court jesterWell, here I am, at the end of the second week of expressing NO OPINIONS!  There is this Inner FOOL who persistently wants to LEAP OUT OF SILENCE, and voice something which I now must categorize as OPINION!  What a job keeping  my Inner Court Jester SILENT!!!!

What I’ve noticed is that there exists deep within me a powerful expression of Collective Consciousness who prowls my thoughts, disguising himself as The Observer, The Mentor, The Counselor, The Friend, but whose true identity is that of the Nemesis of Truth, The OPINIONATOR!!!

One of the characteristics of The Opinionator is that he believes himself to be wise, whereas in truth, he falls more under the category of an overly eager child wanting to be thought intelligent. When he stands to speak, I have silenced him with a silent “I love you.” directed towards the one to whom The Opinionator’s Wisdom was about to be imparted.  Og’s Scrolls Strike Again!

The Opinionator believes in exercise.  Staying fit is very important to him. So he has the Jumping Conclusionsequivalent of the Navy Seal’s Fitness Regimen fully in place.  The two principle exercises are quite challenging as they demand both strength and dexterity.

The first is the skill of Wildly JUMPING CONCLUSIONS!!!!  Without questioning that another cause or reason or contributing factor may exist, The Opinionator pierces the reality with his insightful conclusion.  Bathing once a day is insufficient to remove all of the egg he finds on his face as a result of this exercise.  No. There are not people throwing eggs at him………. the gooey yolks and whites peppered with shell shards are all self inflicted.  That the Opinionator is  closely related to my Inner Fool easy to see.

young1The second, equally easy to fall into, is seeing your EXPECTATION.  The picture to the left is the classic example of this.  What do you see?  A crone, or a young woman?  Can you see both?  When the Opinionator is being exceptionally pushy, driving himself to new limits of his ability, he projects his vision onto the world and declares it truth.

If someone told you that the color honey, and  of “faces pale with fear” was green, or that sheep are acid tripviolet, or that the sea is “wine-dark,” just like oxen, would you think that they had dropped acid?  I have to think [DANGER WILL ROBINSON!!  OPINION BURSTING AT 10 O’CLOCK!] that 999 out of 1000 would have that impression!  The truth of the matter, however, is that this is exactly how HOMER describes these things in The Odyssey and The Iliad.  In fact, across all cultures of that era, there is no color BLUE!  To the men and women alive in the ancient world, the sky was white.  [This is really a fascinating study. Go here to read about it: http://www.radiolab.org/story/211213-sky-isnt-blue/]

All of this can be quite entertaining, until you extrapolate it out to its furthest ends.  Opinions grow out of unquestioned acceptance of statements or observations.  The undisciplined mind opens itself to being controlled by those who have taken the time, and done the work, to master concentration. All power can be used for good or ill.  The laser that causes an aircraft to explode mid-flight and crash can also be used to restore sight.  Blessing or Curse.  The choice is ours.

angel devil peptideNow that we are conscious of the power of concentration, and awake to our Opinionators, we have the responsibility to exercise critical thinking and to align our thinking and concentration with the Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient  Master Designer, Creator, and Sustainer of all that is, that was, and is to come. Do we choose to use this power in the fulfillment of our life purpose to advance goodness, love, and grace into creation? Or do we choose imbalance?  This is the blessing and the burden of The Hero’s Journey. Our trials and challenges do not define us.  Our trials and challenges reveal us.  If we do not like what we see, we now have the knowledge, understanding, and methods and tools to change direction.

Everyday, I enter into the privilege of conscious choice.

Offer an opinion, or give the gift of acceptance and love.

Offer an opinion, or give the gift of silence.

Offer an opinion, or give the gift of allowing the other self-determination.

Offer an opinion, or ask a question in order that I may gain understanding.

The choice is mine. I embrace THIS exercise that I may better love and serve all whose paths I cross.

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  1. Renee Shatanoff

    Valeska….I’m imagining Arnold Schwarzeneggar as “The Opinionator” saying “I’ll be back” and you have silenced him. The overeager child is growing up and learning to listen. You have an amazing gift with words and profound insight.

  2. edsmasterkey

    A wonderfully insightful post Valeska! It reveals the honest assessments you’re making of what you have heretofore accepted without question … and understanding the “conditioning” you’ve been subject to since birth. I’m looking forward to further insights you realize in the coming five months! Keep digging! Keep Sharing! Wonderful!


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