrower’s bag. Or, rather, it is a harpoon hurled at the whale, unwinding as it flies a coil of cord in the boat, and to cut the steersman in twain, or to sink the boat.”    Emerson: Compensation

I’ve read this essay at least 10 times, but today, today is the first time I consciously read this paragraph.  Be the Observer of your life. No Opinions.

No Opinions.  Made it today until 3pm without a SPOKEN5.0.2 opinion. But The Master Keys is about the Mastery of the Mind…. [Only made it till NOON on that front!] On the way, we strive for mastery of the Body, for if we cannot master something as dense and tangible as our flesh, how is the mastery of our direct connection to God All That Is, to the Infinite, possible?


I observed today that opinions fall into two categories.  Mindless Mutterings or Stunning Stilettos right out of 52nd Street

I am thankful today’s opinions were of the First Order, Mindless Mutterings. But I reflect on my Younger Youth, when I actually prided myself at the blood I could draw with that Stiletto Tongue.  As I have traversed my Hero’s Journey, I recognize that my Shadow Self is still present.  She has become befriended dragon over the years, but that the Stunning Stiletto lies dormant awakens an awareness of how the Opinion Voiced by Mass Consciousness as well as people in my life polluted the mind into its own Love Canal which, in turn, has the potential to leach its poisons into my world.

Copy of Great_Silence-2Self-Mastery cleanses and purifies all of that. Mastering being The Observer of my Life – one of the great fortunes gained as a result of this work.


Mahalo Mucho for it!

 The 2014 Master Key Started in September.

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