Week Four: The Great MKMMA Adventure – What if you Fly?


ChildSlaveSOLD!!!! One perfectly good soul….sold whilst still a little thing lacking the discernment to           understand the implications of imprisonment.

The first thing the buyer does with this littlest soul is mix up a batch of Soul Cement and slather it all over it. Just to make sure that the     Littlest Soul dares not venture out into the          Infinite, a ball and chain is attached and imbedded in cement as well.

Pitiful little soul….. Trapped inside limitations which, although amyloid-growthinitially are externally imposed, soon become self-imposed by the conditioning of the mind….peptides…..peptide chains…even if you hate the experience, the repetition of it strengthens it all the more. Thoughts that fire together, wire together.

I-Am-The-Soul-Wallet-Size-300x300But, the I AM is free. The I AM cannot be enslaved. The I AM finds a way to crack the cement, and cause it to fall away. The I AM is Not the Body. There arises a thought……What if? What if I try? The cement fragments immediately cry out ‘What if you fall?” But the I AM replies, “What if you Fly?”

This is the moment of choice for the Littlest Soul. What if you Fly? It’s the Herald’s Call to the Hero’s Journey, a journey fraught with dangers, real and imagined, a journey that promises the fulfillment of the Desires of the Heart.  The stronger the resistance to the Herald’s Call, the more the Littlest Soul has to lose by refusing, or gains by setting out upon The Path.

And even once the journey begins, the Cement attacks at every opportunity, using anything and everything to cause that Littlest Soul to surrender into the abyss of the Comfort Zone.

It takes courage, determination, and a conscious decision to answer the Herald’s Call, and to slay the Old Blue Print with all its Cement Chains to your heart and soul. It’s worth it, though, because

What if you fly?


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3 thoughts on “Week Four: The Great MKMMA Adventure – What if you Fly?

  1. Jennifer

    Wow, that was so cool… You are really great at taking all the pieces of our journey and piecing them together… You go girl!


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