Yes, As amazing as this may sound, THIS is a recreation of the Battle between the Old Blue Print and the New Blue Print.

TODAY, TODAY, TODAY, I launched my MLM business with the amazing support of some of the company’s great leaders.  They hosted and did my Launch Call. But guess what?

I had to call and invite people.

What ensued was nothing less than the battle featured above.  Orcs and Zombies surrounded the castle with the intention of tearing down the walls and over running the peaceful inhabitants living in perfect harmony within.

CALL RESISTANCE??  OH MY GOD!!!  I had to stop everything so that I could LAUGH at the miscreant beasts attempting yet again to suppress and oppress my Life Purpose and Passion.

Thanks to the MKMMA Experience, I possess weapons of mass destruction: Habit. Always Keeping my Promises. Persistence. The 7 Laws of Mind. Framed Firelighters. Instant Rapport Builders. The Wisdom of OG. Focus. Concentration. The Blue Print Builder. Cards. The Law of Giving. The Mental Diet. The Makeover. The Mind Gym. The KNOWLEDGE of my POWER. The COURAGE to DARE.  The FAITH to DO.

And most powerful of all, NARC!!!!  I NARCed my way through 60 calls, 10 calls at a time, and LAUGHED OUT LOUD as I watched the Orc and Zombie infested Old Blue Print vainly strive to retake Middle Earth.  These Invaders Scattered, then regrouped, launched another attack, then fall back…..finally charging the Fortress of the New Blue Print again only to be scalded by Bear Hugs Kettles of Boiling Oil poured over them from the Crenellations.  It was an amazing battle, with the NARC KNIGHTS of Rohan descending en mass from the heights,  destroying every Orc and ZOMBIE left standing.

The Calls were Made.  The Launch Call Completed. The Vision Moves Forward.

“To Control Thought is to Control Circumstances, Conditions, Environment, and Destiny.”

Charles Haanel


The Ph.D. in Controlling Thought.

Peace be the Journey.

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9 thoughts on “WEEK SIXTEEN: The Great MKMMA Adventure – LORD OF THE RINGS

  1. christinacollazo

    Good for you Valeska! That must have felt amazing to have accomplished what you set out to do. Way to go!

  2. liselott bernhed

    Truly powerful blog! Loved it!
    It sure helps alot to have a good sense of humor and to be able to laugh at oneself. Thanks for reminding me Valeska, not to take my reality too serious.

  3. michellemangrum

    Valeska, thank you for helping me “wire together” thoughts through word pictures – a.k.a. – movies! Lord of the Rings is one of my favorites. This was an amazing battle and helps me picture the “battle of the phone calls” in a different perspective. Sunshine will follow the dark and dreariness and bring light and life to the adventure!


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