Week Three: The Great MKMMA Adventure – WAX ON…WAX OFF..


Walking in faith is never easy…..that’s why FAITH is needed.  The road may appear steep, dark, treacherous… you ask yourself why the heck you are on this path.  Everything inside of you screams that you should quit…but something keeps you on the journey.


The seed of you greatness has cracked, and a tiny sprout has emerged. It’s pushing itself up through the earth, reaching for the sunlight….how that sprout knows there is sunlight and continues to grow towards it is the seed’s faith, demonstrated.


How we continue to do what we are asked to do, things that seem totally irrelevant to why we Lukes_visionstarted The Master Keys, things that confuse and confound us, things that just plain don’t make any sense to us…..but like that seed struggling to break into the sunlight from the darkness of the soil, we keep going.

Filled with uncertainty, we keep going.  Frightened by our demons, we keep going.


We Hang on. We Keep Going, until, just like The Karate Kid, suddenly, it all comes together.

Karate Kid – Daniel’s Training


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