Week Five: The Great MKMMA Adventure – The OPINIONATOR STRIKES AGAIN


No Opinion Zone


robin_williams_death_to_smoochy_002OMG!!!! It’s been a year!!!  And The OPINIONATOR STILL raises its ugly head….

Of course…in Week FIVE, our challenge is to be The Observer, to be awake, alive, alert, and aware of the mechanisms of the mind…to simply observe all that occurs…and refrain from not only VOICING an Opinion, but also to refrain from THINKING an opinion.


Well….it’s 1:30pm on Monday, and I’ve restarted my 7 days of No Opinions 8 times today… angel devil peptideYep….8 times…..  Of course…. Life is so beautiful that way.  [Just an observation]   God loves us SO much that when we express the desire to sharpen a skill, to become better, stronger, more adept at playing whatever game we play, OPPORTUNITY ARISES, and we engage.


Observing ingratitude, rudeness, hateful lies directed towards people I deeply care about…

No Opinion…..Just Observe….. Not as easy as it seems, but I am grateful for this week to further train me in stepping back, in becoming more like the Dali Lama, who once said “Nothing bad happens in my world.”


sana.hawasly_1376308156_69So, reframe my brain, God. I am ready and willing to learn.

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