Week One: The Great MKMMA Adventure Goes to the Dogs!


Day 1: Humbling experience, I must say…… Sitting for 15 minutes was pure TORTURE!  I allowed my thoughts to go where they may and came to the realization that my German Shepherds sit with aplomb and ease for 30 minutes, and with only head movements for 30 minutes more!!!

HMMMMMM…….Dog can sit 60 minutes.  Human can sit for 15 minutes.  What’s WRONG with this picture!!!!

Three Lessons I learned from my dogs:

1. Find a comfortable place to sit, because that’s where you are sitting for the next 30 minutes!

dscf1638d   You can see that some places are more difficult than others……

2.  No matter WHAT happens, STAY FOCUSED!!!!

IMG_2158      As Mark J would say, “FORGET ABOUT IT!”

3. KEEP AT IT!!!! The Prize is worth the Effort!

IMG_2336   [Yes, this is the same dog…]

Day 4:  What did that feel like?  WOW!!!! 30 Minutes!!!! I’m as good at “SIT” as is my 3 year old German Shepherd!  Nothing quite like EQUALITY!!!  I no longer have to say “Do as I SAY, not as I DO”, because I can do it TOO!!!!  You cannot lead where you will not go.  Lesson learned.

The Master Keys say that we must master the body first.  THEN we get to start to master the mind.  Running out to the store to buy The Ant and the Elephant so I can gain some insight into training the subconscious mind.  Elephants are a lot bigger than dogs!!!!

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