Week Seventeen HJ: The Great MKMMA Adventure – The Q-Tip Question


fingers-in-earsDo you remember your mean mama telling you to clean out your ears so you could hear what she was saying to you?

We’ve now got the Hero’s Journey, Self-Discovery, Personal Responsibility Q-Tip Question to totally shatter any denial we may have about our life circumstances and conditions.

What Am I Pretending Not to KNOW?

Every night, I get to face the Gal in the Glass, and check out how I’ve done all day, over all…… That’s the BIG PICTURE!

Now, I get to exercise my ‘I am ARMED AND DANGEROUS’ Thinking Muscles with the DETAILS Question…….

What am I pretending not to know?

This week, I am entering the ENTIRE YEAR of our company’s transactions into Quick Books. I did Denialthis same drill last year. I’m not getting to do what I love, not able to even walk the dogs or have a decent meal with my husband because I have to get this done.

What am I pretending not to know? That had I done my work monthly, this would have already been finished by the 5th of January.

Yesterday, I ate way too much sugar [probably comfort eating because of the work in Quick Books] and my kidneys became inflamed.

What am I pretending not to know? That if I eat poison, I get sick, and sugar is poison.

I’ve been a Pranic Healer for 5 years. There is a FIELD TESTED protocol which corrects the condition labeled Scoliosis. According to the latest picture of my spine, I have a severe laterally twisted spine that curves around my solar plexus chakra.

denial-landWhat am I pretending not to know? That I have lived with this imbalance 4½ years longer than I needed to do so because I was too lazy to commit to three 30-minute treatments a week to correct this. [I’ll be documenting this healing with x-rays and posting it for all to see.]

What am I pretending not to know? That I was afraid it would not work, so rather than try it, I did nothing.

How many times has THAT pattern stopped me from living into my full potentiality? Simply knowing that was so in my life allows me to completely apply the law of substitution and the law of Growth, and move into my vision, passion, and purpose.

What am I pretending not to know? Yep. My mean mama was right! I’ve needed to clean out my ears so I could hear what the Universe has been saying to me.

Heart-Sun1And as a result of doing so, I am free.

The Privilege of a Lifetime

If you want to master the skills of Thought as Cause in your life,

stop living as a victim of circumstances,

and become the master of the ship of your life,

embark upon your Hero’s Journey. The next Master Keys begins in September. To put yourself at the top of the list of potential Pay-It-Forward Scholarships, leave your name and email below.

You’ll receive a 7-Day Makeover which will change your life forever….if you but do the work.


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9 thoughts on “Week Seventeen HJ: The Great MKMMA Adventure – The Q-Tip Question

  1. Chuck Bartok

    DENIAL—-Love it!
    Staying on that “River of Sorrow” does not let us ENJOY the Abundance of LIFE.
    I say that as I watch the pounds start to creep back slowly.
    Need get off the RIVER and “Provision my Ship” with the right STUFF and return to the freedom of the Open Sea for another fun Journey of Fitness.
    Always love your posts!
    Oh by the way, while I am writing this, my subby keeps saying, “FINISH your own post, Chuck E.

  2. Carolynn Sokil (@IDoWooDoU_MK)

    But my mama told me not to put anything in my ears!! LOL You are so on Qtip point here with your drill down. I’m routing for you in all that you are undertaking especially the treatments. Blessings of abundance and health – Insha’Allah

    1. valeska Post author

      Carolynn, you inspire me…..but throwing up your mean Mama’s instructions to you cannot get you off the hook! You are on a path to your magnificence! Nothing can stop you!

  3. Claes Wallenberg

    Isn´t that question just a wonderful way to wipe away the lipstick of ignorance and be honest with ourselves?
    Just love Your straight-to-the-point and entertaining way of laying out important issues with enormous wit and humor!

    Mahalo, I appreciate You!

  4. Carol Marsocci

    The big question-, What am I pretending not to know??? I love your openness and sharing. I’ve been working on our business Quickbooks (I call it stuff) for the past year getting it up to date!!! Almost there and have promised myself I will not get anymore extensions!!! Sending good thoughts your way!!! Carol

    1. valeska Post author

      AND, I am happy to say, Carol, that my ‘DO IT NOW’ coupled with “What Am I Pretending Not to Know” has resulted in me being current out of the gate for 2015! WOO HOOOOO!!!! We’ll have to form a “No More Extensions” Club! Charter Members Rule! :)

  5. Marian Balkowski


    Your posting came to my attention at the right time. I was a little concern what ” I want not to know means”, because I do what I want and listen to the things what I want. Now I understood that the rest of the things I don’t want to know. It is better not to see or hear because, the fear, maybe something that wouldn’t serve my style, maybe wouldn’t serve my old habits, maybe I feel very comfortable with things that I want. You have an excellent point and excellent blog. Thank you for sharing and teaching me a lot.

    1. valeska Post author

      Marian, I am so thankful that this post was of service to you! Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or if I can help in any other way as you traverse your Hero’s Journey! God bless you!


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