Week Seven: The GREAT MKMMA Adventure – Heroes Know


chronos god of timeWe are in Week 7 of our MKMMA Hero’s Journey.  I could not help but reflect on what this hero has learned along the way so far.

    1. Heroes Know, It’s YOU, Baby! – YOU are walking your Hero’s Journey.  Roadblocks? Challenges?  It’s the Old Blue Print.  Solution?  SMACK DOWN!!!  Withdraw your permission for the OBP to speak!  Your Hero’s Journey through the MasterKeys is about breaking limitations, outgrowing your present self and making best friends with your Future Self.
    2. Heroes Know Where you are right now is PERFECT! – The NOW is EXACTLY as it should be and is perfect for you.  Embrace it with Gratitude!  It’s how you get to the world of your Definite Major Purpose! How fabulous is THAT!!!!
    3. Heroes Know Everything is coming together… in ways that you can only imagine! – Three Cheers for YOU!  You CHOSE to do the hard mental work required to rewire your mind, your brain, and to align the desires of your heart with the pathways of your Peptides!  Stephen Covey says ‘Begin with the END in mind.” Brilliant!  Those 5 million brain cells will do the rest, opening doors you did not know existed.
    4. Heroes Choose Happiness!  It’s good for your health!  – Happiness is allowing yourself to be perfectly OK with “what is,” and it is a GREAT application of the Law of Substitution as we transform our minds with The Seven Day Mental Diet.
    5. Heroes Master Their Emotions  – The Master Keys trains us to be the masters of our thoughts. We get to choose……EVERYTHING.  Choose to be peaceful and you find plenty of reasons to be at peace.  Choose to be grateful, and gratitude and joy flow from your very core as cause in your life. Pepper those Peptides!  They exist to serve you. DO IT NOW
    6. Heroes Know that Leaving The Comfort Zone is what drives the Journey. – As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do something each day that SCARES you!”  Who knows?  You just might LOVE it once you transmute fear into excitement.
    7. Heroes See Clearly Keeping your eyes on the prize matters.  We carry a Magnifying Glass to remind us of the importance of FOCUS.  We carry a Compass to keep us on course.  Each step forward is your personal Lunar Landing…your first step into a new tomorrow.
    8. Heroes LOVE Discovery! A Failure is simply a discovery made along the path to perfection.  They are great blessings. Embrace them. Learn from them. Rejoice that you found out what does not work, and move on to discover what does!
    9. Heroes Have Their Own Language. – Impossible becomes I’M POSSIBLE!  Works every time. Why?  Because when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
    10. Heroes are UNSTOPPABLE! They do the hard mental work, and trust the Universe aligns according to that.  Others fear the “What Ifs”.  Heroes turn  “What Ifs” into powerful tools of the Imagination.
    11. Heroes Continually Improve The quality of Their Vision – The more clearly we see it, the faster EFFORTLESS creation occurs. We water the vision with passion and purpose,  and for us, it’s DELIGHT that’s in the Details!!
    12. Heroes Burn The Ships They Came In – Heroes know that by cutting off all chance of retreat, their victory is assured. They know what must be done, and they do it.


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5 thoughts on “Week Seven: The GREAT MKMMA Adventure – Heroes Know

    1. valeska Post author

      Thank you, Dennis! So happy you enjoy TheCreatorMind! It’s a privilege to be a part of The Master Keys. So happy you are here, writing your Hero’s Journey as well!

    1. valeska Post author

      Thanks, Chuck! It is a BLAST being a part of this process, both as a participant and as a Guide. What a blessing!


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